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Set  * Name  Type  Rarity  Amount  Foil  Language  Comments 
LotN 40 Akhenaten's Tomb  Location Rare 1 English  
LotN 41 Al-Azhar University  Location Rare 5 English  
Mythos 12 Albert Shiny  Ally Rare 1 English  
Mythos 97 Arkham Rare Books and Maps  Location Rare 1 English  
TDL 6 Armed and Clueless  Adventure Rare 1 English  
Mythos 16 Asenath Waite Derby  Ally Rare 2 English  
CR 7 Assault on Y'ha-Nthlei  Adventure Rare 2 English  
CR 45 Bal Sagoth  Location Rare 1 English  
Mythos 17 Barnabas Marsh  Ally Rare 2 English  
TDL 153 Basilisk  Monster Rare 1 English  
Mythos 170 Beatrice Is Released from the Attic  Event Rare 2 English  
CR 20 Become Spectral Hunter  Spell Rare 2 English  
CR 21 Body Warping of Gorgoroth  Spell Rare 1 English  
LotN 16 Brotherhood of the Black Pharaoh  Adventure Rare 2 English  
CR 22 Call Power of Nyambe  Spell Rare 2 English  
LotN 4 Carl Stanford  Ally Rare 3 English  
Mythos 106 Chapman Farmhouse  Location Rare 2 English  
TDL 158 Chorazin  Monster Rare 1 English  
NAE 53 Cloning Chamber  Artifact Rare 1 English  
EoMU 38 Congregational Church  Location Rare 3 English  
LotN 27 Consume Likeness  Spell Rare 3 English  
CR 23 Create Time Warp  Spell Rare 2 English  
TDL 181 Crystal World  Spell Rare 1 English  
Mythos 85 Cthaat Aquadingen  Tome Rare 3 English  
NAE 119 Cykranosh  Location Rare 1 English  
EoMU 27 De Vermiis Mysteriis  Tome Rare 1 English  
Mythos 177 Dendrophobia  Event Rare 1 English  
TDL 182 Dream Sending of Glaaki  Spell Rare 1 English  
Mythos 182 Eclipse of the Sun  Event Rare 3 English  
LotN 30 Eibon's Wheel of Mist  Spell Rare 2 English  
Mythos 142 Elder Things  Monster Rare 3 English  
Mythos 53 Enchanted Cane  Artifact Rare 4 English  
Mythos 22 Ephraim Waite  Ally Rare 2 English  
EoMU 6 Erich Zann  Ally Rare 4 English  
Mythos 110 Esoteric Order of Dagon  Location Rare 1 English  
EoMU 7 Eusapia Paladino  Ally Rare 4 English  
Mythos 145 Flying Polyp  Monster Rare 2 English  
NAE 81 Frivolous Lawsuit  Event Rare 1 English  
Mythos 151 Gnoph Keh  Monster Rare 2 English  
LotN 47 Great Temple at Karnak  Location Rare 2 English  
Mythos 114 Hangman's Hill  Location Rare 3 English  
TDL 33 Hesper Payne  Ally Rare 1 English  
Mythos 115 Home of Laban Shrewsbury  Location Rare 2 English  
Mythos 190 Iatrophobia  Event Rare 1 English  
EoMU 43 Il Mondo Occulto  Location Rare 1 English  
TDL 188 Ironmind  Spell Rare 1 English  
EoMU 44 Jermyn House  Location Rare 2 English  
LotN 8 Joseph Curwen  Ally Rare 4 English  
Mythos 74 Keenness of Two Alike  Spell Rare 1 English  
Mythos 88 King in Yellow (French)  Tome Rare 3 English  

Cards 1 to 50 of 86 - Pages:     [1] 2     Next>>

* Abbreviations used for the names of the expansion sets:
CR Cthulhu Rising
EoMU Expeditions of Miskatonic University
LotN Legends of the Necronomicon
NAE New Æon
SGS Standard Game Set
TDL The Dreamlands

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