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These are the cards of Teen Titans that the user michaeltaylor has and is willing to trade (change to: )

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Set  * Name  Type  Rarity  Amount  Foil  Language  Comments 
ETE CH-061 Amazing Mumbo  Character Common 12 English CH-061
TGO CH-002 Aqualad  Character Uncommon 1 English CH-002
TGO CH-019 Aqualad  Character Common 1 English CH-019
ETE CH-062 Aqualad  Character Common 10 English CH-062
ETE CH-063 Aqualad  Character Uncommon 5 English CH-063
ETE CH-064 Atlas  Character Uncommon 6 English CH-064
ETE SK-036 Attack From above  Skillz Common 1 English SK-036
TGO CH-004 Backfire  Character Uncommon 3 English CH-004
TGO SK-012 Bad Luck  Skillz Common 1 English SK-012
TGO CH-003 Beast Boy  Character Common 3 English CH-003
ETE CH-065 Beast boy  Character Uncommon 6 English CH-065
ETE CH-066 Beast boy-Amoeba  Character Common 2 English CH-066
ETE SK-034 Bee Sting  Skillz Uncommon 4 English SK-034
ETE SL-016 Betrayal  Storyline Common 1 English SL-016
ETE SL-017 Betrothed  Storyline Uncommon 7 English SL-017
ETE GD-006 Birdarang  Gadgets Common 4 English GD-006
ETE CH-067 Blackfire-The Empress  Character Common 8 English CH-067
ETE CH-068 British Toy Soldier  Character Common 2 English CH-068
ETE FD-017 Broken Reality  Field Rare 8 English FD-017
ETE CH-069 Brother Blood  Character Common 11 English CH-069
ETE CH-070 Brother Blood  Character Uncommon 7 English CH-070
ETE CH-072 Bumblebee  Character Common 10 English CH-072
ETE CH-073 Bumblebee  Character Uncommon 9 English CH-073
ETE SL-018 Can I keep him?  Storyline Uncommon 4 English SL-018
ETE CH-075 Chang's Assistant  Character Common 1 English CH-075
ETE CH-076 Chang's Other Assistant  Character Common 1 English CH-076
TGO SK-013 Charge!  Skillz Uncommon 1 English SK-013
ETE SL-019 Chemical bath  Storyline Uncommon 4 English SL-019
TGO FD-004 Chemical Factory  Field Common 2 English FD-004
TGO CH-010 Cinderblock  Character Common 7 English CH-010
TGO FD-001 City Streets  Field Common 2 English FD-015
ETE SK-040 Common Ground  Skillz Common 2 English SK-040
TGO SK-014 Concentrated Energy  Skillz Common 2 English SK-014
TGO FD-005 Cook's Electronics store  Field Common 3 English FD-005
TGO CH-037 Cron  Character Common 1 English CH-037
TGO SK-015 Crush  Skillz Uncommon 1 English SK-015
TGO CH-005 Cyborg  Character Common 2 English CH-005
ETE CH-077 Cyborg  Character Common 9 English CH-077
ETE CH-078 Cyborg- Stone  Character Common 11 English CH-078
ETE SL-020 Date With Destiny  Storyline Common 1 English SL-020
ETE SL-021 Deception  Storyline Uncommon 6 English SL-021
TGO SK-016 Defensive Leap  Skillz Uncommon 1 English SK-016
TGO SL-004 Dogpile  Storyline Uncommon 1 English SL-004
TGO CH-027 Dr. Light  Character Common 2 English CH-027
ETE SK-033 Dragon's Fire  Skillz Common 2 English SK-033
TGO SK-009 Energy Boom  Skillz Common 2 English SK-009
ETE GD-001 Energy bows and arrows  Gadgets Common 11 English GD-001
TGO SK-003 Energy Cannon  Skillz Common 5 English SK-003
TGO SK-010 Energy Storm  Skillz Common 3 English SK-010
TGO SK-020 Energy Weapon  Skillz Common 2 English SK-020

Cards 1 to 50 of 176 - Pages:     [1] 2 3 4     Next>>

* Abbreviations used for the names of the expansion sets:
ETE Enter Titans East!
TGO Titans Go!

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