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want list for user mateos

These are the cards of .hack//ENEMY that the user mateos wants (change to: )

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Set  * Name  Type  Rarity  Amount  Foil  Language  Comments 
Promo 5P1 Astro Prince  Monster P 1 English  
Epidemic 92 Balmung 2.0  PC X 1 English  
Contagion 119 Bear  PC X 1 English  
Promo 4P1 Black Death  Monster P 1 English  
Contagion 109 Black Rose  PC S 1 English  
Epidemic 93 Black Rose 2.0  PC X 1 English  
Promo 5P2 Dark Asteroid  Monster P 1 English  
T.Up! 3T2 Final Blast  Action T 1 English  
Promo 2P4 Girl in White  Event P 1 English  
Promo 1P2 Goil Menhir  Monster P 1 English  
Promo 2P3 Hidden, Forbidden, Holy Ground  Field P 1 English  
T.Up! 3T3 Infection  Event T 1 English  
Distortion 129 Innis  Monster X 1 English  
Distortion 130 Magus  Monster X 1 English  
Contagion 122 Mimiru  PC X 1 English  
Isolation 94 Mimiru 2.0  PC X 1 English  
Promo 1P3 Mu Guardian  Monster P 1 English  
Promo 2P5 Net Slum  Event P 1 English  
T.Up! 3T1 Newbie  PC T 1 English  
Contagion 97 Ogre  Monster R 1 English  
Promo 3P1 Puchi 2.0  PC P 1 English  
T.Up! 3T4 Pull the Plug  Event T 1 English  
Epidemic 60 Sleipnir  Item R 1 English  
Promo 3P3 Sphinx Menhir  Monster P 1 English  
Contagion 130 Tetra Armor  Monster X 1 English  
T.Up! 3T5 Traffic Jam  Event T 1 English  
Breakout 90 Vlitramaster  Monster R 1 English  

Cards 1 to 27 of 27

* Abbreviations used for the names of the expansion sets:
Promo Promotional Cards
T.Up! Tournament/Level Up! Cards

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