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want list for user hbhbenny64

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These are the cards of Weiss Schwarz CCG that the user hbhbenny64 wants (change to: )

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Set  * Name  Type  Rarity  Amount  Foil  Language  Comments 
LB-W02 LB-W02-036 "Pony Girl" Rin  Character U 1 Any language  

Cards 1 to 1 of 1

* Abbreviations used for the names of the expansion sets:
AB-W11-T Angel Beats! & Kud Wafter Trial Deck
AB-W31 Angel Beats! Re: Edit Booster Pack
AB-W31-T Angel Beats! Re: Edit Trial Deck
AB-WE10 Angel Beats! Extra Pack
AB/W11 Angel Beats! & Kud Wafter Booster Pack
AOT V2 Attack on Titan Vol.2 Booster Pack
AOT-S35 Attack on Titan Booster Pack
AOT-S35T Attack On Titan Trial Deck
APO-S53 Fate/Apocrypha Booster Pack
APO-S53T Fate/Apocrypha Trial Deck
AW-S18 Accel World Booster Pack
AW-S18-T Accel World Trial Deck
AW-S43 Accel World Infinite Burst Booster Pack
BD-W47 Bang Dream! Booster Pack
BD-W47-T Bang Dream! Trial Deck
BD-W54-T Bang Dream Girls Band Party! Hello Happy World Trial Deck
BDAGTD Bang Dream Girls Band Party! Afterglow Trial Deck
BDPPTD Bang Dream Girls Band Party! Pastel Palettes Trial Deck
BDRTD Bang Dream Girls Band Party! Roselia Trial Deck
BM-S15 Bakemonogatari Booster Pack
BM-S15-T Bakemonogatari Trial Deck
BR-SE Black Rock Shooter Extra Pack
CC-S48 Chain Chronicle Booster Pack
CC-S48-T Chain Chronicle Trial Deck
CGS-WS01 Card Game Shiyoko Ultimate Starter
CHA-W40 Charlotte Booster Pack
CHA-W40T Charlotte Trial Deck
CL-WE CLANNAD Vol. 1 Extra Pack
CL-WE04 CLANNAD Vol. 2 Extra Pack
CL-WE07 CLANNAD Vol. 3 Extra Pack
CL-WP01 Clannad Power Up Set
CN-SE02 CANAAN Extra Pack
CS-S28 Crayon Shin-chan Booster Pack
CS-S28-T Crayon Shin-chan Trial Deck
DC-W01 Da Capo / Da Capo II Booster Pack
DC-W01-E Da Capo / Da Capo II Extra Pack
DC-W01-T Da Capo Trial Deck
DC-W09 Da Capo / Da Capo II Plus Communication Booster Pack
DC-W09-T Da Capo Plus Communication Trial Deck
DC-W23 Da Capo 10th Anniversary Mix Booster Pack
DC-W23-T Da Capo 10th Anniversary Mix Trial Deck
DC-WE02 Da Capo II PC Extra Pack
DC3-W18 Da Capo III Booster Pack
DC3-W18T Da Capo III Trial Deck
DC3-WE16 Da Capo III Anime Extra Pack
DC3-WE20 Da Capo Sakura Saku Extra Pack
DD-WE Dog Days Extra Trial
DD-WE12 Dog Days Extra Pack
DD-WE17 Dog Days Dash (Prime) Extra Pack
DD-WE23 Dog Days Double Dash Extra Pack
DG-S Disgaea Booster Pack
DG-S02-T Disgaea Trial Deck
DG-SE08 Disgaea 4 Extra Pack
DG-SE17 Disgaea D2 Extra Pack
DS-W46 Da Capo III With You / Dal Segno Booster Pack
DS2-SE16 Devil Survivor 2 Anime Extra Pack
EV-S12 Evangelion Rebuild Booster Pack
EV-S12-T Evangelion Rebuild Trial Deck
FH-SE03 Fate/hollow ataraxia Extra Pack
FS-S03 Fate/stay night Booster Pack
FS-S03-T Fate/stay night Trial Deck
FS-S34 Fate/stay night Unlimited Blade Works Booster Pack
FS-S34-T Fate/stay night Unlimited Blade Works Trial Deck
FS-S36 Fate/stay night Unlimited Blade Works Vol. 2 Booster Pack
FT-S09 Fairy Tail Booster Pack
FT-S09-T Fairy Tail Trial Deck
FT-SE10 Fairy Tail Extra Pack
FZ-S17 Fate/Zero Booster Pack
FZ-S17-T Fate/zero Trial Deck
FZ-SE13 Fate/Zero Extra Pack
GC-S16 Guilty Crown Booster Pack
GC-S16-T Guilty Crown Trial Deck
GF-W33 Girl Friend Beta Booster Pack
GF-W33-T Girl Friend Beta Trial Deck
GF-W38- Girl Friend Beta Vol.2 Booster Pack
GG-S23 Gargantia Booster Pack
GG-S23-T Gargantia Trial Deck
GST-SE22 Gigant Shooter Tsukasa Extra Pack
GT-W29 Day Break Illusion Booster Pack
GT/W29 Day Break Illusion Trial Deck
GU-W44 Is the Order a Rabbit?? Booster Pack
GU-W44-T Is the Order a Rabbit?? Trial Deck
GU-WE26 Is the Order a Rabbit?? Extra Pack
ID-W13-T Index II & Railgun Trial Deck
IM-S07 Idolm@ster Booster Pack
IM-S07-T Idolm@ster Trial Deck
IM-S14 Idolm@ster 2 Booster Pack
IM-S14-T Idolm@ster 2 Trial Deck
IM-S21 Idolm@ster Anime Booster Pack
IM-S21-T Idolm@ster Anime Trial Deck
IM-S30 Idolm@ster Movie Booster Pack
IM-SE04 Idolm@ster Dearly Stars Extra Pack
IM-SP01 Idolm@ster Power Up Set
IMC-W41 The iDOLM@STER Cinderella Girls Booster Pack
IMC-W41T Idolm@ster Cinderella Girls Trial Deck
IMC-W43 Idolm@ster Cinderella Girls 2nd Season Booster Pack
KC-S25 Kantai Collection (Kancolle) Booster Pack
KC-S25-T Kantai Collection Trial Deck
KC-S31 Kantai Collection Second Fleet Booster Pack
KC-S42 Kantai Collection European Fleet Booster Pack
KC-SE28 Kantai Collection Abyssal Fleet Extra Pack
KF-S05 King of Fighters Booster Pack
KF-S05-T King of Fighters Trial Deck
KG-SE07 Katanagatari Extra Pack
KG-SE07-T Katanagatari Extra Trial
KI-S44 Kiznaiver Booster Pack
KI-S44-T Kiznaiver Trial Deck
KLK-S27 Kill La Kill Booster Pack
KLK-S27T Kill La Kill Trial Deck
KLK-SP03 Kill La Kill Power Up Set
KR-SE30 Rin-ne Extra Pack
KS-W49 KonoSuba Booster Pack
KS-W49-T KonoSuba Trial Deck
LB-W02 Little Busters! Booster Pack
LB-W02-E Little Busters! EX Extra Pack
LB-W02-T Little Busters! Trial Deck
LB-W06 Little Busters! Ecstasy Booster Pack
LB-W06-T Little Busters! Ecstasy Trial Deck
LB-W21 Little Busters! Anime Booster Pack
LB-W21-T Little Busters! Anime Trial Deck
LB-WE18 Little Busters! Refrain Anime Extra Pack
LB-WE21 Little Busters! Card Mission Extra Pack
LH-SE20 Log Horizon Extra Pack
LH-SE20T Log Horizon Trial Deck
LH-SP02 Log Horizon Power Up Set
LL-W24 Love Live! Booster Pack
LL-W24-T Love Live! Trial Deck
LL-W28 Love Live! School Idol Festival Booster Pack
LL-W34 Love Live! Vol. 2 Booster Pack
LL-W36 Love Live! School Idol Festival Vol. 2 Booster Pack
LL-W36-T Love Live! School Idol Festival Trial Deck
LL-WE19 Love Live! Extra Pack
LL-WE24 Love Live! The School Idol Movie Extra Pack
LL-WE25 Love Live! School Idol Festival Variety Set
LS-W05 Lucky Star Booster Pack
LS-W05-T Lucky Star Trial Deck
LSS-W45 Love Live! Sunshine Booster Pack
LSS-W45T Love Live! Sunshine!! Trial Deck
LSS-WE27 Love Live! Sunshine Extra Pack
MB-S10 Melty Blood Booster Pack
MB-S10-T Melty Blood Trial Deck
MF-S13 Macross Frontier Booster Pack
MF-S13-T Macross Frontier Trial Deck
MG-S39 Monogatari Series Second Season Booster Pack
MH-WE05 The Girl Who Leapt Through Space / Mai Hime / Mai Otome Vol. 2 Extra Pack
MK-S11 Milky Holmes Booster Pack
MK-S11-T Milky Holmes Trial Deck
MK-S33 Milky Holmes Second Stage Edition Booster Pack
MK-S33-T Milky Holmes Second Stage Trial Deck
MK-SE09 Milky Holmes: The Phantom Thief Empire Strikes Back Extra Pack
MK-SE11 Milky Holmes: Counterattack of the Genius4 Extra Pack
MK-SE29 Milky Holmes: Milky Holmes Strikes Back Extra Pack
MK2-S19 Milky Holmes 2 Booster Pack
MK2-S19T Milky Holmes 2 Trial Deck
MM-W17 Madoka Magica Booster Pack
MM-W17-T Madoka Magica Trial Deck
MM-W35 Madoka Rebellion Booster Pack
N1-WE06 Nanoha The Movie 1st Extra Pack
N2-W25 Nanoha The MOVIE 2nd A's Booster Pack
N2-W32 Nanoha the Movie 1st & 2nd A's Booster Pack
NA-W12 Nanoha A's Booster Pack
NA-W12-G Nanoha G.o.D. Extra Trial
NA-W12-T Nanoha A's Trial Deck
NJ-WE11 Nichijou - My Ordinary Life Extra Pack
NK-W30 Nisekoi Booster Pack
NK-W30-T Nisekoi Trial Deck
NK-WE22 Nisekoi Extra Pack
NM-S24 Nisemonogatari Booster Pack
NS-W04 Nanoha StrikerS Booster Pack
NS-W04-T Nanoha StrikerS Trial Deck
OMS-S41 Osomatsu-san Booster Pack
OMS-S41T Osomatsu-san Trial Deck
P3-S01 Persona 3 Booster Pack
P3-S01-T Persona 3 Trial Deck
P4-S08 Persona 4 Booster Pack
P4-S08-T Persona 4 Trial Deck
P4-SE01 Persona 4 Extra Pack
P4-SE12 Persona 4 The Animation Extra Pack
P4-SE12-T Persona 4 The Animation Trial Deck
P4-SE15 Persona 4 Ultimate Extra Pack
P5-S45 Persona 5 Booster Pack
P5-S45-T Persona 5 Trial Deck
PD-S22 Hatsune Miku Project Diva F Booster Pack
PD-S22-T Hatsune Miku Project Diva F Trial Deck
PD-S29 Hatsune Miku Project Diva F 2nd Booster Pack
PI-S40 Fate/kaleid liner Prisma Illya Zwei Herz! Booster Pack
PI-SE18 Fate/kaleid liner Prisma Illya Extra Pack
PI-SE24 Fate/kaleid liner Prisma Illya Zwei! Extra Pack
PP-SE14 Psycho-Pass Extra Pack
PQ-SE21 Persona Q Extra Pack
PT-W07 Phantom -requiem for the phantom- Booster Pack
PT-W07-T Phantom Trial Deck
PY-S38 Puyo Puyo Booster Pack
PY-S38-T Puyo Puyo Trial Deck
RG-W10 Index & Railgun Booster Pack
RG-W10-T Railgun Trial Deck
RG-W13 Index II & Railgun Booster Pack
RG-W26 Railgun S Booster Pack
RG-W26-T Railgun S Trial Deck
RG-WP03 Railgun S Power Up Set
RN-W16 Robotics Notes Booster Pack
RN-W16-T Robotics Notes Trial Deck
RW-W15 Rewrite Booster Pack
RW-W15-T Rewrite Trial Deck
RW-W20 Rewrite Harvest festa! Booster Pack
RW-W48 Rewrite Anime Booster Pack
RZ-S46 Re:Zero Booster Pack
RZ-S46-T Re:Zero Trial Deck
SAO-S20 Sword Art Online Booster Pack
SAO-S26 Sword Art Online Vol.2 Booster Pack
SAO-S47 Sword Art Online Re: Edit Booster Pack
SAO-S51 Sword Art Online: Ordinal Scale
SAO-SE23 Sword Art Online II Extra Pack
SAO-SE23-T Sword Art Online 2 Trial Deck
SAO-SE26 Sword Art Online II Vol. 2 Extra Pack
SAOS20-T Sword Art Online Trial Deck
SB-S06 Sengoku Basara Booster Pack
SB-S06-T Sengoku Basara Trial Deck
SB-SE05 Sengoku Basara Anime Extra Pack
SE-S04 Shining Force EXA Booster Pack
SE-S04-T Shining Force EXA Trial Deck
SG-W19 Symphogear Booster Pack
SG-W19-T Symphogear Trial Deck
SG-W27 Symphogear G Booster Pack
SG-W39 Symphogear GX Booster Pack
SGS-S37 Schoolgirl Strikers Booster Pack
SGS-S37T Schoolgirl Strikers Trial Deck
SK-WE03 The Girl Who Leapt Through Space / Mai Hime / Mai Otome Vol. 1 Extra Pack
SPromos Schwarz Promos
SR-SE25 Shining Resonance Extra Pack
SS-W14 Shana Booster Pack
SS-W14-T Shana Trial Deck
SS-WE15 Shana Final Extra Pack
SW-S49 Star Wars Booster Pack
SW-S49-T Star Wars Trial Deck
SY-W08 Haruhi Booster Pack
SY-W08-T Haruhi Trial Deck
SY-WE09 Haruhi Extra Pack
SY-WP02 Haruhi Power Up Set
TF-S32 Terra Formars Booster Pack
TF-S32-T Terra Formars Trial Deck
TL-W37 To Love-Ru Darkness 2nd Booster Pack
TL-W37-T To Love-Ru Darkness 2nd Trial Deck
TL-W42 To Love-Ru Darkness 2nd Vol.2 Booster Pack
VR-W22 Vividred Operation Booster Pack
VRW22TD Vividred Operation Trial Deck
VS-W50-T ViVid Strike! Trial Deck
WPromos Weiss Promos
Woo-SE19 Wooser Extra Pack
ZM-W03 The Familiar of Zero Booster Pack
ZM-W03-T The Familiar of Zero Trial Deck
ZM-WE13 The Familiar of Zero F Extra Pack
ZM-WE13- The Familiar of Zero F Trial Deck

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