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These are the cards of A Game of Thrones that the user cmdrcody wants (change to: )

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Set  * Name  Type  Rarity  Amount  Foil  Language  Comments 
AToS 101 Newly-Chained Maester  Character C 4 English  
AToS 11 Northern Champion  Character U 1 English  
VE 189 Not Listening  Event U 1 English  
ACoS 141 Nothing Left to Lose  Plot R 1 English  
AToS 126 Obey the King  Event C 4 English  
AToS 35 Offer of Pardon  Attachment C 4 English  
AToS 3 On Arya's List  Attachment C 4 English  
Promo 28 Opening Moves  Plot P 1 English  
AHoTa 137 Our Mountain, Our Goat  Plot R 1 English  
AToS 71 Pentoshi Mercenaries  Character C 4 English  
AToS 29 Perfectly Respectable Inn  Location U 1 English  
AToS 72 Pike Phalanx  Character U 4 English  
AToS 79 Poisoned Javelin  Attachment U 1 English  
AToS 14 Practice Yard  Location U 1 English  
VE 106 Prince Oberyn's Spear  Attachment R 1 English  
AToS 58 Proving Grounds  Location R 1 English  
TWH 68 Pulled Under  Attachment F 2 English  
W5K 7 Queen Daenerys's Horde  Character F 1 English  
AToS 127 Queen of Love and Beauty  Event R 1 English  
AToS 25 Queen's Champion  Character U 1 English  
AToS 128 Resort to Cheating  Event R 1 English  
IT 94 Rhaegal  Character R 1 English  
BRF 82 Rhaegar Targaryen  Character F 2 English  
BRF 84 Rhaegar's Harp  Attachment F 2 English  
FK 233 Rout of the Riverlords  Plot R 1 English  
ATOB 71 Salt Mines  Location R 1 English  
AToS 4 Sansa's Favor  Attachment C 4 English  
BRF 83 Scorched Earth  Location F 1 English  
AToS 80 Seduced by Arianne  Attachment C 4 English  
AToS 129 See who is Stronger  Event R 1 English  
ATOB 13 Septon of Winterfell  Character C 1 English  
VE 51 Ser Alester Florent  Character R 1 English  
TWH 63 Ser Balon Swann  Character F 2 English  
ASOS 88 Ser Barristan Selmy  Character R 1 English  
AToS 96 Ser Barristan Selmy  Character R 1 English  
AToS 38 Ser Emmon Cuy  Character U 1 English  
AToS 39 Ser Guyard Morrigen  Character R 1 English  
AToS 97 Ser Jaime Lannister  Character R 1 English  
AToS 20 Ser Meryn Trant  Character U 1 English  
AToS 98 Ser Osmund Kettleblack  Character U 2 English  
AToS 40 Ser Parmen Crane  Character U 1 English  
AToS 99 Ser Preston Greenfield  Character U 2 English  
AToS 36 Servant of R'hllor  Attachment R 1 English  
AToS 93 Silver Link Attained  Attachment U 1 English  
VE 198 Smooth Sailing  Event R 1 English  
AToS 55 Sneaking Cutthroat  Character R 1 English  
VE 233 Snowed Under  Plot R 1 English  
AToS 88 Southron Skirmisher  Character C 4 English  
ATOB 144 Stalemate  Plot R 1 English  
FK 236 Stay of Execution  Plot R 1 English  

Cards 101 to 150 of 216 - Pages: <<Previous     1 2 [3] 4 5     Next>>

* Abbreviations used for the names of the expansion sets:
ACoS A Crown of Suns
ACoSe A Change of Seasons
AE Ancient Enemies
AFOD A Flight of Dragons
AHA A Hidden Agenda
AHM A Harsh Mistress
AHoT A House of Thorns
AHoTa A House of Talons
AJE A Journey's End
AKitN A King in the North
APS A Poisoned Spear
AROK A Reign of Kings
ARotD A Roll of the Dice
ASOS A Sea of Storms
ASitD A Sword in the Darkness
ASoN A Song of Night
ASoSilen A Song of Silence
ASoSm A Song of Summer
ASoT A Song of Twilight
ATOB A Throne of Blades
AToS A Tourney of Swords
ATotT A Turn of the Tide
BRF The Battle of Ruby Ford
Blckwtr The Battle of Blackwater Bay
BtW Beyond the Wall
CAP Clash of Arms Promotion
CB Calling the Banners
CD Chasing Dragons
CSec City of Secrets
CbtC Called by the Conclave
CoS Circle of Spies
Core Core Set (2008)
DB Dreadfort Betrayal
Draft Draft Pack
EB Epic Battles
F&I Fire and Ice
FF Forgotten Fellowship
FK Five Kings
FtC Forging the Chain
GotC Gates of the Citadel
Hand The Tower of the Hand
HtS Here to Serve
I&F PS Ice and Fire Premium Starter
IG Illyrio's Gift
IT Iron Throne
ITLP Iron Throne Legacy Pack
ITP Iron Throne Promotion
Ice&Fire Ice and Fire
KotS Kings of the Sea
KotStorm Kings of the Storm
LoW Lords of Winter
LotR Lions of the Rock
MotA Mask of the Archmaester
MotM Mountains of the Moon
ODG On Dangerous Grounds
OSaS Of Snakes and Sand
PotS Princes of the Sun
Promo Promotional Cards
QoD Queen of Dragons
RS Raven's Song
RW Refugees of War
RoR Rituals of R'hllor
RotK Reach of the Kraken
RotO Return of the Others
SA Scattered Armies
SB Sacred Bonds
SS Secrets and Spies
SoW Spoils of War
Starter Premium Starter
TBG The Banners Gather
TCC The Captain's Command
TGF The Great Fleet
TGM The Grand Melee
THtW The Horn That Wakes
TIoR The Isle of Ravens
TK The Kingsguard
TPoL The Pirates of Lys
TWH The Wildling Horde
TWoW The Winds of Winter
TbC Trial by Combat
TftH Tourney For The Hand
TftRK Tales from the Red Keep
Trials A Time of Trials
VD Valar Dohaeris
VE Valyrian Edition
VM Valar Morghulis
VPS Valyrian Premium Starter
W5K The War of Five Kings
WA Wildling Assault!
WLL Where Loyalty Lies
WP Winter Promotion
WPS Winter Premium Starter
Winter Winter Edition
WotN Wolves of the North
tHoBaW The House of Black and White

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