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Card Reviews of the Week

Our Card Reviews of the Week

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Review of the Week for March 31, 2012
Genji Aini
written by juncombo0  on September 18, 2011
General description:

Alright time to write my 3rd review. And this time again i choose a a tiny creature which can produce devastating effects and she is called Genii Ai ni.

Well at first i was no aware of this card that much but then when i...
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Review of the Week for March 24, 2012
Exceed Summon!
Hey Duelist, I'm Shuriken6, A typical card reviewer. Normally i only do Duel Master Card reviews (two of which recieved Review of the week :D) but i decided to do a Yu-Gi-Oh review. Why? Because I love to write. hence i figured that...
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Review of the Week for March 17, 2012
Blonde-Haired Dragon Tamer
Hey guys, Shuriken6 here with another review of course :D And this time around, i'm gonna do it on one of my all-time favorite cards as a kid. As you can imagine, when the TCG was stil going on in english, I can safely...
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Review of the Week for March 10, 2012
There once was a race of creatures who came from beyond our galaxy. They traveled far, from the edge of the universe into the world of Duel Masters. This particular creature came from the start called Omicron ceti in the constellation Cetus, shown...
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Review of the Week for March 3, 2012
Kinka-Byo, a powerful little kitty
written by panchox_x  on December 16, 2011
General description:
an interesting card with good combos in differents decks

you can synchro summon with this card or use his effect to activate another effect, kinka-byo is a dark monster is good to remove for Black luster soldier...
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Review of the Week for February 25, 2012
Darklord Zerato, The Emperor of Darkness...
written by muncombo0  on February 15, 2012
Ok guys this is my fourth YuGiOh! review RATE, COMMENTS AND SUGGESTIONS...PLEASE!!

This time its Darklord Zerato

General description:

What makes a truly great monster card? High attack and defense points are always a defining quality....
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Review of the Week for February 18, 2012
Stardust Dragon
written by hades_a7x  on February 10, 2012
General description:

Hello everyone and me and tired of just seeing the analyzes and not make one so I made &#8203;&#8203;me want to make this card review.Con you can defend yourself from being victimized by a card effect and that this letter...
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Review of the Week for February 11, 2012

I. General description:
Duel Masters had never been as disturbed as the psychics came into play, and since dm-36, more and more mechanism had been added to the game, many of them opening up new options of plays and strategies, or otherwise...
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Review of the Week for February 4, 2012
Quickdraw Synchron, The Level And Discard Is Your Nightmare
written by sayerarcadia  on February 2, 2012

General description:

QuickDrawSynchron is a monster of level 5 which has the effect that:

You can send 1 monster from your hand to the Graveyard and...
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Review of the Week for January 28, 2012
Join the Dark Side
Hey guys it’s Shuriken6 with another card review. This one in particular is one that I’ve been wanting to do for weeks, so even though the set just came out two days ago, I'm that impatient. Can you blame me though? Anyway,...
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Review of the Week for January 21, 2012
written by superbeq  on November 12, 2010
Hi all this time makes an analysis of the card Necrovalley, because I love the effect and is really useful, I hope you like and serve them much for their good run on this page.

Here's the effect:
Negate the effects of Spell, Trap, and Monster...
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Review of the Week for January 14, 2012
Caius the Shadow Monarch
written by dragongear  on August 1, 2010
General description:
This is one of the monarch king in Yugioh
Caius atk 2400 likes all monarch
Def 1000 again likes other monarch
Used for win the match when you remove himself!!!

This card is almost use for beating the tops...
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Review of the Week for January 7, 2012
Koa'ki Meiru Urnight, The Captain Made of Iron.
written by zillion  on February 18, 2011
General description:
Hello! this is my first card review here in Trade cards on line and I hope you find it informative. This is Koa'ki meiru Urnight:
2000 ATK 1500 DEF
It's effect is based on bringing Koa'ki mei ru...
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Review of the Week for December 31, 2011
Time Wizard, return to the past
written by god_of_duel  on January 14, 2011
General description:

I like this card why tradicional cards as Dark magician and other.

Toss a coin and call Heads or Tails. If you call it right, your opponent's monsters on the field are destroyed. If you call it wrong, your own...
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Review of the Week for December 24, 2011
Dragunity Legionnaire, Monsters' Nightmare
written by negrolum  on September 5, 2010
General description:
Good days everybody!!. Today I'll speak about a card called "Dragunity Legionnaire". I decided to do this review because of its excellent effect, and I've found lots of combos we can do with it.

This card has several...
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Review of the Week for December 17, 2011
Bolshack Superhero, The Blazing Saviour.
written by subking  on October 19, 2011
Introduction and Appearance:

So... Just like a Dragon lover that I am.. Here is my first review. Bolshack Superhero. P.S.- the Armored Dragon can really backfire if not used properly. But awfully useful from a creature coming from the newest sets...
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Review of the Week for December 10, 2011
Fishborg Blaster, A Nightmare Of Card
written by evildeck  on February 11, 2011
General description:
-Hi everyone in tradecardsonline this time i will talk about a card that interest me a lot is and i think is very useful in a Water deck is "Fishborg Blaster" let see the parts of this card.

Number: ANPR-EN027
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Review of the Week for December 3, 2011
Treeborn Frog, The Salvation of the deck
written by sayerarcadia  on November 17, 2011
Hello friends as they are this time I know a analasis of a letter in recent days has given me many easy wins for the invocation and the effect the letter is "Treeborn Frog"

:arrow:General description:

If this card is in your Graveyard...
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Review of the Week for November 26, 2011
Pixie Ring, Defender of the Weak
written by sl1ferm4ster  on May 30, 2010
General description:
A lot of people don't realize this card's potential! Pixie Ring prevents the weakest monster ATK-wise from being targeted by an attack as long as there are 2 or more Attack Position monsters. Every deck should have at least 1...
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Review of the Week for November 19, 2011
Book of Moon, book of the salvation.
written by gamelord  on November 26, 2010
General description:
this card is great because it is very practical because you can eliminate a lot of monsters dengaerus and best of all, it's quick play card what makes it a basic card in almost any deck.

can be used in a so much ways...
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