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Shikamaru Nara & Asuma Sarutobi card scan: click to enlarge

Shikamaru Nara & Asuma Sarutobi:

Leaf | Genin | Jonin | Male | Platoon | Mental Power: 4
When this Ninja wins a Victory, an Outstanding Victory, or is removed from play, you can look at all your opponent's Battle Rewards if there is any, select 1 card amoung them, and place it in your hand.

"...I had to go and get myself into this sticky situation..." "You did well, Shikamaru..."

  • Card Number: ERN-US040
  • Rarity: Super Rare
  • Card Type: Ninja
  • Symbol: Wind / Earth
  • Combat Attribute: Shadow/Weapon
  • Hand Cost: 1
  • Entrance Cost: 5
  • Healthy Stats: 6/4
  • Injured Stats: 3/3
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