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To Champion:

Effect: Downgrade your Ultimate or Mega to Champion. Place this card face down on Power Port and place Champion from your hand face down on Digivolve Zone.

  • Number: St-55
  • Rarity: Set
  • Card Type: PO-Digivolve
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Avatar for zigazav
This is a VERY bad card! It would be good if it affected your opponent, but YOUR Digimon?! This card would only be good if you had a deck the centers around going back to a lower rank, but other than that, this card is useless!
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Posted: May 12, 2012 04:35 pm 
Avatar for silverkp
Its not useless it does so many things. First off getting to set this card facedown along with another Digimon is sneaky! It would look like you're playing a Digivice and a next level down.
When this card actually activates, you're changing your battle type and attack power to your advantage if you want to.
Think about champions that have good effects like if you suddenly want to sneak in a Numemon and get +100 points off his effect or Bakemon to discard all your opponent's stack.
In rare situations with people using cheap decks and summoning out megas for free, you can go back to champion and use counterattack..double your power and score 300 points for beating a Mega. Great rewards with this card
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Posted: November 7, 2013 08:25 pm 
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