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Flygon Lv.65 card scan: click to enlarge
Card images are courtesy of Pokémon Paradijs

Flygon Lv.65:

Poké-BODY: Rainbow Float

If any basic Energy card attached to Flygon is the same type as any of your Pokémon, the Retreat Cost for those Pokémon is 0.

Colorless Colorless Sand Wall    40

Discard a Stadium card your opponent has in play. If you do, prevent all effects of an attack, including damage, done to Flygon during your opponent's next turn.

Colorless Colorless Colorless Power Swing    60+

Does 60 damage plus 10 more damage for each Evolved Pokémon on your Bench.

  • Rarity: Rare Holo
  • Type: Colorless
  • Weakness: C+30
  • Number: 5
  • Subtype: Stage 2 Pokémon
  • Resistance: L-20
  • Hit Points: 120 HP
Energy Symbols:
C = Colorless = colorless energy
D = Darkness = dark energy
Fr = Fire = fire energy
Ft = Fighting = fighting energy
  G = Grass = grass energy
  L = Lightning = lightning energy
  M = Metal = metal energy
  P = Psychic = psychic energy
  W = Water = water energy
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