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Explosive Beast Valcanon:

1 Machine-Type monster + 1 Pyro-Type monsterWhen this card is Fusion Summoned, you can select 1 monster your opponent controls. Destroy this card and the selected card and send them to the Graveyard to inflict damage to your opponent equal to the ATK of that selected monster.

  • Number: VE01-JP004
  • Rarity: DRPR
  • Card Type: Monster / Effect / Fusion
  • Monster Type: Machine
  • Attack Points: 2300
  • Defense Points: 1600
  • Level / Rank: 6
  • Attribute: Earth
SP = Short Print (Common);
SSP = Super Short Print (Common);
DNPR = Duel Terminal Normal Parallel Rare;
DRPR = Duel Terminal Rare Parallel Rare;
DSPR = Duel Terminal Super Parallel Rare;
DUPR = Duel Terminal Ultra Parallel Rare;
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