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Chandelier, Light Weapon/Crazy Carnival! Saint Chan-Merrie card scan: click to enlarge

Chandelier, Light Weapon/Crazy Carnival! Saint Chan-Merrie:

*  When this creature would be destroyed, you may discard a light card from your hand instead.

Blockericon.jpg Blocker

*  Quadruple breaker (This creature breaks 4 shields.)

*  At the end of your turn, untap all of your Hunter creatures in the battle zone. For each light Hunter creature untapped in this way, you may put the top card of your deck into your shield zone face-down.

*  When this creature leaves the battle zone, you may discard a card instead.

*  Link Release (When this creature would leave the battle zone, return 1 psychic cell to your hyperspatial zone and flip the other cards instead.)

  • Collector Number: 4
  • Rarity: Common
  • Type: Psychic Super Creature
  • Race: Mecha Del Sol/Hunter//Shining Command Dragon/Hunter
  • Power: 2000/195
  • Cost: 2/39
  • Civilization: Light
  • Artist: Ishibashi Yosuke
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