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Albert Hosteen:

Alien_investigation: 2;
Medical: 2;
Observation: 1;
Occult_investigation: 4;
Subterfuge: 2;
Lrc: 1;
Crc: 1;
Health: 3;
Res: 1
Place a token on Hosteen's card. Discard a token to examine your opponent's hand. Select any one Conspiracy card in your opponent's hand show it to your opponent. If your opponent plays that card at any time in the game, you may immediately ask one question about the X-File. This question may only be asked the first time the card is played.

  • Card Number: XF96-0161v1
  • Rarity: Fixed
  • Card Type: Agent
  • Episode: Anasazi
  • Cost: 4 RP
  • Keywords: Agent, Independent, Believer
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