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Margi Kleinjan:

Lrc: 2
Crc: 2
Health: 2
This card may be played on a Site at which the "Terri Roberts" Adversary card has been played, ignoring Activator requiremens. When this occurs, both Adversaries attack simultaneously (treat as one combat) and double both cards' LRC, CRC, and HEALTH. Triple both cards' LRC, CRC and HEALTH if the Agents are using OCCULT INVESTIGATION skill.

  • Card Number: XF97-0388x1
  • Rarity: Uncommon
  • Card Type: Adversary
  • Episode: Syzygy
  • Cost: 3 CP
  • Keywords: Adversary, Occult, Creature
  • Activators: Conspiracy, Affiliation, Site
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