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Artifacts Unleashed card scan: click to enlarge

Artifacts Unleashed:

Target 2 "Artifact" monsters you control; Xyz Summon 1 Xyz Monster using those monsters only. Monsters you control cannot attack during the turn you activate this card, except "Artifact" monsters. If this card in your possession is destroyed by your opponent's card: You can reveal 1 Level 5 LIGHT monster in your hand; draw 1 card.

  • Number: PRIO-JP061
  • Rarity: Common
  • Card Type: Spell/Magic Card / Quick-Play
  • Password: 56611470
SP = Short Print (Common);
SSP = Super Short Print (Common);
DNPR = Duel Terminal Normal Parallel Rare;
DRPR = Duel Terminal Rare Parallel Rare;
DSPR = Duel Terminal Super Parallel Rare;
DUPR = Duel Terminal Ultra Parallel Rare;
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