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by evra_von  for YuGiOh!
SUPREME BLUE-EYES HYDRA card image: click to enlarge
Blue-Eyes Ultimate Dragon + Blue-Eyes Ultimate Dragon + Blue-Eyes Ultimate Dragon

This card cannot be Special Summoned from your Extra Deck except by Fusion Summon.

  • Rarity: Secret Rare
  • Card Type: Monster / Effect / Fusion
  • Monster Type: Reptile
  • Attack Points: 6750
  • Defense Points: 5700
  • Level / Rank: 12
  • Attribute: Light
[Modified on July 27, 2010 06:03 pm]
Comment from the author:
In anticipation of the people who will give this a 1-2 for "impossibility to use, as 3 BEUD would require 9 BEWD," i would like to suggest the following scenario:

Fusion Summon BEUD with "Polymerization"
Activate Dragon's Mirror for second BEUD
Activate Miracle Dig or Burial from a different Dimension to get back BEWDs
Activate second Dragon's Mirror for third BEUD
Activate Polymerization for Hydra

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Discussion about this Dream Card
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Author Message
United States

Avatar for matthewblaze
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Subject: chances of getting this card out in a duel 0.000000001 percent   Posted: July 22, 2010 09:39 pm

the chances are to low to draw the exact cards your described in your description so yeas its useless
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United States

Avatar for evra_von
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Subject: It doesn't have to happen in one turn   Posted: July 23, 2010 08:48 am

you could have 2 BEUD on the field for several turns before you can get the other one, maybe even equip both with "Ring of Magnetism" to protect them. You don't have to summon "E-hero Shining Flare Wingman" in one turn, that would be all but impossible without Fusion Substitutes, however you can have "Flame Wingman" out for a few turns (Fusion Weapons?) while you wait for "Sparkman"
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United States

Avatar for wercool
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Subject: not that hard   Posted: July 23, 2010 09:39 pm

beud + the hex + a card that can take the name of a card in the graveyard. = 5 monsters to bring it out.
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United States

Avatar for evra_von
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Subject: Seriously?   Posted: July 24, 2010 04:08 am

beud + the hex + a card that can take the name of a card in the graveyard

Do you know the names of any cards like the third one 'cause now I want one!
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United States

Avatar for hammerbro8
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Subject: Just like Ultimate   Posted: July 26, 2010 06:54 pm

Its just like Blue Eyes Ultimate Dragon. Cool Looking. Incredibly high attack. Easy to destroy.
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United States

Avatar for shinobi_phoenix
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Subject:    Posted: July 27, 2010 03:27 am

It's not impossible, but it's boring and ridiculous to expect that much "standard" work just to get a beatstick.

Sure, there are lots of shortcuts and your suggestion is a crazy lot of work more than the real shortcuts.

Also, the name-copier card he is referring to is Phantom of Chaos. There is also Hundred Eyes Dragon, but that takes more work to get out just to use it for something like this.

IF this card was real and like this (bad design and all), I'd personally, rather dump 3 BEUD's using Fusion Guard or Gale Dogra (or just 2 of I will use a Fusion Sub) then use Dragon Mirror. Not hard, but not getting much out of this at all.

Plus, there's a reason ATK power hits the ceiling at 5000 base, it's so they don't start getting ridiculous with attack power. There's only 3 monsters with 5000 ATK in the whole game and the game is 11 going on 12 years old now.
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