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Archangel Avacyn // Avacyn, the Purifier card scan: click to enlarge

Archangel Avacyn // Avacyn, the Purifier:


Flying, vigilance

When Archangel Avacyn enters the battlefield, creatures you control gain indestructible until end of turn.

When a non-Angel creature you control dies, transform Archangel Avacyn at the beginning of the next upkeep.

Avacyn, the Purifier

Legendary Creature — Angel (6/5)

Color: Red


When this creature transforms into Avacyn, the Purifier, it deals 3 damage to each other creature and each opponent.

"Wings that once bore hope are now stained with blood. She is our guardian no longer."
—Grete, cathar apostate

  • Number: 1
  • Rarity: M
  • Power: 4
  • Toughness: 4
  • Type: Legendary Creature
  • Subtype: Angel
  • Mana cost: 3WW
  • Color: White
  • Artist: James Ryman
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