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games : Dragon Ball Z and Dragon Ball GT TCG : Trunks
Trunks Swiftly Moving card scan: click to enlarge

Trunks Swiftly Moving:

Stops a physical attack. In your next attack phase, perform the exact same attack that this card stopped.
I've waited a long time for this one!
Errata: Copy the entire physical attack, as well as secondary effects and modifiers. If the card you copy stays in play to be used one more time this Combat, then you may use the copied attack one more time this Combat.
When you stop a physical attack with this card, you only copy the card power when you use the attack during your next Attacker Attacks phase. The floating effect that Trunks Swiftly
Moving creates does not copy any of the following: Title, Style, Rarity, Card Number, Picture, Cardtype, Sword/Starburst, Headshot, Con-ji, or Quote.
If you use Trunks Swiftly Moving and another card effect would make you skip your next Attacker Attacks phase, then you do NOT get to use the attack that Trunks Swiftly Moving is copying on your next available Attacker Attacks phase.
EXAMPLE: Player A plays Android 18’s Pressure Routine (Babidi Saga #33). Player B defends
with Trunks Swiftly Moving. Since Player B stopped the attack, he has to skip his next Attacker Attacks phase because of Android 18’s Pressure Routine. Since Player B’s next Attacker Attacks phase is being skipped, he doesn’t get to perform the copy of Android 18’s Pressure Routine from his Trunks Swiftly Moving.

  • Number: 99
  • Rarity: 3
  • Type: Physical Combat
  • Character: Trunks
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