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Unique. If his company moves to a new site during the movement/hazard phase, he may draw 1 additional card for each Wilderness [w] region in his company's site path. +1 to all of his corruption checks.
"'...a worthy wizard...has much lore of herbs and beasts...'"-LotRII

  • Card Number: TW004
  • Rarity: Fixed2
  • Card Type: Character
  • Alignment: Avatar
  • Home Site: Rhosgobel
  • Artist: Angelo Montanini
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Avatar for xymer
Radagast is another good wizard and popular too boot. He comes in at Rivendell or Rhosgobel, that lets the player start cranking out the wilderness drawing action. Radagast is better being a active wizard for the very reason of drawing cards going trough each wilderness. A player can easily burn through their decks like this. Sideboard management is keen here with this for the next deck cycle. Wizard players tend to play speed decks more so compared to other avatar players. He can easily be in either small or large companies, be mindful of his corruption check bonus helps in many ways as a wizard player. Herb-lore and Forth He Hastened are good cards for untapping characters in his companies trying to get through the site phase and still play things at the site. Eriador or Rhovanion are his areas in which to play him, for sure to maximize his card drawing.
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Posted: April 2, 2016 05:47 pm 
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