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Babylon 5

Babylon 5

Home page for the game Babylon 5

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List of expansions for the game Babylon 5
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The most wanted
These are the cards appearing most often in wanted lists.
Card Set #  
Vorlon Wheel of Fire 8 search
Charting the Course Great War 7 search
Vorlon Renegade Wheel of Fire 7 search
Galen (hood and staff) Crusade 7 search
Special Agent Kendarr Crusade 7 search
Exhaustion Great War 6 search
Elder Statesman Psi Corps 6 search
Psi Spies Psi Corps 6 search
Dodger Severed Dreams 6 search
Secrets of Success Severed Dreams 6 search
Emperor Mollari II (young) Wheel of Fire 6 search
Dureena Nafeel (peering) Crusade 6 search
Dureena Nafeel (standing) Crusade 6 search
Psi Spies [Psi Corps Expansion] Promos 6 search
Spoo Deluxe 5 search
For the Future Deluxe 5 search
Jha'Dur Premier 5 search
The Great Machine Premier 5 search
Mr. Morden Shadows 5 search
Annex Neutral World Shadows 5 search
Shadow Medallion Shadows 5 search
Evidence of Shadows Shadows 5 search
Gaim Merchant Great War 5 search
Katz Psi Corps 5 search
Abbut Psi Corps 5 search
Hole In Your Mind Psi Corps 5 search
Join the Corps Psi Corps 5 search
Afraid of the Dark Psi Corps 5 search
A Meeting of Minds Psi Corps 5 search
Living Legends Psi Corps 5 search
Stirring Rebuke Psi Corps 5 search
Balus Psi Corps 5 search
Lady Daggair Severed Dreams 5 search
Delenn (transformer) Severed Dreams 5 search
Brevari! Severed Dreams 5 search
There is Danger, Remember Wheel of Fire 5 search
Legacy of Power Wheel of Fire 5 search
Emperor Refa Wheel of Fire 5 search
Captain Ivanova Wheel of Fire 5 search
Shai Alyt Neroon Wheel of Fire 5 search
Agitation Wheel of Fire 5 search
Surgical Strike Wheel of Fire 5 search
Starfire Wheel Wheel of Fire 5 search
Corporate Connections Wheel of Fire 5 search
Tip-Top Shape Crusade 5 search
Captain Lochley (at desk) Crusade 5 search
Captain Lochley (close-up) Crusade 5 search
Dr. Sarah Chambers (brown smock) Crusade 5 search
Dr. Sarah Chambers (purple smock) Crusade 5 search
Trulann Crusade 5 search
Forced Down Crusade 5 search
Nanotech Plague Crusade 5 search
Zog! Crusade 5 search
Main Gun Crusade 5 search
Ain't I a Stinker? Crusade 5 search
Solo Flight Crusade 5 search
Nova Dreadnoughts Crusade 5 search
Elder Statesman [Psi Corps Expansion] Promos 5 search
Diplomatic Advantage Deluxe 4 search
As It Was Meant To Be (misprint) Deluxe 4 search
Rally the People Deluxe 4 search
Secondary Control Premier 4 search
Recalled to Service Premier 4 search
Thenta Makur Premier 4 search
Sleeping Z'ha'dum Premier 4 search
Minister Virini Shadows 4 search
Commander Ivanova Shadows 4 search
Shadow Contact Shadows 4 search
Defense Treaty Shadows 4 search
Past Victories Shadows 4 search
Bureaucratic Controls Shadows 4 search
Broken Allegiance Shadows 4 search
Inconclusive Strike Shadows 4 search
Disarray Great War 4 search
Shadow Symbiont Great War 4 search
Asimov Laws Great War 4 search
Attack Formation Great War 4 search
Defector Revealed Great War 4 search
Rapid Growth Great War 4 search
Vorlon War Fleet Great War 4 search
Front Page Exposure Psi Corps 4 search
Nowhere But Down Psi Corps 4 search
Universal Enemy Psi Corps 4 search
Challenge Psi Corps Psi Corps 4 search
Thought Police Psi Corps 4 search
Isdrell Psi Corps 4 search
Lavindra Psi Corps 4 search
Alfred Bester Psi Corps 4 search
Dark Talia Psi Corps 4 search
Laurel Takashima Psi Corps 4 search
Thirteen Psi Corps 4 search
Anti-Telepath Virus Psi Corps 4 search
Divide and Conquer Psi Corps 4 search
Team Player Psi Corps 4 search
Master Manipulation Psi Corps 4 search
Underutilized Resources Psi Corps 4 search
A New Era Psi Corps 4 search
Guerillas Psi Corps 4 search
Our Last, Best Hope Psi Corps 4 search
Bester's Black Omega Psi Corps 4 search

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