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Honor's Veil

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Honor's Veil: 157 cards
sort arrow Name sort arrow Type sort arrow Rarity sort arrow  
1 A Common Goal Event  Uncommon  search
79 A Generous Offer Action  Rare  search
80 A Lord's Compassion Action  Common  search
81 A Priest's Courtesy Action  Uncommon  search
2 A Prophet Revealed Event  Uncommon  search
82 A Warrior's Courtesy Action  Uncommon  search
83 Advantageous Climate Action  Common  search
32 Akodo Bakin (Experienced 2) Personality  Rare  search
33 Akodo Nakama Personality  Rare  search
139 Ancestral Sword of the Ki-Rin Item  Rare  search
84 Arranged Marriage Action  Common  search
44 Asako Nagami Personality  Uncommon  search
128 Asp Warriors Follower  Uncommon  search
50 Bayushi Eisaku (Experienced) Personality  Fixed  search
51 Bayushi Kosugi Personality  Uncommon  search
52 Bayushi Nomen (Experienced) Personality  Rare  search
140 Binding Contract Item  Uncommon  search
149 Blessings of the Death Lords Spell  Uncommon  search
129 Borrowed Advisors Follower  Common  search
85 Brute Force Action  Rare  search
86 Clear Signals Action  Uncommon  search
150 Consecrating the Temple Spell  Rare  search
87 Cornered Market Action  Uncommon  search
141 Court Invitation Item  Common  search
20 Daidoji Takihiro (Experienced) Personality  Fixed  search
21 Daidoji Zoushi Personality  Common  search
56 Daigotsu Hirata Personality  Rare  search
57 Daigotsu Masahiko Personality  Common  search
58 Daigotsu Ryudo Personality  Common  search
59 Daigotsu Sahara Personality  Rare  search
60 Daigotsu Takayasu Personality  Common  search
61 Daigotsu Usharo Personality  Common  search
142 Daimyo's Blade Item  Rare  search
3 Darling of the Season Event  Uncommon  search
76 Desolate Plains Region  Uncommon  search
22 Doji Jorihime Personality  Uncommon  search
23 Doji Tsubakita Personality  Common  search
88 Duel to the Death Action  Rare  search
89 Elaborate Preparations Action  Uncommon  search
151 Essence of Jade Dragon Spell  Common  search
90 Exchange of Hostages Action  Rare  search
91 Exchanging Civilities Action  Common  search
7 Famous Bazaar Holding  Rare  search
92 Gaining Momentum Action  Common  search
70 Gaki of Desire Personality  Common  search
143 Gempukku Blade Item  Common  search
93 Gempukku Ceremony Action  Common  search
144 Gift Armor Item  Rare  search
130 Gunso Kirita Follower  Rare  search
131 Gunso Shiraki Follower  Rare  search
132 Gunso Tabarou Follower  Rare  search
94 Hazardous Ford Action  Rare  search
95 Hida Lineage Action  Uncommon  search
8 Hidden Dragon Temple Holding  Rare  search
96 Hidden Scandal Action  Common  search
133 Hidden Sword Ronin Follower  Uncommon  search
73 Hidekazu Personality  Common  search
9 High Temple of Toshi Ranbo Holding  Common  search
14 Hiruma Aki (Experienced) Personality  Rare  search
15 Hiruma Ikage Personality  Common  search
64 Horiuchi Meimei Personality  Common  search
97 Hummingbird Wings Action  Rare  search
1061 Ide Jiao's Hat Item  Rare  search
65 Ide Towako Personality  Uncommon  search
66 Ide Yusuke Personality  Uncommon  search
34 Ikoma Hodota Personality  Uncommon  search
98 Impeccable Nobility Action  Common  search
99 Inspecting the Charts Action  Common  search
100 Inspiring Speech Strategy  Rare  search
45 Isawa Mizuhiko Personality  Uncommon  search
46 Isawa Shokuta Personality  Common  search
16 Kaiu Genji Personality  Uncommon  search
17 Kaiu Taru Personality  Rare  search
24 Kakita Senko Personality  Uncommon  search
25 Kakita Tsukao Personality  Rare  search
10 Kata Training Grounds Holding  Uncommon  search
71 Kayomasa Personality  Rare  search
62 Kishida Personality  Uncommon  search
35 Kitsu Nariyumi Personality  Common  search
26 Kitsuki Kouri Personality  Uncommon  search
27 Kitsuki Taiko (Experienced) Personality  Fixed  search
38 Kitsune Mizuru Personality  Common  search
39 Kitsune Ryukan (Experienced) Personality  Rare  search
18 Kuni Bachida Personality  Common  search
154 Kyuden Kyotei Stronghold  Fixed  search
77 Kyuden Miya Region  Rare  search
145 Luxurious Gift Item  Uncommon  search
101 Manipulation Action  Uncommon  search
102 Martyr and Pawn Action  Uncommon  search
36 Matsu Fukiki Personality  Uncommon  search
37 Matsu Nao Personality  Common  search
28 Mirumoto Katsutoshi Personality  Uncommon  search
29 Mirumoto Satobe Personality  Rare  search
30 Mirumoto Toraizo Personality  Common  search
74 Miya Anzai Personality  Common  search
155 Morning Frost Castle Stronghold  Fixed  search
67 Moto Choon-yei Personality  Rare  search
68 Moto Masakage Personality  Common  search
146 Muddy Sandals Item  Uncommon  search
1155 My Ancestors' Strength Strategy  Rare  search
11 Northern Hub Village Shipwrights Holding  Uncommon  search
104 Odori Dance Action  Uncommon  search
78 Oni Mura Region  Uncommon  search
105 Otomo Lineage Action  Uncommon  search
106 Passing Judgement Action  Uncommon  search
107 Perilous Ground Action  Common  search
147 Poisoned Gift Item  Uncommon  search
134 Pokku's Raiders Follower  Common  search
108 Polite Discussion Action  Common  search
152 Puppet Master Spell  Rare  search
148 Resilient Naginata Item  Uncommon  search
109 Respect Among Warriors Action  Common  search
4 Return to the Heavens Event  Rare  search
12 Shattered Peaks Holding  Common  search
47 Shiba Maroyo Personality  Common  search
48 Shiba Sakishi Personality  Rare  search
49 Shiba Tsukimi (Experienced 2) Personality  Rare  search
72 Shikage no Oni Personality  Rare  search
55 Shosuro Chihiro Personality  Common  search
110 Shosuro Lineage Action  Uncommon  search
53 Shosuro Masato Personality  Common  search
54 Shosuro Mizuno Personality  Uncommon  search
111 Skilled Quartermaster Action  Rare  search
135 Snow Riders Follower  Rare  search
112 Solid Defense Action  Rare  search
113 Solving the Riddle Action  Uncommon  search
136 Sparrow Clan Aide Follower  Common  search
75 Sun Doru Personality  Rare  search
114 Swift Counterattack Action  Rare  search
115 Swift Punishment Action  Rare  search
13 Teardrop Island Holding  Rare  search
153 Tempest of Osano-Wo Spell  Uncommon  search
5 The Balance Shifts Event  Uncommon  search
116 The Champion's Guidance Action  Rare  search
156 The House of False Hope Stronghold  Fixed  search
6 The Spider's Shadow Event  Rare  search
117 The Strength of Allies Action  Common  search
118 To Serve Justice Action  Common  search
119 To the Last Breath Action  Common  search
31 Togashi Keitori Personality  Common  search
120 Tonfajutsu Action  Common  search
121 Torch's Flame Flickers Action  Common  search
40 Tsuruchi Takeba Personality  Uncommon  search
122 Unbiased Advice Action  Uncommon  search
123 Under Suspicion Action  Common  search
124 Ungrateful Host Action  Rare  search
69 Utaku Keiko Personality  Rare  search
125 Versatile Army Action  Rare  search
137 Winter Ravager Follower  Common  search
138 Wolf Legion Follower  Uncommon  search
126 Wolf's Little Lesson Action  Uncommon  search
127 Yarijutsu Action  Rare  search
19 Yasuki Tenzo Personality  Uncommon  search
63 Yoritomo Hotako (Experienced) Personality  Rare  search
41 Yoritomo Jera Personality  Uncommon  search
42 Yoritomo Yagami Personality  Common  search
43 Yoritomo Yoyonagi (Experienced) Personality  Rare  search

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