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Episodes 1-2

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Episodes 1-2: 156 cards
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113 "Lucky" Ted Dude  search
129 A Coach Comes to Town Event  search
1 A Price on His Head Action  search
50 Abandoned Mine Deed  search
2 And Stay Down! Action  search
93 Arizona Jane Dude  search
3 Arson Action  search
4 Bad Tequila Action  search
94 Benny Hibbs Dude  search
95 Black Jack Dude  search
153 Blackjacks Outfit  search
51 Blacksmith Deed  search
5 Bluff Action  search
96 Bob Bidwell Dude  search
6 Brawl Action  search
7 Bucket Brigade Action  search
138 Bullet-Proof Vest Goods  search
52 Casino Morongo Deed  search
97 Cassidy Greene Dude  search
8 Caught With yer Pants Down Action  search
9 Cave-in Action  search
98 Charlie Landers Dude  search
10 Cheatin' Varmint Action  search
130 Christmas Day Event  search
11 Claim Jumper Action  search
53 Claims Office Deed  search
12 Clean Up the Town Action  search
99 Clell Miller Dude  search
100 Cletus Peacock Dude  search
154 Collegium Outfit  search
54 Colorado Lode Deed  search
101 Cordelia "Corky" Hendricks Dude  search
13 Crack Shot Action  search
14 Dead Man's Hand Action  search
102 Deputy John Templeton Dude  search
55 Dispatch Office Deed  search
15 Diversion Action  search
16 Don't Like Yer Looks Action  search
17 Double Dealin' Action  search
56 Dragon's Nest Strike Deed  search
18 Drawing a Bead Action  search
57 Drop in the Ocean Strike Deed  search
19 Dust Devil Action  search
139 Dynamite Launcher Goods  search
131 Earthquake Event  search
132 Easter Sunday Event  search
103 Eddie Bellows Dude  search
104 Erik Zarkov Dude  search
133 Eurika! Event  search
58 Exchange Office Deed  search
20 Extortion Action  search
21 Fanning the Hammer Action  search
105 Father Juan Navarro Dude  search
106 Fineas von Landingham Dude  search
59 Foale's Folly Deed  search
134 Founder's Day Event  search
22 Framed Action  search
23 Friends in Low Places Action  search
60 Fu Leng's Laundry & tailoring Deed  search
135 Full Moon Event  search
140 Gatling Pistol Goods  search
24 Getting' outta Hand Action  search
25 Giddyup! Action  search
26 Git! Action  search
61 Golden Mare Hotel Deed  search
27 Grave Robbin' Action  search
62 Graveyard Deed  search
28 Gremlins Action  search
107 Hangin' Judge Gabriel Dude  search
29 Haunting Action  search
30 Head 'em Off at the Pass Action  search
31 Headsman's Axe Action  search
136 Heavy Rain Event  search
108 Hector Casparo Dude  search
32 Hell's Fury Action  search
63 Henry's Hole Deed  search
64 Hideout Deed  search
109 Humphrey Walters Dude  search
33 Ignore 'im Action  search
110 J.P. Coleman Dude  search
65 Jail Deed  search
111 Jessie Freemont Dude  search
156 Joker Special  search
34 Just a Graze Action  search
141 Kenny Goods  search
66 Lad Saloon Deed  search
35 Lady Luck Action  search
155 Law Dogs Outfit  search
112 Lilith Vandekamp Dude  search
36 Lynch Mob Action  search
114 Marcus Perriwinkle Dude  search
142 Mechanical Horse Goods  search
115 Meredith Singleton Dude  search
116 Mick Caples Dude  search
67 Miner's Union House Deed  search
117 Nash Bilton Dude  search
68 Nasty Doc's Deed  search
118 Nate Hunter Dude  search
143 New Hat Goods  search
37 Nice Boots, Chief Action  search
69 Old Moon Saloon Deed  search
119 Oswald Hardinger Dude  search
38 Out of Ammo Action  search
39 Pannin' for Gold Action  search
144 Pearl-Handled Revolver Goods  search
70 Perry's Pawnshop Deed  search
71 Pharmacy Deed  search
72 Photographer Shop Deed  search
73 Pike's Puddle Mine Deed  search
145 Pinto Goods  search
74 Pony Express Deed  search
146 Prof. Parnham's Miracle Elixir Goods  search
120 Prof. Susan Franklin Dude  search
40 Quickdraw Action  search
121 Rachel Sumner Dude  search
41 Raid Action  search
147 Ray Gun Goods  search
148 Roan Goods  search
122 Robert Holmes Dude  search
75 Rock Ridge Mine Deed  search
149 Rocket Pack Goods  search
42 Run Outta Town Action  search
76 Sam's General Store Deed  search
77 San Simeon Mine Deed  search
123 Sandra Harris Dude  search
43 Scalpin' Action  search
78 Schoolhouse Deed  search
79 Scrapyard Deed  search
44 Shortcut Action  search
124 Silas Peacock Dude  search
45 Snake Eyes Action  search
125 Spike Dougan Dude  search
80 Spirit of Kentucky Shaft Deed  search
81 St. Martin's Chapel Deed  search
150 Still Goods  search
46 Sun in Yer Eyes Action  search
151 Sweaty Dynamite Goods  search
126 Tao Cheng "T.C." Dude  search
82 The 1st Bank of Gomorra Deed  search
83 The Alright Corral Deed  search
84 The Courthouse Deed  search
85 The Desert Rose Lode Deed  search
86 The Golden Crack Deed  search
137 The Sabbath Event  search
87 The Slaughterhouse Deed  search
88 The Tree Deed  search
89 The Undertaker's Deed  search
90 Tombstone Dispatch Branch Office Deed  search
91 Town Hall Deed  search
127 Vampiric Dance Hall Girl Dude  search
128 Victor Navarro Dude  search
47 Warrant Action  search
152 Winchester Rifle Goods  search
92 Wishing Well Deed  search
48 Yellow Belly Action  search
49 Yer all Chicken! Action  search

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