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Episode 7

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Episode 7: 53 cards
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30 "Rails" Richardson Dude  search
49 Apache Devil Dancers Spirit  search
50 Ask the Spirits Spirit  search
19 Billy Iron Horse Dude  search
46 Blackjacks Outfit  search
20 Bobo LeVeux Dude  search
21 Cheyenne Bottoms Dude  search
37 Chrono Accelerator Goods  search
48 Death's Head Joker Special  search
10 Den of Eastern Delights Deed  search
1 Derringer Action  search
22 Envy Dude  search
23 Father Juan Nevarro Exp. Dude  search
11 Flophouse Deed  search
2 Friendly Game Action  search
3 Hired Guns Action  search
38 Holdout Knife Goods  search
39 Hoyle's Book, 1769 Ed. Goods  search
35 Jack Guns Down Spike Event  search
24 Joe Larson Dude  search
25 Kansas City Kara Dude  search
26 Katie Karl Dude  search
27 Little Running Bear Exp. Dude  search
28 Los Ojos Del Dios Dude  search
12 Lucky Horseshoe Lode Deed  search
4 Marked Cards Action  search
5 Massacre at High Noon Action  search
6 Mimic Action  search
29 Nicodemus Whateley Exp. Dude  search
40 Nicodemus' Deck Goods  search
44 Puppet Hex  search
41 Quick-draw Holster Goods  search
31 Raymond Armstrong Dude  search
51 Repel Manitou Spirit  search
32 Reverend Simon MacPherson Exp. Dude  search
33 Robert Northrop Exp. Dude  search
45 Sacrifice Miracle  search
36 Spike Kills Eureka Event  search
52 Spirit Warrior Spirit  search
42 Stoker's Sabre Goods  search
13 Strike Experiment #1 Deed  search
53 Summon Spirit Spirit  search
7 Take Cover Action  search
14 Tent City (Chinese Workers) Deed  search
8 That's Two pair Action  search
15 The Barber's Shop Deed  search
16 The Bathhouse Deed  search
17 The Mission House Deed  search
47 The Texas Rangers Outfit  search
18 Town Well Deed  search
43 Unholy Symbol Goods  search
9 Yellow Traitor! Action  search
34 Zeke Beauchamp Dude  search

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