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Darkstalkers Realm of Midnight

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Darkstalkers Realm of Midnight: 99 cards
sort arrow Name sort arrow Type sort arrow Rarity sort arrow  
37 ****Felicia**** Character  Rare  search
10 ***Bishamon*** Character  Rare  search
19 ***Demitri*** Character  Rare  search
73 ***J. Talbain*** Character  Rare  search
82 ***Morrigan*** Character  Rare  search
91 ***Victor*** Character  Rare  search
1 **Anakaris** Character  Rare  search
28 **Donovan** Character  Rare  search
46 **Hsien-Ko** Character  Rare  search
55 **Huitzil** Character  Rare  search
64 **Jedah** Character  Rare  search
25 100 Years of Humiliation Foundation  Common  search
39 A Cat's Reflexes Asset  Super Rare  search
12 Accursed Power Asset  Super Rare  search
88 Alluring Beauty Foundation  Common  search
49 Ankipo Attack  Common  search
79 Antisocial Foundation / Action  Uncommon  search
83 Caught Up in the Moment Action  Rare  search
31 Change Immortal Attack  Super Rare  search
58 Circuit Scrapper Attack  Rare  search
76 Climb Razor Attack  Common  search
4 Cobra Blow Attack / Action  Uncommon  search
57 Combat Programming Asset / Action  Super Rare  search
97 Confused and Lonely Foundation  Uncommon  search
29 Dark Awakening Action  Uncommon  search
52 Dark Dreams Foundation  Uncommon  search
77 Dark Force: Mirage Body Attack  Super Rare  search
70 Dark Messiah Foundation  Common  search
53 Darkhunter of the Night Foundation  Common  search
85 Darkness Blade Attack  Super Rare  search
22 Demon Cradle Attack  Rare  search
67 Dio-Cega Attack  Common  search
61 Dormant for Millions of Years Foundation  Common  search
7 Eternal Rule Foundation  Common  search
38 Feline Ferocity Action  Uncommon  search
43 Feline Grace Foundation  Common  search
40 Feline Spike Attack  Super Rare  search
74 Feral Cunning Action  Uncommon  search
34 Fight Fire with Fire Foundation  Common  search
80 Fight or Flight Foundation  Uncommon  search
41 Flashing Buckler Attack  Common  search
56 Genocide Action  Rare  search
71 Grand Vision Foundation  Uncommon  search
94 Great Gerdenheim Attack  Super Rare  search
50 Henkoyuki Attack  Common  search
75 Hidden Beastly Powers Asset  Super Rare  search
59 High Plasma Beam Attack  Uncommon  search
20 Hypnotic Gaze Action  Uncommon  search
47 Igyo Tenshin no Jutsu Action  Rare  search
44 Inhuman Senses Foundation / Action  Uncommon  search
68 Ira-Spinta Attack  Rare  search
89 Irresistable Foundation / Action  Uncommon  search
13 Jodan Iaigiri Attack  Uncommon  search
32 Katana O Modosu Attack  Common  search
16 Lesser of Many Evils Foundation  Common  search
33 Lightning Sword Attack / Action  Uncommon  search
66 Liquid Form Asset  Super Rare  search
81 Lone Wolf Foundation  Common  search
35 Looking for Peace Foundation  Common  search
84 Looks That Kill Asset  Super Rare  search
72 Makai High Noble Foundation  Uncommon  search
95 Mega Spike Attack / Action  Rare  search
96 Mega Stake Attack  Common  search
48 Mei-Lin's Ward Asset  Super Rare  search
23 Midnight Pleasure Attack  Super Rare  search
60 Might Launcher Attack  Common  search
78 Million Flicker Attack  Common  search
5 Mirror Drop Attack  Common  search
17 Miserable Existance Foundation  Uncommon  search
24 Negative Strain Attack  Uncommon  search
45 Nine Lives Foundation  Common  search
98 Outsider Foundation  Uncommon  search
6 Pharaoh Split Attack  Uncommon  search
11 Preventing the Curse Attack / Action  Rare  search
26 Prince of Darkeness Foundation  Uncommon  search
62 Program Malfunction Foundation  Uncommon  search
69 Prova-Dei-Cervo Attack  Uncommon  search
93 Reanimated Asset  Super Rare  search
42 Rolling Buckler Uppercut Attack  Uncommon  search
92 Searching for a Place in the World Action  Uncommon  search
99 Self Sacrifice Foundation  Common  search
54 Senjutsu Foundation  Common  search
86 Shadow Blade Attack  Common  search
65 Soul Absorption Action  Rare  search
87 Soul Fist Attack  Common  search
30 Supernatural Heritage Asset  Super Rare  search
51 Tenraiha Attack / Action  Uncommon  search
8 The King of the Golden Kingdom Foundation  Common  search
3 The Nine Commandments Asset  Super Rare  search
2 The Price of Foolishness Action  Rare  search
36 The Struggle Within Foundation  Uncommon  search
27 The Thirst Always Wins Foundation  Common  search
63 Tool of Destruction Foundation  Uncommon  search
18 Trapped in a Nightmare Foundation  Common  search
14 Tsuji Hayate Attack  Common  search
15 Tsurane Kiri Attack  Super Rare  search
9 Ultimate and Immortal Foundation  Uncommon  search
21 Vampiric Aura Asset  Super Rare  search
90 Without a Care Foundation  Uncommon  search

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