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Blood of Gladiators

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Blood of Gladiators: 208 cards
sort arrow Name sort arrow Type sort arrow Rarity sort arrow Average Price  
BoG-11 "Bonewall" Simms Hero  Uncommon  search
BoG-94 "Chillhands" Spigotgulp Ally  Uncommon  search
BoG-95 "Cracklehands" Spigotgulp Ally  Common  search
BoG-116 "Quickhands" Spigotgulp Ally  Common  search
BoG-78 A Final Sacrifice Ability  Common  search
BoG-79 A Flawless Advance Ability  Rare  search
BoG-193 A Question of Gluttony Quest  Common  search
BoG-120 Aknot Whetstone Ally  Common  search
BoG-156 Amice of Brilliant Light Armor  Uncommon  search
BoG-10 Andarius the Damned Hero  Uncommon  search
BoG-93 Anduin Wrynn Ally  Epic  search
BoG-157 Antonidas's Aegis of Rapt Concentration Armor  Rare  search
BoG-190 Arena Grandmaster Quest  Common  search
BoG-40 Atonement Ability  Common  search
BoG-168 Band of Vile Aggression Item  Rare  search
BoG-172 Battle Mage's Baton Weapon  Rare  search
BoG-82 Blessing of the Heavens Ability  Common  search
BoG-33 Blizzard Ability  Rare  search
BoG-158 Bloodsea Brigand's Vest Armor  Uncommon  search
BoG-173 Boggspine Knuckles Weapon  Uncommon  search
BoG-27 Bolton Ally  Uncommon  search
BoG-174 Boundless Agony Weapon  Rare  search
BoG-12 Brahu Starsear Hero  Uncommon  search
BoG-147 Broll Bearmantle Ally  Epic  search
BoG-1 Bronson Greatwhisker Hero  Uncommon  search
BoG-83 Burly Bellow Ability  Common  search
BoG-121 Canissa the Shadow Ally  Common  search
BoG-91 Center of Attention Ability  Rare  search
BoG-13 Cerripha Sunstreak Hero  Uncommon  search
BoG-2 Chloe Mithrilbolt Hero  Uncommon  search
BoG-159 Cloak of the Shrouded Mists Armor  Rare  search
BoG-28 Clutch Shot Ability  Common  search
BoG-34 Combustion Ability  Rare  search
BoG-76 Cowering Shot Ability  Common  search
BoG-160 Cowl of the Guiltless Armor  Uncommon  search
BoG-161 Cuffs of Devastation Armor  Uncommon  search
BoG-68 Curse of Endless Suffering Ability  Common  search
BoG-69 Curse of Midnight Ability  Uncommon  search
BoG-70 Dark Justice Ability  Common  search
BoG-47 Darkest Before the Light Ability  Rare  search
BoG-54 Deadliness Ability  Rare  search
BoG-77 Defiance Ability  Rare  search
BoG-84 Disappear Ability  Common  search
BoG-48 Disperse Magic Ability  Common  search
BoG-41 Divine Favor Ability  Rare  search
BoG-42 Divine Justice Ability  Common  search
BoG-85 Double Time Ability  Common  search
BoG-62 Echo Totem Ability  Rare  search
BoG-122 Edward "Hack" Robinson Ally  Common  search
BoG-96 Elder Achillia Ally  Common  search
BoG-97 Elder Tomas Ally  Common  search
BoG-98 Elder Valdar of the Exodar Ally  Common  search
BoG-99 Elder Zeez Ally  Common  search
BoG-176 Emerald Ripper Weapon  Rare  search
BoG-3 Feera Quickshot Hero  Uncommon  search
BoG-162 Fists of Mukoa Armor  Uncommon  search
BoG-92 Foam Sword Rack Ability  Rare  search
BoG-49 Focused Will Ability  Rare  search
BoG-63 Fork Lightning Ability  Common  search
BoG-19 Friends in High Places Ability  Common  search
BoG-123 Furious Kalla Ally  Uncommon  search
BoG-124 Gladiator Addisyn Ally  Common  search
BoG-125 Gladiator Boum Ally  Common  search
BoG-126 Gladiator Dorn Ally  Common  search
BoG-127 Gladiator Emek Ally  Common  search
BoG-128 Gladiator Kaniya Ally  Common  search
BoG-100 Gladiator Katianna Ally  Common  search
BoG-101 Gladiator Keward Ally  Common  search
BoG-129 Gladiator Kileana Ally  Common  search
BoG-102 Gladiator Kinivus Ally  Common  search
BoG-103 Gladiator Lanthus Ally  Common  search
BoG-104 Gladiator Loraala Ally  Common  search
BoG-105 Gladiator Magnus Ally  Common  search
BoG-106 Gladiator Meganna Ally  Common  search
BoG-107 Gladiator Ryno Ally  Common  search
BoG-130 Gladiator Sepirion Ally  Common  search
BoG-131 Gladiator Skumm Ally  Common  search
BoG-132 Gladiator Zi'mo Ally  Common  search
BoG-108 Gladiator Zophos Ally  Common  search
BoG-163 Gladiator's Aegis Armor Set  Epic  search
BoG-177 Gladiator's Salvation Weapon  Rare  search
BoG-43 Glimmer of Hope Ability  Uncommon  search
BoG-178 Gorehowl Weapon  Epic  search
BoG-64 Greater Chain Heal Ability  Uncommon  search
BoG-71 Grim Reach Ability  Rare  search
BoG-133 Grismare Ally  Uncommon  search
BoG-201 Gurubashi Arena Location  Uncommon  search
BoG-4 Gwon Strongbark Hero  Uncommon  search
BoG-5 Gyro of the Ring Hero  Uncommon  search
BoG-35 Heartburn Ability  Common  search
BoG-134 Hex Doctor No'jin Ally  Common  search
BoG-50 Horrify Ability  Common  search
BoG-109 Huntress Xenia Ally  Common  search
BoG-29 Improvised Weaponry Ability  Rare  search
BoG-56 Intuition Ability  Common  search
BoG-6 Kalatine Carmichael Hero  Uncommon  search
BoG-135 Karina of Silvermoon Ally  Common  search
BoG-136 Karta Foultongue Ally  Common  search
BoG-137 Kazamon Steelskin Ally  Rare  search
BoG-179 King's Defender Weapon  Uncommon  search
BoG-138 Kino the Cold Ally  Common  search
BoG-72 Kreedom Ally  Rare  search
BoG-110 Kristina Soulcinder Ally  Common  search
BoG-7 Kristoff Manchester Hero  Uncommon  search
BoG-151 Krixel Pinchwhistle Ally  Rare  search
BoG-111 Kurdoc Greybeard Ally  Uncommon  search
BoG-148 Lo'Gosh Ally  Epic  search
BoG-36 Mana Ruby Ability  Rare  search
BoG-192 Mark V Is Alive! Quest  Rare  search
BoG-139 Melissa Gerrard Ally  Common  search
BoG-37 Meltdown Ability  Uncommon  search
BoG-180 Merciless Gladiator's Crossbow of the Phoenix Weapon  Rare  search
BoG-164 Merciless Gladiator's Pursiut Armor Set  Epic  search
BoG-112 Mikael the Blunt Ally  Uncommon  search
BoG-113 Miranda McMiserson Ally  Rare  search
BoG-152 Mogor Ally  Rare  search
BoG-181 Mogor's Anointing Club Weapon  Rare  search
BoG-140 Naliss the Silencer Ally  Rare  search
BoG-20 Nature's Reach Ability  Rare  search
BoG-141 Nea Sunmark Ally  Common  search
BoG-182 Nethershard Weapon  Rare  search
BoG-8 Nicholas Merrick Hero  Uncommon  search
BoG-86 Optimize Ability  Common  search
BoG-207 Orgrimmar Location  Rare  search
BoG-114 Ossus the Ancient Ally  Rare  search
BoG-115 Pappy Ironbane Ally  Uncommon  search
BoG-87 Phase Hound Ally  Common  search
BoG-88 Poof! Ability  Common  search
BoG-52 Power Word: Restore Ability  Uncommon  search
BoG-80 Pulverize Ability  Uncommon  search
BoG-30 Quickdraw Ability  Common  search
BoG-165 Quickstrider Moccasins Armor  Rare  search
BoG-89 Recall from the Brink Ability  Common  search
BoG-44 Reckoning of the Light Ability  Rare  search
BoG-21 Reforestation Ability  Uncommon  search
BoG-149 Rehgar Earthfury Ally  Epic  search
BoG-204 Ring of Trials Location  Common  search
BoG-74 Ritual of Summoning Ability  Rare  search
BoG-142 Rorga Trueshot Ally  Common  search
BoG-46 Sacred Moment Ability  Rare  search
BoG-153 Sandbox Tiger Ally  Uncommon  search
BoG-14 Savitir Skullsmasher Hero  Uncommon  search
BoG-31 Scatter Shot Ability  Rare  search
BoG-38 Sear Ability  Common  search
BoG-183 Seth's Graphite Fishing Pole Weapon  Rare  search
BoG-15 Sharpeye Yan'ja Hero  Uncommon  search
BoG-81 Shield Wall Ability  Rare  search
BoG-154 Short John Mithril Ally  Rare  search
BoG-184 Shuriken of Negation Weapon  Rare  search
BoG-208 Silvermoon City Location  Rare  search
BoG-155 Skarr the Unbreakable Ally  Rare  search
BoG-57 Slash and Dash Ability  Common  search
BoG-166 Slayer's Waistguard Armor  Uncommon  search
BoG-53 Splinter Mind Ability  Rare  search
BoG-58 Stab in the Dark Ability  Uncommon  search
BoG-23 Starshot Ability  Common  search
BoG-9 Statia the Preserver Hero  Uncommon  search
BoG-65 Strength of Earth Totem Ability  Common  search
BoG-59 Surgical Strikes Ability  Rare  search
BoG-170 Talisman of the Alliance Item  Uncommon  search
BoG-171 Talisman of the Horde Item  Uncommon  search
BoG-185 Tempest of Chaos Weapon  Rare  search
BoG-26 The Aim of Eagles Ability  Uncommon  search
BoG-75 The Benefits of Practice Ability  Uncommon  search
BoG-191 The Challenge Quest  Common  search
BoG-203 The Circle of Blood Location  Common  search
BoG-61 The Crash of Tides Ability  Uncommon  search
BoG-175 The Decapitator Weapon  Rare  search
BoG-55 The Depths of Shadows Ability  Uncommon  search
BoG-206 The Exodar Location  Rare  search
BoG-51 The Omens of Terror Ability  Uncommon  search
BoG-73 The Promises of Darkness Ability  Uncommon  search
BoG-45 The Rewards of Faith Ability  Uncommon  search
BoG-202 The Ring of Blood Location  Uncommon  search
BoG-195 The Ring of Blood: Brokentoe Quest  Common  search
BoG-197 The Ring of Blood: Rokdar the Sundered Lord Quest  Common  search
BoG-198 The Ring of Blood: Skra'gath Quest  Common  search
BoG-194 The Ring of Blood: The Blue Brothers Quest  Common  search
BoG-196 The Ring of Blood: The Final Challenge Quest  Common  search
BoG-199 The Ring of Blood: The Warmaul Champion Quest  Common  search
BoG-205 The Ruins of Lordaeron Location  Common  search
BoG-169 The Seal of Danzalar Item  Rare  search
BoG-22 The Sowing of Seeds Ability  Uncommon  search
BoG-39 The Taste of Arcana Ability  Uncommon  search
BoG-143 Thomas "Slash" Robinson Ally  Common  search
BoG-16 Thoros the Savior Hero  Uncommon  search
BoG-66 Tidal Mastery Ability  Rare  search
BoG-24 Tiger's Fury Ability  Rare  search
BoG-144 Tor'gor Darkfire Ally  Uncommon  search
BoG-117 Trakas Ally  Common  search
BoG-67 Tremor Shock Ability  Rare  search
BoG-17 Tribemother Torra Hero  Uncommon  search
BoG-186 Twinblade of the Phoenix Weapon  Rare  search
BoG-118 Tyrus Lionheart Ally  Common  search
BoG-200 Uncatalogued Species Quest  Common  search
BoG-25 Utopia Ability  Rare  search
BoG-150 Valeera Sanguinar Ally  Epic  search
BoG-167 Vengeful Gladiator's Felshroud Armor Set  Epic  search
BoG-187 Vengeful Gladiator's Piercing Touch Weapon  Rare  search
BoG-90 Victimize Ability  Common  search
BoG-145 Vol'jin Ally  Epic  search
BoG-32 Volley Ability  Rare  search
BoG-146 Voltrinnia Ally  Uncommon  search
BoG-188 Wand of the Forgotten Star Weapon  Uncommon  search
BoG-18 Witch Doctor Koo'zar Hero  Uncommon  search
BoG-189 World Breaker Weapon  Rare  search
BoG-119 Wynnd the Spry Ally  Common  search
BoG-60 Yoink! Ability  Rare  search
Total price for whole set:

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