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Duel Decks: Divine vs. Demonic

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Duel Decks: Divine vs. Demonic: 65 cards
sort arrow Name sort arrow Type sort arrow Rarity sort arrow Average Price  
31 Abyssal Gatekeeper Creature  search
40 Abyssal Specter Creature  search
1 Akroma, Angel of Wrath Legendary Creature  search
9 Angel of Mercy Creature  search
23 Angel's Feather Artifact  search
19 Angelic Benediction Enchantment  search
3 Angelic Page Creature  search
6 Angelic Protector Creature  search
15 Angelsong Instant  search
58 Barren Moor Land  search
52 Barter in Blood Sorcery  search
53 Breeding Pit Enchantment  search
41 Cackling Imp Creature  search
4 Charging Paladin Creature  search
56 Consume Spirit Sorcery  search
55 Corrupt Sorcery  search
48 Cruel Edict Sorcery  search
33 Daggerclaw Imp Creature  search
50 Dark Banishing Instant  search
45 Dark Ritual Instant  search
T-2 Demon [Token] Token Creature  search
57 Demon's Horn Artifact  search
38 Demon's Jester Creature  search
49 Demonic Tutor Sorcery  search
46 Duress Sorcery  search
34 Dusk Imp Creature  search
20 Faith's Fetters Enchantment  search
42 Fallen Angel Creature  search
32 Foul Imp Creature  search
14 Healing Salve Instant  search
2 Icatian Priest Creature  search
44 Kuro, Pitlord Legendary Creature  search
30 Lord of the Pit Creature  search
12 Luminous Angel Creature  search
24 Marble Diamond Artifact  search
51 Oni Possession Enchantment  search
16 Otherworldly Journey Instant  search
35 Overeager Apprentice Creature  search
17 Pacifism Enchantment  search
26 Plains Basic Land  search
27 Plains Basic Land  search
28 Plains Basic Land  search
29 Plains Basic Land  search
54 Promise of Power Sorcery  search
43 Reiver Demon Creature  search
13 Reya Dawnbringer Legendary Creature  search
22 Righteous Cause Enchantment  search
25 Secluded Steppe Land  search
7 Serra Advocate Creature  search
10 Serra Angel Creature  search
18 Serra's Boon Enchantment  search
21 Serra's Embrace Enchantment  search
37 Soot Imp Creature  search
39 Souldrinker Creature  search
T-1 Spirit [Token] Token Creature  search
36 Stinkweed Imp Creature  search
8 Sustainer of the Realm Creature  search
59 Swamp Basic Land  search
60 Swamp Basic Land  search
61 Swamp Basic Land  search
62 Swamp Basic Land  search
T-3 Thrull [Token] Token Creature  search
11 Twilight Shepherd Creature  search
47 Unholy Strength Enchantment  search
5 Venerable Monk Creature  search
Total price for whole set:

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