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Duel Terminal - Synchro Awakening!! (Japanese)

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Duel Terminal - Synchro Awakening!! (Japanese): 51 cards
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DT01-JP022 Allsword Commander Gatmuz Monster / Effect  DSPR  search
DT01-JP035 Ally of Justice - Catastor Monster / Effect / Synchro  DRPR  search
DT01-JP023 Ally of Justice - Clausolas Monster  DNPR  search
DT01-JP024 Ally of Justice - Garadholg Monster / Effect  DNPR  search
DT01-JP025 Ally of Justice - Rudra Monster / Effect  DNPR  search
DT01-JP044 Berserker Crush Spell/Magic Card / Quick-Play  DNPR  search
DT01-JP011 Blizzard Warrior Monster / Effect  DNPR  search
DT01-JP010 Blizzed - Guard of the Ice Barrier Monster / Effect  DSPR  search
DT01-JP001 Blue-Eyes White Dragon Monster  DSPR  search
DT01-JP031 Brionac, Dragon of the Ice Barrier Monster / Effect / Synchro  DUPR  search
DT01-JP039 Burst Stream of Destruction Spell/Magic Card  DRPR  search
DT01-JP006 Buster Blader Monster / Effect  DNPR  search
DRL3-EN098 Command Silencer Spell/Magic Card / Quick-Play  Common  search
DT01-JP009 Cyber Dragon Monster / Effect  DRPR  search
DT01-JP040 Dark Magic Attack Spell/Magic Card  DNPR  search
DT01-JP002 Dark Magician Monster  DRPR  search
DT01-JP043 Detonating Spell/Magic Card / Quick-Play  DNPR  search
DT01-JP046 Dust Tornado Trap Card  DNPR  search
DT01-JP005 Elemental Hero Neos Monster  DRPR  search
DT01-JP045 Evolution Burst Spell/Magic Card  DRPR  search
DT01-JP016 Flamvell Dragnov Monster / Effect  DNPR  search
DT01-JP017 Flamvell Magical Monster / Tuner  DNPR  search
DT01-JP033 Flamvell Urquizas Monster / Effect / Synchro  DRPR  search
DT01-JP018 Guard of Flamvell Monster / Tuner  DNPR  search
DT01-JP041 Inferno Fire Blast Spell/Magic Card  DRPR  search
DT01-JP007 Kuriboh Monster / Effect  DNPR  search
DT01-JP048 Magic Jammer Trap Card / Counter  DNPR  search
DT01-JP037 Malevolent Nuzzler Spell/Magic Card / Equip  DNPR  search
DT01-JP047 Mask of Weakness Trap Card  DNPR  search
DT01-JP032 Mist Wurm Monster / Effect / Synchro  DUPR  search
DT01-JP050 Negate Attack Trap Card / Counter  DNPR  search
DT01-JP038 Nobleman of Extermination Spell/Magic Card  DNPR  search
DT01-JP004 Ojama Yellow Monster  DNPR  search
DT01-JP012 Practitioner of the Ice Barrier Monster / Tuner  DRPR  search
DT01-JP003 Red-Eyes B. Dragon Monster  DRPR  search
DT01-JP049 Reinforcements Trap Card  DNPR  search
DT01-JP014 Shaman of Mist Valley Monster / Tuner  DSPR  search
DT01-JP015 Soldier of Mist Valley Monster / Tuner  DNPR  search
DT01-JP036 Soul Exchange Spell/Magic Card  DNPR  search
DT01-JP013 Thunder Bird of Mist Valley Monster / Effect  DNPR  search
DT01-JP008 Winged Kuriboh Monster / Effect  DNPR  search
DT01-JP026 Worm Apocalypse Monster / Effect  DNPR  search
DT01-JP027 Worm Barses Monster / Effect  DNPR  search
DT01-JP028 Worm Cartaros Monster / Effect  DNPR  search
DT01-JP029 Worm Dimikles Monster / Effect  DNPR  search
DT01-JP030 Worm Erokin Monster / Effect  DSPR  search
DT01-JP042 Wrath of Neos Spell/Magic Card  DUPR  search
DT01-JP020 X-Saber Airbellum Monster / Tuner  DSPR  search
DT01-JP019 X-Saber Axel Monster / Effect  DNPR  search
DT01-JP034 X-Saber Urbellum Monster / Effect / Synchro  DUPR  search
DT01-JP021 X-Saber Urz Monster / Effect  DNPR  search

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