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Two: 100 cards
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2C17 A Survival Manual Instant  Common  search
2C66 Acting Like a Professional Condition  Common  search
2R2 American Ambush Effect  Rare  search
2R3 Amphibious Team Effect  Rare  search
2U52 Baby Firefly Effect  Uncommon  search
2C4 Bad Reception Condition  Common  search
2U67 Bam Bam Bam Bam Bam Effect  Uncommon  search
2U68 Bark All Day Condition  Uncommon  search
2U69 Boy in Blue Effect  Uncommon  search
2R5 Bullseye Effect  Rare  search
2R51 Captain Spaulding Character  Rare  search
2C81 Cocoon Gear  Common  search
2C18 Creature of the Night Condition  Common  search
2R31 Crunch! Effect  Rare  search
2C82 Cyanide Gas Effect  Common  search
2R32 Cyber-genetic Arm Effect  Rare  search
2C33 Danger Ball Gear  Common  search
2U6 Delay Thier Reinforements Instant  Uncommon  search
2U83 Docile and Controllable Instant  Uncommon  search
2U53 Don't Ya Like Clowns? Fight Card  Uncommon  search
2C34 Drop Something? Instant  Common  search
2R84 Escape Effect  Rare  search
2C54 Firefly's End Condition  Common  search
2U85 Formula From Outer Space Effect  Uncommon  search
2U19 Garlic Bath Effect  Uncommon  search
2R70 Gasoline, Danger Effect  Rare  search
2C35 Gear Up Instant  Common  search
2U7 Get Your Badges On Condition  Uncommon  search
2C8 Headlines Condition  Common  search
2R9 Hijackers' Weapons Gear  Rare  search
2C55 Homemade Armor Gear  Common  search
2U21 How You Know Effect  Uncommon  search
2R56 Hustle Effect  Rare  search
2U36 I Like Pain Effect  Uncommon  search
2U86 I Want a Baby Condition  Uncommon  search
2U87 I'm Foreign Fight Card  Uncommon  search
2U71 I'm Gonna Torture You Anyway Instant  Uncommon  search
2C88 It Started Condition  Common  search
2U37 Jet Girl Condition  Uncommon  search
2C38 Jet Girl's Jet Condition  Common  search
2C89 Life Is Persistent Condition  Common  search
2C20 Lookout Point Instant  Common  search
2R72 Lousy Tripper Condition  Rare  search
2R46 M-10 Fight Card  Rare  search
2C95 M-11 Fight Card  Common  search
2R96 M-12 Fight Card  Rare  search
2C45 M-9 Fight Card  Common  search
2R1 Major Scott McCoy Character  Rare  search
2R16 Michael Emerson Character  Rare  search
2R65 Mr. Blonde Character  Rare  search
2C73 Mr. Pink's .357 Magnum Gear  Common  search
2U57 Nailed Effect  Uncommon  search
2U90 New Life Condition  Uncommon  search
2C58 Nonstop Carnage Instant  Common  search
2C59 Otis B. Driftwood Condition  Common  search
2C60 Otis' Six-shooter Gear  Common  search
2C48 P-10 Fight Card  Common  search
2C97 P-11 Fight Card  Common  search
2C98 P-12 Fight Card  Common  search
2C47 P-9 Fight Card  Common  search
2U10 Parting Shot Condition  Uncommon  search
2C22 Regeneration Instant  Common  search
2C91 Regeneration Instant  Common  search
2C74 Remember the Fantastic Four? Condition  Common  search
2C39 Ripper Instant  Common  search
2R61 Road Kill Effect  Rare  search
2R11 Rocket Launcher Effect  Rare  search
2C40 Roughed Up Condition  Common  search
2C50 S-10 Fight Card  Common  search
2C99 S-11 Fight Card  Common  search
2R100 S-12 Fight Card  Rare  search
2C49 S-9 Fight Card  Common  search
2R23 Santa Carla's Missing Effect  Rare  search
2U41 Say It... Effect  Uncommon  search
2U24 Serious Vampire Activity Effect  Uncommon  search
2R92 Sharp Tongue Effect  Rare  search
2U93 She's a Predator Effect  Uncommon  search
2R80 Sil Character  Rare  search
2U12 Sleep Tight, Sucker Fight Card  Uncommon  search
2C13 Smashing Melons Instant  Common  search
2U75 Somebody's Gonna Start Crying Fight Card  Uncommon  search
2R14 Something to Say Instant  Rare  search
2R30 Tank Girl Character  Rare  search
2U42 Tank Girl's Tank Gear  Uncommon  search
2R15 Target Dummies Condition  Rare  search
2R62 The Devil's Rejects Effect  Rare  search
2U25 The Elixir of Blood Instant  Uncommon  search
2R76 The Only One I Wasn't 100% On Effect  Rare  search
2U63 Top Secret Clown Business Instant  Uncommon  search
2C77 Torture You? That's a Good Idea Instant  Common  search
2U26 Try Some Noodles Condition  Uncommon  search
2R64 Two-faced Instant  Rare  search
2R78 Under No Circumstances Effect  Rare  search
2C79 What's Going On? Instant  Common  search
2C94 Whatever It Takes Condition  Common  search
2C27 Wooden Stake Gear  Common  search
2C28 You Are One of Us Condition  Common  search
2U29 You Must Feed Fight Card  Uncommon  search
2U44 You've Been Stealing Vater Fight Card  Uncommon  search
2R43 Your Face Has Been Gutted Effect  Rare  search

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