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Series 1

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Series 1: 80 cards
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65 Black Bison Zord Speed  search
27 Black Ranger Speed  search
73 Black Ranger Strength  search
10 Blue Jaguar Zord Strength  search
30 Blue Ranger Speed  search
41 Blue Ranger Skill  search
72 Blue Ranger Skill  search
80 Blue Ranger S.W.A.T. Mode Skill  search
64 Blue Shark Zord Strength  search
6 Camille Strength  search
18 Cheetah Ranger Speed  search
15 Dai Shi Strength  search
39 Delta Command Crawler Strength  search
52 Delta Command Megazord Strength  search
34 Delta Runner 1 Speed  search
35 Delta Runner 2 Speed  search
36 Delta Runner 3 Strength  search
37 Delta Runner 4 Strength  search
38 Delta Runner 5 Skill  search
33 Delta Squad Megazord Strength  SR  search
50 Dragonzord Strength  search
68 Elephant Zord Strength  search
78 Engine King Strength  SR  search
1 Flit Strength/Skill  search
67 Giraffe Zord Skill  search
69 Green Gorilla Zord Speed  search
42 Green Ranger Speed  search
45 Green Ranger Speed  search
60 Isis Megazord Speed  search
17 Jaguar Ranger Skill  search
5 Jungle Pride Megazord Strength  SR  search
7 Jungle Pride Megazord Speed  search
58 Magnetbrain Strength  search
23 Mastodon Dinozord Speed  search
51 Mega Dragonzord Skill  SR  search
55 Mega Tigerzord Skill  search
21 Mega-Dragonzord Speed  SR  search
20 Mighty Morphin Power Rangers Strength  SR  search
31 Pink Ranger Skill  search
44 Pink Ranger Skill  search
46 Pipebrain Skill  search
48 Power Rangers Jungle Fury Skill  SR  search
32 Power Rangers S.P.D. Skill  SR  search
59 Power Rangers Wild Force Strength  SR  search
13 Power-Up Blue Ranger Skill  search
11 Power-Up Red Ranger Strength  search
12 Power-Up Yellow Ranger Speed  search
26 Pterodactyl Dinozord Skill  search
2 Purple Wolf Zord Strength  search
54 Red Dragon Speed  search
53 Red Dragon Warrior Mode Skill  search
62 Red Lion Zord Skill  search
29 Red Ranger Strength  search
40 Red Ranger Speed  search
47 Red Ranger Strength  search
70 Red Ranger Strength  search
79 Red Ranger Skill  search
49 Red Ranger Battlized Mode Strength  search
14 Red Ranger S.W.A.T Mode Skill  search
8 Red Tiger Zord Speed  search
4 Rhino Ranger Skill  search
25 Saber-Toothed Tiger Dinozord Speed  search
16 Tiger Ranger Strength  search
19 Tiger Ranger Strength  search
24 Triceratops Dinozord Strength  search
22 Tyrannosaurus Dinozord Skill  search
75 Ultimus Megazord Skill  search
57 White Ranger Speed  search
74 White Ranger Speed  search
66 White Tiger Zord Strength  search
56 White Tigerzord Tiger Mode Skill  search
61 Wild Force Megazord Speed  SR  search
76 Wild Force Megazord Speed  SR  search
3 Wolf Ranger Speed  search
9 Yellow Cheetah Zord Skill  search
63 Yellow Eagle Zord Skill  search
28 Yellow Ranger Skill  search
43 Yellow Ranger Strength/Speed  search
71 Yellow Ranger Speed  search
77 Zen-Aku Skill  search

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