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Duel Decks: Phyrexia vs. the Coalition

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Duel Decks: Phyrexia vs. the Coalition: 74 cards
sort arrow Name sort arrow Type sort arrow Rarity sort arrow Average Price  
63 Allied Strategies Sorcery  search
58 Armadillo Cloak Enchantment  search
5 Bone Shredder Creature  search
2 Carrion Feeder Creature  search
45 Charging Troll Creature  search
54 Coalition Relic Artifact  search
59 Darigaaz's Charm Instant  search
47 Darigaaz, the Igniter Legendary Creature  search
18 Dark Ritual Instant  search
64 Elfhame Palace Land  search
50 Evasive Action Instant  search
56 Exotic Curse Enchantment  search
52 Fertile Ground Enchantment  search
70 Forest Basic Land  search
71 Forest Basic Land  search
46 Gerrard Capashen Legendary Creature  search
53 Gerrard's Command Instant  search
57 Harrow Instant  search
26 Hideous End Instant  search
28 Hornet Cannon Artifact  search
T01 Hornet [Token] Token Artifact Creature  search
68 Island Basic Land  search
19 Lightning Greaves Artifact  search
31 Living Death Sorcery  search
T2 Minion [Token] Token Creature  search
69 Mountain Basic Land  search
55 Narrow Escape Instant  search
38 Nomadic Elf Creature  search
11 Order of Yawgmoth Creature  search
27 Phyrexian Arena Enchantment  search
3 Phyrexian Battleflies Creature  search
8 Phyrexian Broodlings Creature  search
16 Phyrexian Colossus Artifact Creature  search
10 Phyrexian Debaser Creature  search
12 Phyrexian Defiler Creature  search
4 Phyrexian Denouncer Creature  search
15 Phyrexian Gargantua Creature  search
6 Phyrexian Ghoul Creature  search
14 Phyrexian Hulk Artifact Creature  search
1 Phyrexian Negator Creature  search
13 Phyrexian Plaguelord Creature  search
29 Phyrexian Processor Artifact  search
20 Phyrexian Totem Artifact  search
21 Phyrexian Vault Artifact  search
67 Plains Basic Land  search
62 Power Armor Artifact  search
7 Priest of Gix Creature  search
22 Puppet Strings Artifact  search
39 Quirion Elves Creature  search
60 Rith's Charm Instant  search
48 Rith, the Awakener Legendary Creature  search
9 Sanguine Guard Creature  search
T03 Saproling [Token] Token Creature  search
65 Shivan Oasis Land  search
25 Slay Instant  search
40 Sunscape Battlemage Creature  search
32 Swamp Basic Land  search
33 Swamp Basic Land  search
34 Swamp Basic Land  search
35 Swamp Basic Land  search
30 Tendrils of Corruption Instant  search
66 Terramorphic Expanse Land  search
37 Thornscape Apprentice Creature  search
42 Thornscape Battlemage Creature  search
41 Thunderscape Battlemage Creature  search
61 Treva's Charm Instant  search
49 Treva, the Renewer Legendary Creature  search
51 Tribal Flames Sorcery  search
36 Urza's Rage Instant  search
43 Verduran Emissary Creature  search
17 Voltaic Key Artifact  search
23 Whispersilk Cloak Artifact  search
24 Worn Powerstone Artifact  search
44 Yavimaya Elder Creature  search
Total price for whole set:

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