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Pre-Imperial: 85 cards
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7 Akodo Kage Personality    search
50 Archers Follower    search
13 Bayushi Kachiko (Unique) Personality    search
14 Bayushi Togai Personality    search
60 Be Prepared to Dig Two Graves Action    search
42 Biting Steel Spell    search
61 Block Supply Lines Action    search
62 Breach of Ettiquette Action    search
63 Brilliant Victory Action    search
64 Careful Planning Action    search
65 Charge Action    search
66 Contentious Terrain Action    search
25 Copper Mine Holding    search
67 Counter Attack Action    search
37 Crystal Katana Item    search
17 Dairya Personality    search
18 Dayra Personality    search
68 Deadly Ground Action    search
3 Doji Yosai Personality    search
43 Earthquake Spell    search
69 Encircled Terrain Action    search
70 Entrapping Terrain Action    search
33 Evil Feeds On Itself Event    search
38 Fan of Command Item    search
71 Frenzy Action    search
26 Go Master Holding    search
51 Goblin Mob Follower    search
19 Goblin Warmonger Personality    search
1 Hida Amoro Personality    search
2 Hida Sukune Personality    search
72 Iaijutsu Challenge Action    search
73 Iaijutsu Duel Action    search
44 Inversion of Energies Spell    search
27 Iron Mine Holding    search
11 Isawa Kaede Personality    search
12 Isawa Tadaka Personality    search
15 Iuchi Dayu Personality    search
39 Jade Bow Item    search
28 Jade Works Holding    search
4 Kakita Yuri Personality    search
74 Kolat Assassin Action    search
29 Market Place Holding    search
75 Marries a Barbarian Action    search
52 Marsh Troll Follower    search
20 Matsu Hirotu Personality    search
8 Matsu Turi Personality    search
53 Medium Cavalry (2 ver. Ó) Follower    search
54 Medium Infantry Follower    search
45 Mists of Illusion Spell    search
21 Motto Seiki Personality    search
9 Naga Abomination Personality    search
55 Naga Bowmen Follower    search
56 Naga Spearmen Follower    search
10 Naga Warlord Personality    search
40 Naganata Item    search
76 Oath of Fealty Action    search
34 Occult Murders Event    search
22 Ogre Bushi Personality    search
35 Peasant Revolt Event    search
30 Port Holding    search
77 Rallying Cry Action    search
57 Ratling Bushi Follower    search
78 Remorseful Seppuku Action    search
79 Ring of Air Action    search
80 Ring of Earth Action    search
81 Ring of Fire Action    search
82 Ring of Void Action    search
83 Ring of Water Action    search
58 Samurai Warriors Follower    search
31 Sanctified Temple Holding    search
16 Shinjo Hanari Personality    search
41 Shuriken of Serpents Item    search
32 Small Farm Holding    search
84 Superior Tactics Action    search
46 The Fist of Osano-Wo Spell    search
23 The Monstrous War Machine of Fu Leng (Unique) Personality    search
85 The Way of Deception Action    search
5 Togashi Mitsu Personality    search
6 Togashi Yoshi Personality    search
24 Tsuburu no Oni Personality    search
36 Unexpected Allies (Experienced) Event    search
47 Walking the Way Spell    search
48 Wind Born Speed Spell    search
49 Wings of Fire Spell    search
59 Wyrm Riders Follower    search

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