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Empire at War

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Empire at War: 176 cards
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266 A Stain Cleansed Strategy  Rare  search
33 Akodo Areru Personality  Common  search
34 Akodo Kusamoto Personality  Rare  search
3 Alter History Event  Rare  search
93 Ancient Tome Item  Uncommon  search
47 Asako Ayako Personality  Uncommon  search
110 Attuned to the Elements Strategy  Uncommon  search
61 Bakunai Personality  Uncommon  search
111 Battle Fatigue Strategy  Rare  search
54 Bayushi Darisu Personality  Uncommon  search
55 Bayushi Himaru Personality  Common  search
56 Bayushi Jutsushi Personality  Rare  search
57 Bayushi Kahoku Personality  Rare  search
58 Bayushi Miyako Personality  Fixed  search
59 Bayushi Shigehiro Personality  Common  search
1 Bishamon's Guidance Celestial  Rare  search
84 Bitter Lies Student Follower  Common  search
94 Blade of Perfection Item  Common  search
112 Bridging the Gap Strategy  Common  search
113 Clan Conflict Strategy  Common  search
114 Conscript Troops Strategy  Common  search
4 Crossing the Forbidden Sea Event  Uncommon  search
19 Daidoji Arima Personality  Common  search
20 Daidoji Yaichiro Personality  Rare  search
62 Daigotsu Akihime Personality  Uncommon  search
63 Daigotsu Hotako Personality  Rare  search
64 Daigotsu Shaiko Personality  Rare  search
115 Dangerous Indulgence Strategy  Uncommon  search
116 Death is Not the End Strategy  Uncommon  search
Proxy-2 Disposable Troops Proxy  Common  search
117 Distractions in Court Strategy  Rare  search
7 Dockside Market Holding  Common  search
21 Doji Kusari Personality  Rare  search
22 Doji Shikishi Personality  Rare  search
23 Doji Tajihi Personality  Uncommon  search
24 Doji Umakai Personality  Common  search
118 Dove Tattoo Strategy  Uncommon  search
119 Downhill Assault Strategy  Uncommon  search
Proxy-6 Earthen Armor (+3F) Proxy  Common  search
Proxy-5 Earthen Armor (+4F) Proxy  Common  search
120 Earthen Fist Strategy  Common  search
75 Ekichu no Oni Personality  Rare  search
85 Elemental Disciple Follower  Common  search
121 Endless Rain Strategy  Uncommon  search
122 Essence of Death Strategy  Common  search
164 Farthest Fortress Stronghold  Fixed  search
123 Fearless Defense Strategy  Rare  search
124 Feign Weakness Strategy  Common  search
8 Fertile Plains Holding  Uncommon  search
125 Final Confrontation Strategy  Uncommon  search
126 Fire on My Command Strategy  Rare  search
100 Fires of the Heart Spell  Uncommon  search
101 Flood the Earth Spell  Uncommon  search
Proxy-10 Flooded Terrain Proxy  Common  search
102 Flow of the Water Spell  Common  search
127 Force of Spirit Strategy  Rare  search
9 Fortified Docks Holding  Common  search
165 Fortress of Blackened Sight Stronghold  Fixed  search
5 Fortune Favors the Bold Event  Uncommon  search
128 Fury of Suitengu Strategy  Uncommon  search
65 Goju Katsume Personality  Common  search
103 Hands of Stone Spell  Uncommon  search
12 Hida Benjiro Personality  Rare  search
13 Hida Maruken Personality  Uncommon  search
14 Hida Shikoujin Personality  Rare  search
10 Hidden Entrance Holding  Uncommon  search
81 Hidden Valley Region  Uncommon  search
86 Hired Thugs Follower  Common  search
87 Hiroshi's Legion Follower  Rare  search
88 Hiruma House Guard Follower  Rare  search
15 Hiruma Ikuya Personality  Uncommon  search
16 Hiruma Todori Personality  Rare  search
129 Honorable Death Strategy  Uncommon  search
76 Hozumi Personality  Rare  search
77 Ichiro Kaagi Personality  Common  search
35 Ikoma Hagio Personality  Rare  search
36 Ikoma Toruken Personality  Rare  search
130 Immovable Object Strategy  Rare  search
131 Imperial Orders Strategy  Uncommon  search
Proxy-7 Improvised Weapon Proxy  Common  search
132 In the Heart of Battle Strategy  Common  search
Proxy-3 Infantry Follower Proxy  Common  search
133 Invincible Determination Strategy  Uncommon  search
Isawa Kimi Personality  Rare  search
49 Isawa Shioki Personality  Rare  search
50 Isawa Takahiro Personality  Uncommon  search
51 Isawa Toshio Personality  Common  search
68 Iuchi Jadaran Personality  Common  search
17 Kaiu Futaro Personality  Common  search
25 Kakita Mimaro Personality  Uncommon  search
26 Kitsuki Nakai Personality  Common  search
134 Knowledge of the Land Strategy  Uncommon  search
78 Koji Personality  Common  search
18 Kuni Shikehime Personality  Common  search
Proxy-8 Kuroko's Creation Proxy  Common  search
Proxy-1 Lion Ancestor Proxy  Common  search
37 Matsu Kinihara Personality  Uncommon  search
38 Matsu Misuka Personality  Common  search
39 Matsu Otsuko Personality  Uncommon  search
135 Merciless Tactics Strategy  Common  search
27 Mirumoto Asakazu Personality  Rare  search
28 Mirumoto Kalen Personality  Uncommon  search
29 Mirumoto Kenzo Personality  Fixed  search
30 Mirumoto Tobushi Personality  Common  search
40 Moshi Yuriko Personality  Uncommon  search
89 Moto Hunters Follower  Rare  search
69 Moto Munoru Personality  Common  search
70 Moto Shanyu Personality  Uncommon  search
82 Mountainous Region Region  Common  search
136 Mysterious Ailment Strategy  Uncommon  search
90 Night Watchers Follower  Uncommon  search
104 One with the World Spell  Uncommon  search
2 Osano-Wo's Guidance Celestial  Rare  search
79 Otomo Seimi Personality  Rare  search
166 Outsider Keep Stronghold  Fixed  search
137 Paid Off Strategy  Common  search
138 Perfect Aim Strategy  Rare  search
105 Preparing the Bodies Spell  Common  search
139 Protect the Caravan Strategy  Common  search
Proxy-9 Readied Blade Proxy  Common  search
95 Rekai's Yumi Item  Rare  search
80 Rus'tik'tik Personality  Common  search
140 Savagery Strategy  Common  search
141 Secured Borders Strategy  Common  search
142 Shameful and Cowardly Strategy  Uncommon  search
143 Shatter the Line Strategy  Common  search
52 Shiba Goto Personality  Common  search
53 Shiba Morihiko Personality  Rare  search
71 Shinjo Dun Personality  Fixed  search
72 Shinjo Jalair Personality  Rare  search
91 Shinjo's Children Follower  Common  search
66 Shinran Personality  Common  search
60 Shosuro Ritsuko Personality  Uncommon  search
144 Smoke Cover Strategy  Rare  search
145 Sought for Justice Strategy  Rare  search
146 Stable Ground Strategy  Common  search
147 Startling Attack Strategy  Rare  search
148 Stay Put Strategy  Common  search
96 Stripped Armor Item  Common  search
149 Sudden Rebuke Strategy  Uncommon  search
150 Sudden Strike Strategy  Rare  search
151 Sullied Gift Strategy  Common  search
152 Superior Mobility Strategy  Rare  search
83 Takaikabe Mura Region  Uncommon  search
97 Talisman of Jigoku Item  Rare  search
31 Tamori Kuroko Personality  Uncommon  search
153 The Art of Ninjutsu Strategy  Uncommon  search
154 The Law's Strength Strategy  Uncommon  search
106 The Unmaking Spell  Rare  search
155 Timely Save Strategy  Rare  search
32 Togashi Furai Personality  Rare  search
156 Travel Light Strategy  Common  search
41 Tsuruchi Chiko Personality  Uncommon  search
42 Tsuruchi Nobumoto Personality  Rare  search
43 Tsuruchi Shisuken Personality  Rare  search
98 Tsuruchi's Legacy Item  Rare  search
67 Ugaro Personality  Rare  search
157 Ultimate Sacrifice Strategy  Rare  search
158 Under Arrest Strategy  Uncommon  search
92 Undying Warriors Follower  Uncommon  search
159 Unmoving as the Mountain Strategy  Common  search
107 Unnatural Flood Spell  Rare  search
160 Unstoppable Cut Strategy  Uncommon  search
6 Untouchable Escort Event  Uncommon  search
73 Utaku Fujiko Personality  Rare  search
74 Utaku Jin-lao Personality  Uncommon  search
161 Waylay the Messenger Strategy  Uncommon  search
162 Weight of Numbers Strategy  Rare  search
108 Whirlwind Spell  Uncommon  search
11 Wooden Barricade Holding  Common  search
163 Wrath Strategy  Rare  search
99 Yagimaki's Fist Item  Rare  search
44 Yoritomo Kaemon Personality  Common  search
45 Yoritomo Manzo Personality  Rare  search
46 Yoritomo Rai Personality  Common  search
Proxy-4 Zombie Peasant Proxy  Common  search

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