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The Hidden Emperor, Episode 1

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The Hidden Emperor, Episode 1: 156 cards
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124 A Time for Mortal Men Action  Common  search
121 Accessible Terrain Action  search
8 Agasha Gennai Personality  search
122 Aiki Tactics Action  Rare  search
82 Archers Follower  search
123 Arrows from the Woods Action  search
19 Ashamana Personality  search
83 Ashigaru Follower  search
20 Balash Personality  search
40 Basecamp Holding  search
41 Black Market Holding  search
125 Blackened Sky Action  Uncommon  search
42 Blacksmiths Holding  search
126 Block Supply Lines Action  search
43 Bridged Pass Holding  search
127 Brilliant Victory Action  search
128 Broken Guard Action  Rare  search
44 Bushi Dojo Holding  search
129 Careful Planning Action  search
110 Catching the Wind's Favor Kiho  search
130 Charge Action  search
111 Chasing Osano-Wo (2ver.text) Kiho  Common  search
131 Concealed Archers Action  Common  search
132 Confusion at Court Action  search
133 Contentious Terrain Action  search
45 Copper Mine Holding  search
102 Cricket Item  Common  search
74 Crossroads Region  search
103 Dai-Kyu of Anekkusai Item  Uncommon  search
4 Daidoji Rekai Personality  Common  search
5 Daidoji Sembi Personality  search
21 Damesh Personality  Common  search
134 Day and Night Action  Rare  search
135 Deadly Ground Action  search
136 Dispersive Terrain Action  search
137 Diversionary Tactics Action  search
6 Doji Reju Personality  search
112 Double Chi Kiho  search
84 Elite Spearmen Follower  Common  search
138 Entrapping Terrain Action  search
75 Farmlands Region  search
113 Fist of the Earth Kiho  search
139 Flanking Maneuver Action  Common  search
114 Flee the Darkness Kiho  Uncommon  search
46 Forest Holding  search
47 Fu Leng's Skull Holding  Rare  search
115 Fury of the Earth Kiho  search
48 Gambling House Holding  search
49 Geisha House Holding  search
116 Gift of the Wind Kiho  search
50 Gold Mine Holding  search
51 Grove of the Five Masters Holding  Uncommon  search
30 Hasame Personality  Common  search
76 Haunted Lands Region  Common  search
52 Hawks and Falcons Holding  search
140 He's Mine! Action  search
1 Heart of the Shinomen Forest (2ver.back) Stronghold  search
16 Heichi Chokei Personality  search
2 Hida Tadashiro Personality  search
77 Hiruma Castle Region  Uncommon  search
17 Hizuka Personality  search
141 Iaijutsu Challenge Action  search
142 Iaijutsu Duel Action  search
18 Ikudaiu Personality  Common  search
85 Imperial Legion Follower  Uncommon  search
53 Iron Mine Holding  search
22 Isha Personality  search
54 Island Wharf Holding  search
104 Jade Bow Item  search
55 Jade Works Holding  search
143 Journey to the Burning Sands Action  Uncommon  search
7 Kakita Yoshi (Experienced 2) Personality  Rare  search
117 Kaze-do Kiho  search
37 Kyoso no Oni Personality  Rare  search
86 Light Cavalry Follower  search
87 Light Infantry Follower  search
56 Market Place Holding  search
144 Master's Tactics Action  Rare  search
11 Matsu Goemon Personality  search
88 Medium Cavalry Follower  search
89 Medium Infantry Follower  search
9 Mirumoto Taki Personality  search
118 Mizu-do Kiho  Common  search
12 Mukami Personality  search
13 Mukami Personality  Uncommon  search
90 Naga Apprentice Follower  Uncommon  search
91 Naga Bushi Follower  search
92 Naga Guard Follower  search
68 Naga Storm Mirumoto Mountain Event  Uncommon  search
105 Naginata Item  search
29 Naka Kuro Personality  Rare  search
145 Narrow Ground Action  search
27 Ninja Shapeshifter Personality  search
28 Ninja Spy Personality  search
57 Ninja Stronghold Holding  search
106 No-Dachi Item  search
146 Oath of Fealty Action  search
69 Occult Murders Event  search
147 Open Fields Action  Common  search
33 Otaku Tetsuko (2ver.text) Personality  Common  search
38 Otomo Banu (Unique) Personality  Uncommon  search
148 Outflank Action  search
58 Pearl Bed Holding  search
59 Pitch and Fire Holding  search
78 Plains Above Evil Region  search
149 Political Marriage Action  Uncommon  search
60 Port Holding  search
61 Prayer Shrines Holding  search
23 Radakast Personality  search
24 Ralish Personality  Common  search
93 Ratling Conscripts Follower  search
94 Ratling Pack Follower  search
70 Rebuilding the Empire Event  Uncommon  search
150 Refugees Action  search
71 Rise of the Phoenix Event  search
79 River Delta Region  search
14 Ryosei (2ver.flav.) Personality  search
62 Sanctified Temple Holding  search
39 Sanzo Personality  search
95 Scout Follower  search
96 Scouting Team Follower  Common  search
72 Selection of the Chancellor Event  Uncommon  search
25 Shahadet (Experienced 2) Personality  search
26 Shalasha Personality  search
34 Shinjo Sanetama Personality  search
35 Shinjo Shirasu Personality  search
36 Shinjo Yokatsu (Experienced) Personality  Rare  search
100 Shiryo no Hoturi Ancestor  Rare  search
101 Shiryo no Tsuko Ancestor  Rare  search
151 Show Me Your Stance Action  Uncommon  search
63 Silver Mine Holding  search
97 Skeletal Troops Follower  search
64 Small Farm Holding  search
98 Spearmen Follower  search
65 Stables Holding  search
119 Strength of My Ancestors Kiho  search
152 Superior Tactics Action  search
99 Swamp Spirits Follower  search
31 Takuan Personality  Rare  search
153 Test of Might Action  search
107 Tetsubo Item  search
73 The Hidden Emperor Event  Rare  search
108 The Jade Throne Item  Rare  search
80 The Mountains Below Kyuden Hitomi (2ver.text) Region  Common  search
154 The People's Hero Action  Common  search
66 The Scorpion Children Holding  Common  search
120 The Wrath of Osano-Wo Kiho  search
81 Tidal Land Bridge Region  Rare  search
10 Togashi Mitsu Personality  search
32 Toku Personality  search
155 Traversable Terrain Action  search
156 Treacherous Terrain Action  search
67 Unscalable Walls Holding  search
109 Wakizashi Item  search
3 Yasuki Nokatsu Personality  search
15 Yoritomo Takuni Personality  search

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