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Duel Terminal 3

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Duel Terminal 3: 100 cards
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DT03-EN080 Ally of Justice Cycle Reader Monster / Tuner  DRPR  search
DT03-EN090 Ally of Justice Decisive Armor Monster / Effect / Synchro  DUPR  search
DT03-EN078 Ally of Justice Omni-Weapon Monster / Effect  DSPR  search
DT03-EN079 Ally of Justice Quarantine Monster / Effect  DNPR  search
DT03-EN054 Archfiend of Gilfer Monster / Effect  DNPR  search
DT03-EN002 Blackwing - Bora the Spear Monster / Effect  DNPR  search
DT03-EN093 Book of Moon Spell/Magic Card / Quick-Play  DRPR  search
DT03-EN094 Brain Control Spell/Magic Card  DNPR  search
DT03-EN044 Burial from a Different Dimension Spell/Magic Card / Quick-Play  DSPR  search
DT03-EN028 Caravan of the Ice Barrier Monster / Effect  DNPR  search
DT03-EN046 Compulsory Evacuation Device Trap Card  DNPR  search
DT03-EN085 Cyber Twin Dragon Monster / Effect / Fusion  DNPR  search
DT03-EN048 Damage Condenser Trap Card  DNPR  search
DT03-EN034 Dark Paladin Monster / Effect / Fusion  DRPR  search
DT03-EN051 Debris Dragon Monster / Tuner  DNPR  search
DT03-EN095 Destiny Draw Spell/Magic Card  DNPR  search
DT03-EN055 Destiny Hero - Malicious Monster / Effect  DNPR  search
DT03-EN027 Dewdark of the Ice Barrier Monster / Tuner  DNPR  search
DT03-EN062 Dragunity Darkspear Monster / Tuner  DNPR  search
DT03-EN059 Dragunity Dux Monster / Effect  DUPR  search
DT03-EN087 Dragunity Knight - Gae Bulg Monster / Effect / Synchro  DUPR  search
DT03-EN060 Dragunity Legionnaire Monster / Effect  DNPR  search
DT03-EN063 Dragunity Phalanx Monster / Tuner  DRPR  search
DT03-EN061 Dragunity Tribus Monster / Effect  DRPR  search
DT03-EN035 Elemental Hero Flame Wingman Monster / Effect / Fusion  DNPR  search
DT03-EN007 Elemental Hero Prisma Monster / Effect  DNPR  search
DT03-EN086 Elemental Hero Shining Flare Wingman Monster / Effect / Fusion  DRPR  search
DT03-EN058 Elemental Hero Stratos Monster / Effect  DRPR  search
DT03-EN065 Fabled Ashenveil Monster / Effect  DSPR  search
DT03-EN064 Fabled Dyf Monster / Effect  DNPR  search
DT03-EN009 Fabled Krus Monster / Effect  DRPR  search
DT03-EN036 Fabled Leviathan Monster / Effect / Synchro  DUPR  search
DT03-EN012 Fabled Miztoji Monster / Tuner  DNPR  search
DT03-EN066 Fabled Oltro Monster / Tuner  DNPR  search
DT03-EN088 Fabled Ragin Monster / Effect / Synchro  DUPR  search
DT03-EN011 Fabled Soulkius Monster / Effect  DSPR  search
DT03-EN010 Fabled Topi Monster / Effect  DNPR  search
DT03-EN008 Fabled Urustos Monster / Effect  DNPR  search
DT03-EN077 General Grunard of the Ice Barrier Monster / Effect  DSPR  search
DT03-EN053 Golden Ladybug Monster / Effect  DNPR  search
DT03-EN057 Green Baboon, Defender of the Forest Monster / Effect  DNPR  search
DT03-EN040 Gungnir, Dragon of the Ice Barrier Monster / Effect / Synchro  DUPR  search
DT03-EN003 Junk Synchron Monster / Tuner  DRPR  search
DT03-EN015 Jurrac Brachis Monster / Tuner  DNPR  search
DT03-EN068 Jurrac Guaiba Monster / Effect  DNPR  search
DT03-EN014 Jurrac Iguanon Monster / Effect  DRPR  search
DT03-EN013 Jurrac Ptera Monster / Effect  DNPR  search
DT03-EN016 Jurrac Spinos Monster / Effect  DRPR  search
DT03-EN069 Jurrac Stauriko Monster / Effect  DNPR  search
DT03-EN067 Jurrac Titano Monster / Effect  DSPR  search
DT03-EN037 Jurrac Velphito Monster / Effect / Synchro  DSPR  search
DT03-EN052 Kuribon Monster / Effect  DNPR  search
DT03-EN006 Lava Golem Monster / Effect  DSPR  search
DT03-EN039 Locomotion R-Genex Monster / Effect / Synchro  DUPR  search
DT03-EN038 Naturia Barkion Monster / Effect / Synchro  DUPR  search
DT03-EN019 Naturia Cliff Monster / Effect  DSPR  search
DT03-EN017 Naturia Dragonfly Monster / Effect  DNPR  search
DT03-EN071 Naturia Fruitfly Monster / Effect  DNPR  search
DT03-EN070 Naturia Horneedle Monster / Effect  DRPR  search
DT03-EN072 Naturia Hydrangea Monster / Effect  DNPR  search
DT03-EN018 Naturia Sunflower Monster / Effect  DNPR  search
DT03-EN020 Naturia Tulip Monster / Tuner  DNPR  search
DT03-EN005 Newdoria Monster / Effect  DNPR  search
DT03-EN056 Night Assailant Monster / Effect  DNPR  search
DT03-EN042 Nobleman of Crossout Spell/Magic Card  DNPR  search
DT03-EN096 Offering to the Snake Deity Trap Card  DNPR  search
DT03-EN097 Pixie Ring Trap Card / Continuous  DNPR  search
DT03-EN073 R-Genex Accelerator Monster / Effect  DNPR  search
DT03-EN023 R-Genex Crusher Monster / Effect  DNPR  search
DT03-EN024 R-Genex Magma Monster / Effect  DNPR  search
DT03-EN074 R-Genex Oracle Monster / Tuner  DNPR  search
DT03-EN022 R-Genex Overseer Monster / Tuner  DRPR  search
DT03-EN021 R-Genex Turbo Monster / Effect  DNPR  search
DT03-EN075 R-Genex Ultimum Monster / Effect  DRPR  search
DT03-EN041 Rush Recklessly Spell/Magic Card / Quick-Play  DNPR  search
DT03-EN026 Samurai of the Ice Barrier Monster / Effect  DRPR  search
DT03-EN049 Shadow Spell Trap Card / Continuous  DNPR  search
DT03-EN025 Shock Troops of the Ice Barrier Monster / Effect  DNPR  search
DT03-EN098 Skill Drain Trap Card / Continuous  DNPR  search
DT03-EN043 Smashing Ground Spell/Magic Card  DRPR  search
DT03-EN045 Spell of Pain Spell/Magic Card / Quick-Play  DNPR  search
DT03-EN076 Spellbreaker of the Ice Barrier Monster / Effect  DNPR  search
DT03-EN091 The Shallow Grave Spell/Magic Card  DNPR  search
DT03-EN047 Threatening Roar Trap Card  DRPR  search
DT03-EN004 Time Wizard Monster / Effect  DNPR  search
DT03-EN033 Ultimate Ancient Gear Golem Monster / Effect / Fusion  DNPR  search
DT03-EN099 Ultimate Offering Trap Card / Continuous  DRPR  search
DT03-EN092 United We Stand Spell/Magic Card / Equip  DNPR  search
DT03-EN089 Vindikite R-Genex Monster / Effect / Synchro  DUPR  search
DT03-EN001 Vorse Raider Monster  DNPR  search
DT03-EN100 Waboku Trap Card  DNPR  search
DT03-EN050 Widespread Ruin Trap Card  DNPR  search
DT03-EN029 Worm Solid Monster / Effect  DRPR  search
DT03-EN030 Worm Tentacles Monster / Effect  DNPR  search
DT03-EN031 Worm Ugly Monster / Effect  DNPR  search
DT03-EN032 Worm Victory Monster / Effect  DSPR  search
DT03-EN081 Worm Warlord Monster / Effect  DRPR  search
DT03-EN082 Worm Xex Monster / Effect  DNPR  search
DT03-EN083 Worm Yagan Monster / Effect  DNPR  search
DT03-EN084 Worm Zero Monster / Effect / Fusion  DSPR  search

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