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Duel Decks: Knights vs. Dragons

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Duel Decks: Knights vs. Dragons: 81 cards
sort arrow Name sort arrow Type sort arrow Rarity sort arrow Average Price  
18 Alaborn Cavalier Creature  search
62 Armillary Sphere Artifact  search
12 Benalish Lancer Creature  search
50 Bloodmark Mentor Creature  search
47 Bogardan Hellkite Creature  search
57 Bogardan Rager Creature  search
64 Breath of Darigaaz Sorcery  search
68 Captive Flame Enchantment  search
2 Caravan Escort Creature  search
48 Cinder Wall Creature  search
72 Claws of Valakut Enchantment  search
75 Cone of Flame Sorcery  search
65 Dragon Fodder Sorcery  search
54 Dragon Whelp Creature  search
63 Dragon's Claw Artifact  search
53 Dragonspeaker Shaman Creature  search
25 Edge of Autumn Sorcery  search
76 Fiery Fall Instant  search
51 Fire-Belly Changeling Creature  search
43 Forest Basic Land  search
44 Forest Basic Land  search
45 Forest Basic Land  search
46 Forest Basic Land  search
69 Ghostfire Instant  search
35 Grasslands Land  search
33 Griffin Guide Enchantment  search
23 Harm's Way Instant  search
55 Henge Guardian Artifact Creature  search
29 Heroes' Reunion Instant  search
77 Jaws of Stone Sorcery  search
21 Juniper Order Ranger Creature  search
16 Kabira Vindicator Creature  search
59 Kilnmouth Dragon Creature  search
17 Kinsbaile Cavalier Creature  search
14 Knight Exemplar Creature  search
4 Knight of Cliffhaven Creature  search
5 Knight of Meadowgrain Creature  search
1 Knight of the Reliquary Creature  search
6 Knight of the White Orchid Creature  search
10 Knotvine Paladin Creature  search
7 Leonin Skyhunter Creature  search
3 Lionheart Maverick Creature  search
31 Loxodon Warhammer Artifact  search
26 Mighty Leap Instant  search
58 Mordant Dragon Creature  search
78 Mountain Basic Land  search
79 Mountain Basic Land  search
80 Mountain Basic Land  search
81 Mountain Basic Land  search
52 Mudbutton Torchrunner Creature  search
34 Oblivion Ring Enchantment  search
22 Paladin of Prahv Creature  search
39 Plains Basic Land  search
40 Plains Basic Land  search
41 Plains Basic Land  search
42 Plains Basic Land  search
20 Plover Knights Creature  search
66 Punishing Fire Instant  search
24 Reciprocate Instant  search
27 Reprisal Instant  search
70 Seething Song Instant  search
71 Seismic Strike Instant  search
36 Sejiri Steppe Land  search
37 Selesnya Sanctuary Land  search
74 Shiv's Embrace Enchantment  search
60 Shivan Hellkite Creature  search
30 Sigil Blessing Instant  search
8 Silver Knight Creature  search
49 Skirk Prospector Creature  search
19 Skyhunter Patrol Creature  search
32 Spidersilk Armor Enchantment  search
67 Spitting Earth Sorcery  search
11 Steward of Valeron Creature  search
73 Temporary Insanity Instant  search
28 Test of Faith Instant  search
61 Thunder Dragon Creature  search
38 Treetop Village Land  search
56 Voracious Dragon Creature  search
9 White Knight Creature  search
15 Wilt-Leaf Cavaliers Creature  search
13 Zhalfirin Commander Creature  search
Total price for whole set:

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