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Curse of the Jade Emperor

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Curse of the Jade Emperor: 20 cards
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37 Blackmarket Artifact Support  search
46 Forcing the Truth Event  search
39 Forms of the Ether Event  search
36 Harlan Earnstone, Historical Theorist Character  search
41 Hidden Agenda Event  search
48 Hound of Dragons Event  search
40 Initiate of Huang Hun Character  search
29 Inspector Li Flint, With Pride and Care Character  search
31 Jade Salesman Character  search
33 Jiang Shi, The Restless Dead Character  search
47 Key-seeker Character  search
44 Lady Lu Chu, Death Follows Character  search
45 Living Ink, A Questionable Boon Support  search
38 Mi-Go Observer Character  search
43 Mr. David Pan, Red Pole Character  search
32 Ophidian Blight Event  search
35 Palpable Unhappiness Event  search
34 The Guzheng, Item of Ill Fortune Support  search
30 Thorough Search Event  search
42 Tzu San Niang, Like A Ghost Character  search

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