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Fourth Edition

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Fourth Edition: 336 cards
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53 Achilleus Elf Character  Uncommon  search
176 Aegis Action  Rare  search
79 Aida Free Kingdom Character  Common  search
131 Aimonos The Chosen Character  Rare  search
210 Alert Action  Common  search
1 Alexa Genecourt Deverenian Character  Uncommon  search
295 Altus' Cloak Item  Rare  search
54 Amatria Tansiq Elf Character  Common  search
80 Angus Hammerfall Free Kingdom Character  Uncommon  search
81 Anyah Free Kingdom Character  Common  search
228 Arc Lightning Action  Uncommon  search
27 Arla Favorsight Dwarf Character  Uncommon  search
55 Artheon Elf Character  Uncommon  search
82 Arve Yscar Free Kingdom Character  Rare  search
156 Ashreign Mercenary Character  Rare  search
132 Atiratu The Chosen Character  Fixed  search
28 Atone Dwarf Character  Uncommon  search
177 Aura of Protection Action  Common  search
274 Axe of Tergoth Item  Uncommon  search
157 Babbling Mouther Mercenary Character  Rare  search
211 Backstab Action  Uncommon  search
256 Balian's Helm Item  Common  search
229 Ball Lightning Action  Common  search
105 Ballista Crew Nothrog Character  Common  search
178 Banish the Wound Action  Uncommon  search
83 Barrett Yscar Free Kingdom Character  Rare  search
195 Battle Plans Action  Rare  search
196 Bear's Soul Action  Rare  search
133 Besh-Kar The Chosen Character  Uncommon  search
56 Betwys Elf Character  Rare  search
275 Black Sun Helm Item  Common  search
2 Black Sun Knight Deverenian Character  Uncommon  search
296 Blacksand Trap Item  Uncommon  search
158 Blackwind Mercenary Character  Rare  search
297 Blade and Chain Item  Uncommon  search
257 Blasphemous Sign Item  Common  search
258 Blessed Vestments Item  Uncommon  search
179 Blessing of Swiftness Action  Uncommon  search
230 Blink Action  Uncommon  search
259 Bloodoak Staff Item  Rare  search
197 Bloodthirsty Action  Uncommon  search
328 Blue Wyrm Helm Item  Rare  search
106 Bokos Nothrog Character  Rare  search
298 Bola Item  Common  search
57 Bone Fiend Elf Character  Rare  search
58 Bone Golem Elf Character  Common  search
299 Bow of Farsight Item  Rare  search
313 Bracers of Deflection Item  Common  search
29 Brawl Dwarf Character  Rare  search
276 Breastplate of Power Item  Rare  search
159 Brine Fiend Mercenary Character  Common  search
134 Britomar The Chosen Character  Common  search
84 Brogan Free Kingdom Character  Rare  search
277 Bruntor's Helm Item  Uncommon  search
3 Brymin of the Marches Deverenian Character  Fixed  search
198 Bull Rush Action  Uncommon  search
4 Caleb the Shifter Deverenian Character  Uncommon  search
231 Call the Abyss Action  Common  search
199 Call Verdatha Action  Uncommon  search
329 Camel Item  Uncommon  search
5 Castus the Burning Deverenian Character  Uncommon  search
180 Cause Serious Wounds Action  Rare  search
278 Celestial Flame Item  Common  search
232 Chain Lightning Action  Rare  search
300 Chained Claw Item  Rare  search
30 Chant Dwarf Character  Common  search
260 Chirurgery Kit Item  Rare  search
181 Chosen Action  Uncommon  search
200 Close Ranks Action  Common  search
301 Cloudracer Item  Uncommon  search
302 Collapsing Bow Item  Common  search
201 Commit the Reserves Action  Rare  search
59 Corinth's Refuse Elf Character  Uncommon  search
85 Corten Lye Free Kingdom Character  Uncommon  search
212 Coup de Grace Action  Rare  search
202 Crush Action  Common  search
203 Cry Havoc Action  Rare  search
31 Crystalline Gargoyle Dwarf Character  Uncommon  search
213 Cunning Shot Action  Common  search
182 Cure Lethal Wounds Action  Rare  search
233 Curse of Heartless Lies Action  Common  search
6 Dahlia Genecourt Deverenian Character  Rare  search
261 Dallen's Blood Item  Rare  search
86 Dame Martha Free Kingdom Character  Uncommon  search
7 Darius Deverenian Character  Uncommon  search
314 Darkwood Staff Item  Rare  search
32 Defiance Dwarf Character  Common  search
33 Demand Dwarf Character  Uncommon  search
107 Disabling Unit Nothrog Character  Uncommon  search
234 Disintegrate Action  Uncommon  search
251 Distrust Action  Common  search
183 Divine Barrier Action  Uncommon  search
184 Divine Guidance Action  Rare  search
262 Divining Cards Item  Common  search
315 Doombringer Item  Rare  search
279 Double Bladed Sword Item  Common  search
280 Dragon Buckler Item  Rare  search
160 Dragon's Lair Mercenary Character  Uncommon  search
161 Dragonkin Mercenary Character  Rare  search
87 Dreiga Free Kingdom Character  Common  search
135 Duanna The Chosen Character  Common  search
281 Dueling Saber Item  Uncommon  search
316 Dythanus' Essence Item  Fixed  search
34 Edge Dwarf Character  Uncommon  search
136 Enhe The Chosen Character  Common  search
88 Enkida Free Kingdom Character  Rare  search
214 Fire at Will Action  Common  search
235 Fireball Action  Uncommon  search
236 Flame Arrows Action  Uncommon  search
108 Flamespitter Nothrog Character  Rare  search
185 Forest's Hunger Action  Rare  search
60 Freia Elf Character  Common  search
282 Full Plate Item  Rare  search
137 Galgalax The Chosen Character  Common  search
303 Garrotte Item  Common  search
8 Genecourt Initiate Deverenian Character  Common  search
138 Getraxos The Chosen Character  Rare  search
9 Ghed Lionel Deverenian Character  Rare  search
304 Gloves of Mischief Item  Rare  search
317 Golden Circlet Item  Uncommon  search
109 Goza Nothrog Character  Rare  search
89 Graham Heyward Free Kingdom Character  Rare  search
204 Great Cleave Action  Rare  search
283 Griffon of Misear Item  Uncommon  search
110 Grudurk Nothrog Character  Common  search
35 Guardian Dwarf Character  Common  search
111 Gunda Nothrog Character  Common  search
10 Gustave Deverenian Character  Common  search
112 Hagunk Nothrog Character  Uncommon  search
305 Hashashin Blade Item  Rare  search
263 Healing Potion Item  Common  search
113 Hellbringer's Engine Nothrog Character  Rare  search
264 Helm of Kor Item  Common  search
36 Helt Royalwarden Dwarf Character  Rare  search
265 Hod's Legacy Item  Rare  search
186 Holy Might Action  Uncommon  search
114 Hrunting Nothrog Character  Uncommon  search
237 I Call Forth Valor Action  Uncommon  search
205 I Have Your Back Action  Common  search
90 Iam Hotelen Free Kingdom Character  Uncommon  search
238 Illusory Form Action  Common  search
239 Incinerate Action  Rare  search
11 Inquisitor Chroneus Deverenian Character  Common  search
206 Instructed by Rren'the Action  Uncommon  search
318 Ironcloth Bracer Item  Uncommon  search
162 Ivaas Mercenary Character  Rare  search
319 Ivory Scepter Item  Common  search
61 Jevae Elf Character  Rare  search
62 Jigoral Elf Character  Common  search
240 Jump Action  Common  search
63 Kaimir Elf Character  Rare  search
163 Keridwen Mercenary Character  Uncommon  search
64 Kilis of Flesh Elf Character  Rare  search
37 King Alaric Dwarf Character  Fixed  search
164 King Dukault Mercenary Character  Rare  search
65 Kinnell Elf Character  Common  search
91 Kiras Yscar Free Kingdom Character  Uncommon  search
38 Kohn Peacehand Dwarf Character  Rare  search
187 Kor's Patience Action  Common  search
115 Krenthor Gouge Nothrog Character  Fixed  search
284 Krenthor's Maw Item  Rare  search
116 Kul of Clan Tergoth Nothrog Character  Rare  search
92 Kylia Smythe Free Kingdom Character  Common  search
12 Layamon Deverenian Character  Uncommon  search
215 Leap of the Clouds Action  Uncommon  search
216 Leg Sweep Action  Uncommon  search
252 Leveled Action  Common  search
188 Lift Up Your Voices Action  Rare  search
241 Lightning Bolt Action  Uncommon  search
266 Lightning's Iron Item  Rare  search
39 Linnea Warsong Dwarf Character  Common  search
320 Living History Item  Common  search
93 Logan Ebonwoulfe Free Kingdom Character  Fixed  search
13 Lord Argen d'Ilchant Deverenian Character  Rare  search
14 Lord Miracus Deverenian Character  Uncommon  search
242 Lordly Might Action  Rare  search
117 Lorik Nothrog Character  Common  search
267 Loyal Nag Item  Uncommon  search
118 Machine of Lukkot Nothrog Character  Uncommon  search
15 Magellan Deverenian Character  Uncommon  search
243 Magic Missiles Action  Common  search
244 Magic Shifting Action  Common  search
40 Magma Gargoyle Dwarf Character  Rare  search
41 Magnite Gargoyle Dwarf Character  Common  search
16 Mariah Blackthorn Deverenian Character  Rare  search
165 Markappal Ivy Mercenary Character  Common  search
94 Martin Treek Free Kingdom Character  Common  search
139 Master Asrapi The Chosen Character  Rare  search
140 Master Mardu The Chosen Character  Rare  search
141 Master Naxagoras The Chosen Character  Rare  search
142 Master Tir-Koltis The Chosen Character  Rare  search
66 Maxt Stormcrow Elf Character  Uncommon  search
253 Meet at the Inn Action  Common  search
42 Mentor Dwarf Character  Rare  search
245 Meteor Swarm Action  Rare  search
166 Minor Dragonkin Mercenary Character  Common  search
321 Mirage Potion Item  Common  search
217 Misear Diplomacy Action  Rare  search
67 Mistress Allandra Elf Character  Uncommon  search
218 Mobility Action  Rare  search
68 Morghen the Unliving Elf Character  Fixed  search
167 Mourn Imp Mercenary Character  Common  search
189 Mud Slick Action  Uncommon  search
119 Muddflek Nothrog Character  Common  search
143 Naram-Sin The Chosen Character  Fixed  search
120 Nath'rak Nothrog Character  Rare  search
69 Nekrast Elf Character  Rare  search
95 Niobe Free Kingdom Character  Fixed  search
268 Niobe's Leaf Item  Uncommon  search
144 Nish-Bakr The Chosen Character  Uncommon  search
285 Nothrog S'sike Item  Common  search
306 Offhand Dagger Item  Common  search
207 One with the Blade Action  Uncommon  search
307 Open Contract Item  Rare  search
219 Out of the Shadows Action  Uncommon  search
208 Outmatched Action  Common  search
145 Pagophoros The Chosen Character  Rare  search
96 Percy Dorn Free Kingdom Character  Common  search
246 Phantasmal Killer Action  Rare  search
247 Phantom Steed Action  Uncommon  search
248 Power Word Kill Action  Rare  search
43 Profit Dwarf Character  Common  search
168 Pyrothraxas Mercenary Character  Rare  search
190 Quick Shielding Action  Common  search
191 Quick Strength Action  Common  search
146 Redu Bir The Chosen Character  Uncommon  search
147 Redu Diran The Chosen Character  Uncommon  search
192 Revigorate Action  Rare  search
322 Ring of Vorn Item  Uncommon  search
269 Rondoran's Staff Item  Uncommon  search
70 Rotale Dythanus Elf Character  Common  search
254 Rowan's Duty Action  Uncommon  search
121 Rress Nothrog Character  Common  search
122 Rrok Nothrog Character  Rare  search
44 Rust Gargoyle Dwarf Character  Uncommon  search
193 Sacrifice Action  Common  search
169 Sarakian Ettin Mercenary Character  Uncommon  search
286 Scale Mail Item  Uncommon  search
308 Scout Pony Item  Common  search
123 Scyrax Nothrog Character  Fixed  search
170 Sedayah Rowan Mercenary Character  Uncommon  search
97 Selai Yscar Free Kingdom Character  Uncommon  search
98 Sergeant Fulford Free Kingdom Character  Uncommon  search
71 Severed of Bone Elf Character  Uncommon  search
72 Severed of Spirit Elf Character  Rare  search
309 Shade Lion Item  Uncommon  search
73 Shadith Glyn Elf Character  Uncommon  search
310 Shadow Token Item  Uncommon  search
45 Shadowstone Gargoyle Dwarf Character  Uncommon  search
148 Shalta The Chosen Character  Common  search
270 Shield of the Simurgh Item  Rare  search
323 Shroud of Lost Souls Item  Rare  search
149 Shulgi The Chosen Character  Common  search
74 Sileth Elestra Elf Character  Rare  search
99 Sipho Hamisi Free Kingdom Character  Rare  search
17 Sir Edgard Rellion Deverenian Character  Rare  search
100 Sir Erik Kaisen Free Kingdom Character  Uncommon  search
18 Sir Magnus Arcadis Deverenian Character  Rare  search
101 Sister Amanda Free Kingdom Character  Rare  search
19 Sister Megaria Deverenian Character  Common  search
124 Six'La Nothrog Character  Uncommon  search
125 Skisk Foulfire Nothrog Character  Common  search
330 Skull of Great Omgah Item  Uncommon  search
46 Sky Dwarf Character  Uncommon  search
75 Skyyrek Elf Character  Uncommon  search
47 Slate Gargoyle Dwarf Character  Rare  search
324 Smoke Imp Item  Rare  search
220 Sneak Action  Rare  search
221 Sniper Shot Action  Uncommon  search
126 Sohadze Nothrog Character  Rare  search
325 Spell Book Item  Uncommon  search
271 Spirits' Blessings Item  Uncommon  search
222 Springblade Action  Uncommon  search
311 Springing Spear Trap Item  Common  search
20 Squire Arrigan Deverenian Character  Common  search
21 Squire Fastus Deverenian Character  Common  search
22 Squire Fendric Deverenian Character  Uncommon  search
331 Squire's Banner Item  Uncommon  search
332 Squire's Sash Item  Uncommon  search
272 Staff Item  Common  search
102 Stanley Free Kingdom Character  Common  search
223 Steady Aim Action  Common  search
171 Stirges Mercenary Character  Common  search
48 Stonefist Dwarf Character  Rare  search
127 Strak Nothrog Character  Uncommon  search
224 Swift Action  Common  search
23 Takson the Intricate Deverenian Character  Rare  search
287 Tanning Knife Item  Common  search
249 Teleport Action  Rare  search
128 Temb'w'bam Nothrog Character  Uncommon  search
273 Teufeltiger's Lies Item  Uncommon  search
326 Teufeltiger's Mask Item  Common  search
24 Thallen Deverenian Character  Common  search
25 The Beast Knight Deverenian Character  Rare  search
150 The Earth The Chosen Character  Uncommon  search
151 The Harvest The Chosen Character  Uncommon  search
288 The King's Lady Item  Rare  search
76 The Lady of Pain Elf Character  Fixed  search
152 The Plentiful The Chosen Character  Common  search
153 The Seed The Chosen Character  Uncommon  search
154 The Vessel The Chosen Character  Uncommon  search
155 The Wheat The Chosen Character  Common  search
49 Thekk Rockbender Dwarf Character  Fixed  search
250 Thrice-Fell Horrors Action  Rare  search
209 Thrust Action  Common  search
172 Thunic Hydra Mercenary Character  Uncommon  search
173 Thunic Wyvern Mercenary Character  Uncommon  search
255 Thwarted Action  Uncommon  search
174 Titan Mercenary Character  Rare  search
225 To Fight Another Day Action  Common  search
226 Too Fast to See Action  Rare  search
289 Tower Shield Item  Uncommon  search
333 Troas' Pawn Item  Common  search
129 Trugg Nothrog Character  Common  search
103 Ursala Yscar Free Kingdom Character  Rare  search
175 Validan Mercenary Character  Rare  search
290 Verdatha Mount Item  Rare  search
50 Vex Duntan Dwarf Character  Rare  search
312 Viper's Tongue Item  Uncommon  search
51 Wall Dwarf Character  Uncommon  search
291 War Horse Item  Common  search
52 Watcher Dwarf Character  Common  search
292 Weapon Breaker Item  Common  search
194 Withering Gaze Action  Common  search
293 Wyvern Gem Item  Uncommon  search
327 Wyvernskin Robe Item  Rare  search
294 Wyvernsteed Item  Rare  search
334 Xantin's Ward Item  Common  search
335 Xiathe's Touch Item  Common  search
336 Xienar's Guard Item  Common  search
77 Yanthorine Elf Character  Common  search
26 Yavlo the Kindled Deverenian Character  Fixed  search
130 Yemat Nothrog Character  Uncommon  search
104 Za'beth Candlebane Free Kingdom Character  Common  search
227 Zaina's Treachery Action  Rare  search
78 Zombie Elf Character  Common  search

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