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Fate/stay night Booster Pack

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Fate/stay night Booster Pack: 116 cards
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FS-S03-005 "Ally of Justice" Shirou Character  search
FS-S03-005S "Ally of Justice" Shirou Character  SR  search
FS-S03-042 "Azure Wind" Lancer Character  search
FS-S03-080 "Cruel Tiny One" Illya Character  search
FS-S03-080S "Cruel Tiny One" Illya Character  SR  search
FS-S03-052 "Darkened Holy Sword" Saber Character  RR  search
FS-S03-093 "Ganryuu, Nameless" Koujirou Character  search
FS-S03-027 "Legendary Hero" Berserker Character  RR  search
FS-S03-038 "Peaceful Days" Rider Character  search
FS-S03-030 "Worst Enemy" Berserker Character  search
FS-S03-054 Archer, Clumsy Yet Loyal Character  search
FS-S03-059 Archer, Iron-Wrought Spirit Character  search
FS-S03-064 Archer, Red Knight Character  search
FS-S03-007 Ayako Mitsuzuri Character  search
FS-S03-049 Bellerophon Climax  CC  search
FS-S03-098 Caster's Wish Climax  CR  search
FS-S03-98SP Caster's Wish Climax  SP  search
FS-S03-090 Caster, Sorceress of Betrayal Character  search
FS-S03-083 Caster, Sorceress of the Ages Character  search
FS-S03-024 Excalibur Climax  CC  search
FS-S03-056 Faker Archer Character  search
FS-S03-099 Forest of Winter Climax  CC  search
FS-S03-021 Funny Lion Event  search
FS-S03-047 Gae Bolg Event  search
FS-S03-019 Gate of Babylon Event  search
FS-S03-072 Gem MAgic Event  search
FS-S03-071 Gem Sword Zelretch Event  search
FS-S03-010 Gilgamesh, Golden Hero King Character  search
FS-S03-004 Gilgamesh, Oldest King Character  search
FS-S03-004S Gilgamesh, Oldest King Character  SR  search
FS-S03-023 Golden Farewell Climax  CR  search
FS-S03-23SP Golden Farewell Climax  SP  search
FS-S03-094 Good Friends Trio Event  search
FS-S03-084 Hassan-i-Sabah Character  search
FS-S03-050 Heaven's Feel Climax  CC  search
FS-S03-044 Hug of Sisters Event  search
FS-S03-008 Hungry Ones Character  search
FS-S03-086 Illya & Berserker Character  search
FS-S03-016 Illya & Shirou Character  search
FS-S03-095 Illya, Dancing in the Snow Event  search
FS-S03-077 Illya, Tiny Holy Grail Character  RR  search
FS-S03-078 Illyasviel von Einzbern Character  search
FS-S03-078R Illyasviel von Einzbern Character  RRR  search
FS-S03-025 Infinite Sword Creation/Unlimited Blade Works Climax  CC  search
FS-S03-017 Instructor Fuji Character  search
FS-S03-014 Issei Ryuudou Character  search
FS-S03-100 Justeaze, Saint of Winter Climax  CC  search
FS-S03-088 Kaede Makidera Character  search
FS-S03-089 Kane Himuro Character  search
FS-S03-085 Kirei & Gilgamesh Character  search
FS-S03-082 Kirei Kotomine, Executer Character  search
FS-S03-076 Kirei, Game Master Character  RR  search
FS-S03-011 Kiritsugu Emiya Character  search
FS-S03-091 Koujirou Sasaki Character  search
FS-S03-036 Lancer, Lethal Crimson Lance Character  search
FS-S03-040 Leysritt Character  search
FS-S03-034 Luviagelita Edelfelt Character  search
FS-S03-097 Mapo Tofu Event  search
FS-S03-026 Master Sakura Character  RR  search
FS-S03-075 Mischievous Smile Climax  CC  search
FS-S03-75SP Mischievous Smile Climax  SP  search
FS-S03-045 Mystic Eye: Cybele Event  search
FS-S03-087 No. 1 Pupil Character  search
FS-S03-096 Rain of Light Shots Event  search
FS-S03-069 Rho Aias Event  search
FS-S03-057 Rider & Shinji Character  search
FS-S03-029 Rider, Battle Ready Character  search
FS-S03-029S Rider, Battle Ready Character  SR  search
FS-S03-033 Rider, Swift Cavalry Character  search
FS-S03-043 Rider, Youngest Daughter of Gorgon Character  search
FS-S03-061 Rin & Archer Character  search
FS-S03-067 Rin & Saber Character  search
FS-S03-058 Rin & Shirou Character  search
FS-S03-053 Rin in Pajama Character  search
FS-S03-053S Rin in Pajama Character  SR  search
FS-S03-063 Rin Tohsaka Character  search
FS-S03-060 Rin, Average One Character  search
FS-S03-065 Rin, Bloodline of Gem Magic Character  search
FS-S03-055 Rin, Gandr Shooter Character  search
FS-S03-055R Rin, Gandr Shooter Character  RRR  search
FS-S03-062 Rin, Red Devil Character  search
FS-S03-066 Saber Alter Character  search
FS-S03-018 Saber, Bearer of Holy Sword Character  search
FS-S03-015 Saber, Best Heroic Spirit Character  search
FS-S03-012 Saber, Fresh out of the Bath Character  search
FS-S03-009 Saber, Invisible Sword Character  search
FS-S03-002 Saber, King of Knights Character  RR  search
FS-S03-002R Saber, King of Knights Character  RRR  search
FS-S03-003 Saber, Monster Instructor Character  search
FS-S03-037 Sakura & Rider Character  search
FS-S03-051 Sakura in Black Character  RR  search
FS-S03-051S Sakura in Black Character  SR  search
FS-S03-028 Sakura Matou Character  search
FS-S03-028R Sakura Matou Character  RRR  search
FS-S03-046 Sakura's Care Event  search
FS-S03-068 Sakura, Black Holy Grail Character  search
FS-S03-048 Sakura, Happy? Climax  CR  search
FS-S03-48SP Sakura, Happy? Climax  SP  search
FS-S03-041 Sakura, Laudable Girl Character  search
FS-S03-031 Sakura, Opened Heart Character  search
FS-S03-031S Sakura, Opened Heart Character  SR  search
FS-S03-032 Sakuram, Successor of Matou Character  search
FS-S03-039 Sella Character  search
FS-S03-035 Sella & Leys Character  search
FS-S03-006 Shirou & Saber Character  search
FS-S03-001 Shirou Emiya Character  RR  search
FS-S03-022 Shirou VS Gilgamesh Event  search
FS-S03-081 Souichirou & Caster Character  search
FS-S03-081S Souichirou & Caster Character  SR  search
FS-S03-092 Souichirou Kuzuki Character  search
FS-S03-020 Summon Saber Event  search
FS-S03-013 Taiga Fujimura Character  search
FS-S03-073 Unlimited Blade Works Climax  CR  search
FS-S03-070 Violent Summon Event  search
FS-S03-074 Words of Warewell Climax  CC  search
FS-S03-079 Yukika Saegusa Character  search

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