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King of Fighters Trial Deck

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King of Fighters Trial Deck: 18 cards
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KF-S05-T03 Blue Mary Character  TD  search
KF-S05-T09 Eiji Kisaragi Character  TD  search
KF-S05-T16 Hana Arashi Climax  TD  search
KF-S05-T01 Iori Yagami Character  TD  search
KF-S05-101 Iori, Purple Flame of Revenge Character  TD  search
KF-S05-T04 Kim, Treasure of the Tae Kwan Do World Character  TD  search
KF-S05-102 Kyo, Running Red Lotus Character  TD  search
KF-S05-T02 Kyo, Sweeper Character  TD  search
KF-S05-T11 Magaki Character  TD  search
KF-S05-T12 Mai Shiranui Character  TD  search
KF-S05-T06 Perfect Victory Climax  TD  search
KF-S05-T05 Purple Flame and Green Flame Event  TD  search
KF-S05-T13 Ryuji Yamazaki Character  TD  search
KF-S05-T08 Shermie Character  TD  search
KF-S05-T10 Shermie, Provoking Character  TD  search
KF-S05-T07 Terry, Wild Wolf Character  TD  search
KF-S05-T15 Ura 108 Shiki: Orochi Nagi Climax  TD  search
KF-S05-T14 Yashiro Nanakase Character  TD  search

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