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Persona 4 Booster Pack

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Persona 4 Booster Pack: 116 cards
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P4-S08-083 "Assertion of Youth" Teddie Character  search
P4-S08-092 "Kumada"-chan Character  search
P4-S08-056 Adachi, Game Feeling Character  search
P4-S08-063 Adachi, Skipping Out on Junes Character  search
P4-S08-067 Adachi, Top Brain of the Station Character  search
P4-S08-088 Ai Ebihara, Manager Character  search
P4-S08-013 Ayane Matsunaga, Brass Band Club Character  search
P4-S08-025 Brave Blade Climax  CC  search
P4-S08-025S Brave Blade Climax  SR  search
P4-S08-032 Chie & Suzuka Gongen / 千枝&スズカゴンゲン Character  search
P4-S08-032P Chie & Suzuka Gongen / 千枝&スズカゴンゲン Character  SP  search
P4-S08-043 Chie & Yukiko, Important Friends Character  search
P4-S08-034 Chie in Swimsuit Character  search
P4-S08-040 Chie in Yukata / 浴衣の千枝 Character  search
P4-S08-049 Chie's Pursuit Climax  CC  search
P4-S08-035 Chie, Golden Right Foot Character  search
P4-S08-038 Chie, Reliable Prince Character  search
P4-S08-027 Chie, Self-claimed Kung Fu Research Club Character  RR  search
P4-S08-080 Chihiro Fushimi, Student Council President Character  search
P4-S08-064 Clerk of Gasoline Stand Character  search
P4-S08-042 Daisuke Nagase, Soccer Club Character  search
P4-S08-018 Doujima, Oath of Father Character  search
P4-S08-003 Doujima, Proof of Family Character  search
P4-S08-033 Eri Minami, Caretaker of Schoolchildren Character  search
P4-S08-047 Fishing for the River Guardian Event  search
P4-S08-036 Fox of Tatsuhime Shrine / 辰姫神社のキツネ Character  search
P4-S08-050 Full Analysis Climax  CC  search
P4-S08-050R Full Analysis Climax  RRR  search
P4-S08-048 God's Hand / ゴッドハンド Climax  CR  search
P4-S08-048S God's Hand / ゴッドハンド Climax  SR  search
P4-S08-028 Hisano Kuroda, Shinigami Character  search
P4-S08-070 Inedible Curry / 食べられないカレー Event  search
P4-S08-021 Junes / ジュネス Event  search
P4-S08-051 Kanji & Rokuten-Maou / 完二&ロクテンマオウ Character  RR  search
P4-S08-065 Kanji in Yukata Character  search
P4-S08-061 Kanji, Man of Legend Character  search
P4-S08-069 Kanji, Plushie Master Character  search
P4-S08-053 Kanji, Real Strength / 本当の強さ完二 Character  search
P4-S08-068 Kanji-chan, Overly Horrible Character  search
P4-S08-046 King Game Event  search
P4-S08-030 Kou Ichijo, Basketball Club Character  search
P4-S08-099 Mabufudyne Climax  CC  search
P4-S08-099S Mabufudyne Climax  SR  search
P4-S08-096 Maggie's Tarot Reading / マギーのタロット占い Event  search
P4-S08-077 Margaret, Attendant During Travels Character  RR  search
P4-S08-077S Margaret, Attendant During Travels Character  SR  search
P4-S08-087 Margaret, Controller of Power Character  search
P4-S08-020 Mayonaga TV Event  search
P4-S08-100 Megidolaon Climax  CC  search
P4-S08-071 Mid-term Test Event  search
P4-S08-074S Mighty Swing Climax  SR  search
P4-S08-074 Mighty Swing / 剛殺斬 Climax  CC  search
P4-S08-098 My Christmas Eve / 私のクリスマスイブ Climax  CR  search
P4-S08-098R My Christmas Eve / 私のクリスマスイブ Climax  RRR  search
P4-S08-023 Myriad Truths Climax  CR  search
P4-S08-023R Myriad Truths Climax  RRR  search
P4-S08-010 Nanako in Yukata Character  search
P4-S08-006 Nanako Loves Junes! / ジュネス大好き! 菜々子 Character  search
P4-S08-006S Nanako Loves Junes! / ジュネス大好き! 菜々子 Character  SR  search
P4-S08-014 Nanako, Marriage Declaration Character  search
P4-S08-059 Naoki Konishi, Little Brother of the Victim Character  search
P4-S08-085 Naoto & Sukuna Hikona Character  search
P4-S08-081 Naoto & Yamato Takeru / 直斗&ヤマトタケル Character  search
P4-S08-081P Naoto & Yamato Takeru / 直斗&ヤマトタケル Character  SP  search
P4-S08-094 Naoto in Sailor Uniform Character  search
P4-S08-084 Naoto, Detective Prince / 探偵王子 直斗 Character  search
P4-S08-089 Naoto, Famous Detective Character  search
P4-S08-078 Naoto, Full Power Follow Up / 全力でフォロー直斗 Character  search
P4-S08-091 Naoto, Infinite Possibilities Character  search
P4-S08-024 Never More Climax  CC  search
P4-S08-072 One Hit Event  search
P4-S08-095 Poem of Everyone's Soul Event  search
P4-S08-002 Protagonist & Izanagi-no-Okami / 主人公&伊邪那岐大神 Character  RR  search
P4-S08-002P Protagonist & Izanagi-no-Okami / 主人公&伊邪那岐大神 Character  SP  search
P4-S08-007 Protagonist & Nanako, Close Brother And Sister Character  search
P4-S08-011 Protagonist, Leader Character  search
P4-S08-004 Protagonist, Power of WILD Character  search
P4-S08-015 Protagonist-chan, Miss Contest? Character  search
P4-S08-031 Rise & Himiko / りせ&ヒミコ Character  search
P4-S08-031P Rise & Himiko / りせ&ヒミコ Character  SP  search
P4-S08-037 Rise & Kanzeon Character  search
P4-S08-041 Rise in Yukata Character  search
P4-S08-029 Rise, Entertainer Character  search
P4-S08-029S Rise, Entertainer Character  SR  search
P4-S08-039 Rise, Healing Wave Character  search
P4-S08-026 Rise, True Self Character  RR  search
P4-S08-044 Rise-chi in Swimsuit Character  search
P4-S08-005 Saki Konishi, Liquor Store's Daughter / 酒屋の娘 小西早紀 Character  search
P4-S08-073R Salvation Climax  RRR  search
P4-S08-073 Salvation / メシアライザー Climax  CR  search
P4-S08-066 Sayoko Uehara, Nurse Character  search
P4-S08-045 Self-Proclaimed Special Search Unit Event  search
P4-S08-090 Shuu Nakajima, Student Character  search
P4-S08-082 teddie & Kaumi Character  search
P4-S08-079 Teddie & Kintoki Douji Character  search
P4-S08-097 Teddie Arrives! Event  search
P4-S08-076 Teddie in Yukata / 浴衣のクマ Character  RR  search
P4-S08-093 Teddie Spec 2 Character  search
P4-S08-086 Teddie, Idol of Junes Character  search
P4-S08-022 Warm Embrace Event  search
P4-S08-075 Will of the World Climax  CC  search
P4-S08-019 Yosuke & Susano-O / 陽介&スサノオ Character  search
P4-S08-001 Yosuke in Yukata / 浴衣の陽介 Character  RR  search
P4-S08-012 Yosuke, Store Manager's Son / 店長の息子 陽介 Character  search
P4-S08-017 Yousuke, Bandaid to Friendship Character  search
P4-S08-016 Yousuke, Protagonist's Sidekick Character  search
P4-S08-008 Yousuke-chan, Prince of Disappointment Character  search
P4-S08-062 Yukiko & Amaterasu / 雪子&アマテラス Character  search
P4-S08-054 Yukiko in Swimsuit Character  search
P4-S08-052 Yukiko in Yukata / 浴衣の雪子 Character  RR  search
P4-S08-060 Yukiko, Finish with a Single Blow / 一撃でしとめる雪子 Character  search
P4-S08-055 Yukiko, Funny Switch Character  search
P4-S08-055S Yukiko, Funny Switch Character  SR  search
P4-S08-058 Yukiko, Reliable Princess Character  search
P4-S08-057 Yukiko, Young Okami / 若女将 雪子 Character  search
P4-S08-009 Yumi Ozawa, Drama Club Character  search

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