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The Redhorn Gate

The Redhorn Gate: 27 cards
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14 Arwen Undomiel Objective  search
24 Avalanche! Treachery  search
6 Bofur Ally  search
15 Caradhras Location  search
17 Celebdil Location  search
1 Elrohir Hero  search
21 Fallen Stones Treachery  search
16 Fanuidhol Location  search
20 Fell Voices Treachery  search
23 Freezing Cold Treachery  search
10 Good Meal Attachment  search
5 Keeping Count Attachment  search
25 Mountain Goblin Enemy  search
26 Mountain Troll Enemy  search
9 Needful to Know Event  search
8 Ravenhill Scout Ally  search
7 Renewed Friendship Event  search
19 Rocky Crags Location  search
27 Snow Warg Enemy  search
12 Snowdrifts Quest  search
22 Snowstorm Treachery  search
2 Taking Initiative Event  search
18 The Dimrill Stair Location  search
13 The Mountains' Peaks Quest  search
3 Timely Aid Event  search
4 Unseen Strike Event  search
11 Up the Pass Quest  search
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