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1 A Brighter Future Conflict  Rare  search
2 A Good Bluff Event  Common  search
3 A Rising Power Agenda  Common  search
4 Accident Event  Common  search
5 Adira Tyree Character  Fixed  search
6 Affirm Alliance Event  Fixed  search
7 Affirmation of Peace Conflict  Fixed  search
8 Affirmation of Power Conflict  Fixed  search
10 Alliance Conflict  Common  search
9 Alliance of Races Agenda  Fixed  search
11 Approval of the Grey Aftermath  Fixed  search
12 Armed Resistance Enhancement  Uncommon  search
13 Armistice Event  Common  search
14 As It Was Meant To Be Agenda  Rare  search
15 Ashan Character  Fixed  search
16 Assault Troops Enhancement  Uncommon  search
17 Assigning Blame Aftermath  Fixed  search
18 Attacking Pawns Conflict  Common  search
19 Avert Incident Event  Common  search
20 Babylon 5 Unrest Enhancement  Rare  search
21 Backroom Dealing Enhancement  Uncommon  search
22 Balance Event  Fixed  search
23 Battle Tested Aftermath  Uncommon  search
24 Bester Character  Rare  search
25 Bio-Weapon Discovery Conflict  Rare  search
26 Black Market Conflict  Uncommon  search
447 Blessings Aftermath  Promo  search
27 Blockade Conflict  Rare  search
28 Blood Oath Aftermath  Uncommon  search
448 Bombing Run Event  Promo  search
29 Book of G'Quan Enhancement  Fixed  search
30 Border Raid Conflict  Fixed  search
31 Campaign for Support Conflict  Common  search
449 Captain Pierce Character  Promo  search
32 Carn Mollari Character  Fixed  search
33 Carpe Diem Event  Rare  search
34 Casualty Reports Aftermath  Rare  search
35 Catherine Sakai Character  Uncommon  search
36 Censure Enhancement  Uncommon  search
37 Centauri Agent Character  Fixed  search
38 Centauri Aide Character  Fixed  search
39 Centauri Captain Character  Fixed  search
40 Centauri Prime Location  Fixed  search
41 Centauri Telepath Character  Common  search
42 Change of Plans Event  Common  search
43 Changing Opinion Event  Common  search
44 Chaos Reigns Event  Common  search
45 Chrysalis Event  Uncommon  search
46 Colonial Fleet (Centauri) Fleet  Fixed  search
47 Colonial Fleet (Human) Fleet  Fixed  search
48 Colonial Fleet (Minbari) Fleet  Fixed  search
49 Colonial Fleet (Narn) Fleet  Fixed  search
50 Combat Experience Aftermath  Common  search
51 Commerce Raiding Enhancement  Uncommon  search
52 Commercial Telepaths Group  Uncommon  search
53 Compatible Goals Conflict  Uncommon  search
54 Competing Interests Event  Rare  search
55 Complete Support Conflict  Uncommon  search
56 Concealed Weapon Enhancement  Common  search
57 Concentrated Effort Event  Common  search
58 Condemn Deportations Conflict  Common  search
59 Conflicting Desires Event  Rare  search
60 Conflicting Loyalties Event  Rare  search
61 Confusion in Chaos Event  Common  search
62 Consolidated Position Conflict  Rare  search
450 Contact First Ones Aftermath  Promo  search
63 Contact with Shadows Event  Common  search
64 Contact with Vorlons Event  Fixed  search
65 Coordinated Fire Event  Common  search
66 Counterintelligence Group  Rare  search
67 Court the Rebellious Conflict  Common  search
68 Covert Allies Enhancement  Rare  search
69 Crisis of Self Aftermath  Uncommon  search
70 Crusade Conflict  Rare  search
71 Crystal Cities Enhancement  Fixed  search
451 Cultural Connections Aftermath  Promo  search
72 Cut Supply Lines Event  Common  search
73 Cynthia Torqueman Character  Uncommon  search
74 Damage Control Team Group  Rare  search
75 Dan Randall Character  Common  search
76 Decisive Tactics Event  Fixed  search
77 Declaration of War Event  Fixed  search
78 Deep Space Fleet (Centauri) Fleet  Fixed  search
79 Deep Space Fleet (Human) Fleet  Fixed  search
80 Deep Space Fleet (Minbari) Fleet  Common  search
81 Deep Space Fleet (Narn) Fleet  Fixed  search
82 Defame Ambassador Event  Common  search
83 Defense in Depth Agenda  Uncommon  search
85 Delenn Character  Fixed  search
84 Delenn Transformed Character  Rare  search
86 Demonstrative Victory Conflict  Rare  search
87 Despair Aftermath  Rare  search
452 Destined to Be Event  Promo  search
88 Destiny Fulfilled Event  Fixed  search
453 Destroy the Opposition Conflict  Promo  search
89 Develop Relationship Aftermath  Uncommon  search
90 Dhaliri Character  Uncommon  search
91 Diplomatic Advantage Aftermath  Rare  search
92 Diplomatic Blunder Event  Common  search
93 Diplomatic Corps Group  Common  search
94 Diplomatic Immunity Event  Common  search
95 Disaffected Centauri Character  Rare  search
96 Disaffected Human Character  Rare  search
97 Disaffected Minbari Character  Rare  search
98 Disaffected Narn Character  Rare  search
99 Disenchantment Aftermath  Uncommon  search
100 Disgrace Aftermath  Rare  search
101 Dishonor Conflict  Fixed  search
454 Doctor Franklin Character  Promo  search
102 Draal Character  Fixed  search
103 Draft Enhancement  Uncommon  search
104 Drazi Sunhawk Fleet  Common  search
105 Drigo Character  Fixed  search
106 Du'Nar Character  Uncommon  search
107 Du'Rog Character  Common  search
108 Durlan Character  Common  search
109 Early Warning Event  Fixed  search
110 Earth Location  Fixed  search
111 Elric Character  Rare  search
112 Emergency Military Aid Event  Common  search
113 Emperor Turhan Character  Rare  search
114 Energy Mines Enhancement  Fixed  search
115 Enrage Aftermath  Uncommon  search
116 Establish Base Conflict  Uncommon  search
117 Euphrates Treaty Conflict  Fixed  search
118 Expeditionary Fleet (Centauri) Fleet  Fixed  search
119 Expeditionary Fleet (Human) Fleet  Fixed  search
120 Expeditionary Fleet (Minbari) Fleet  Fixed  search
121 Expeditionary Fleet (Narn) Fleet  Fixed  search
122 Exploit Opportunities Aftermath  Fixed  search
123 Exploitation Enhancement  Common  search
124 Exploration Event  Common  search
125 Extended Contacts Group  Common  search
126 Extreme Sanction Conflict  Uncommon  search
127 Finish the War Agenda  Fixed  search
128 First Battle Fleet (Centauri) Fleet  Fixed  search
129 First Battle Fleet (Human) Fleet  Fixed  search
130 First Battle Fleet (Minbari) Fleet  Fixed  search
131 First Battle Fleet (Narn) Fleet  Fixed  search
132 Fixed in Their Ways Enhancement  Uncommon  search
134 Fleet of the Line Fleet  Rare  search
133 Fleet Support Base Enhancement  Fixed  search
135 Fleets on the Border Event  Common  search
136 Focus Your Efforts Aftermath  Uncommon  search
137 For My People Event  Common  search
138 For the Common Good Event  Common  search
139 For the Good of All Event  Fixed  search
140 Forced Commitment Enhancement  Rare  search
141 Forced Evolution Agenda  Rare  search
142 Forced Impairment Conflict  Rare  search
143 Forces Collide Event  Rare  search
144 Frederick Lantz Character  Fixed  search
145 Free the Souls Conflict  Rare  search
146 G'Drog Character  Common  search
147 G'Kar Character  Fixed  search
148 G'Sten Character  Rare  search
149 Garrison Fleet Fleet  Uncommon  search
150 General Franklin Character  Uncommon  search
151 General Hague Character  Fixed  search
152 Glory Aftermath  Rare  search
153 Government Opposition Group  Rare  search
154 Grey Council Fleet Fleet  Rare  search
155 Grievance Aftermath  Uncommon  search
156 Growth in Chaos Agenda  Common  search
157 Guilt Aftermath  Uncommon  search
158 Gunboat Diplomacy Conflict  Fixed  search
159 Harvest Souls Aftermath  Rare  search
160 Hate Crime Conflict  Uncommon  search
161 Heavy Fleet Fleet  Rare  search
162 Hedronn Character  Fixed  search
163 Hidden Agent Aftermath  Fixed  search
164 Hidden Knowledge Event  Fixed  search
165 Higher Calling Agenda  Common  search
166 Hire Raiders Event  Common  search
167 Homeworld Fleet (Centauri) Fleet  Fixed  search
168 Homeworld Fleet (Human) Fleet  Fixed  search
169 Homeworld Fleet (Minbari) Fleet  Fixed  search
170 Homeworld Fleet (Narn) Fleet  Fixed  search
171 Hour of the Wolf Event  Uncommon  search
172 Human Agent Character  Fixed  search
173 Human Aide Character  Fixed  search
174 Human Captain Character  Fixed  search
175 Humanitarian Aid Conflict  Common  search
176 Hunted Aftermath  Fixed  search
177 Hunter, Prey Conflict  Common  search
179 Immolan V Location  Uncommon  search
180 Immortality Serum Conflict  Rare  search
181 Imperial Telepaths Group  Rare  search
182 Imperialism Agenda  Common  search
183 In the Line of Duty Aftermath  Uncommon  search
184 Inevitable Destiny Aftermath  Rare  search
185 Infiltrate and Exploit Agenda  Uncommon  search
186 Influential Lords Group  Uncommon  search
187 Internal Strife Event  Common  search
188 Interstellar Corporation Group  Common  search
189 Intolerable Interference Aftermath  Uncommon  search
190 Intrigues Mature Event  Common  search
191 Ipsha Battleglobe Fleet  Uncommon  search
178 ISN Group  Uncommon  search
192 Isolated Enhancement  Uncommon  search
193 Isolationism Enhancement  Uncommon  search
194 It Will Be His Undoing Aftermath  Rare  search
195 Ja'Doc Character  Fixed  search
196 Jason Ironheart Character  Rare  search
197 Jeffrey Sinclair Character  Fixed  search
198 Jha'Dur Character  Rare  search
199 John Sheridan Character  Rare  search
200 Judgement by Success Enhancement  Uncommon  search
201 Kalain Character  Fixed  search
202 Kha'Mak Character  Fixed  search
203 Kidnapping Conflict  Fixed  search
204 Knowledge is Power Agenda  Fixed  search
205 Knowledge of Shadows Event  Common  search
206 Knowledge of the Soul Event  Uncommon  search
207 Ko'Dath Character  Fixed  search
208 Kosh Naranek Character  Rare  search
455 Lack of Direction Aftermath  Promo  search
209 Lack of Subtlety Event  Common  search
210 Lady Ladira Character  Uncommon  search
211 Lady Morella Character  Fixed  search
212 Lamentations Aftermath  Fixed  search
213 Latent Telepath Enhancement  Common  search
214 Leading the Races Agenda  Common  search
215 Learning Experience Aftermath  Common  search
216 Left Vulnerable Aftermath  Rare  search
217 Lennier Character  Fixed  search
218 Level the Playing Field Event  Fixed  search
219 Limited Strike Conflict  Fixed  search
220 Liquidating Assets Event  Common  search
221 Lockdown Event  Common  search
222 Londo Mollari Character  Fixed  search
223 Long Term Investment Event  Common  search
224 Lord Kiro Character  Uncommon  search
225 Lord Refa Character  Uncommon  search
226 Lord Valo Character  Common  search
227 Loss of Face Aftermath  Common  search
228 Loss of Support Conflict  Uncommon  search
229 Lovell Character  Common  search
230 Luis Santiago Character  Rare  search
231 Luxuries of Homeworld Enhancement  Uncommon  search
232 Lyndisty Character  Common  search
233 Lyta Alexander Character  Fixed  search
234 Maintain the Peace Agenda  Rare  search
235 Marcus Cole Character  Rare  search
236 Markab Fleet Fleet  Rare  search
237 Mars Colony Location  Fixed  search
238 Martyr Aftermath  Rare  search
239 Mary Ann Cramer Character  Common  search
240 Mass Drivers Enhancement  Uncommon  search
241 Meddling with Others Agenda  Uncommon  search
242 Medical Assistance Event  Fixed  search
243 Meditation Event  Common  search
244 Merchandising B5 Event  Common  search
245 Miagi Hidoshi Character  Fixed  search
246 Michael Garibaldi Character  Fixed  search
247 Military Cadre Group  Common  search
248 Military Telepaths Group  Uncommon  search
249 Minbar Location  Fixed  search
250 Minbari Agent Character  Fixed  search
251 Minbari Aide Character  Fixed  search
252 Minbari Captain Character  Fixed  search
253 Minbari Protectorate Location  Uncommon  search
254 Minbari Telepath Character  Fixed  search
255 Mines Enhancement  Uncommon  search
256 Minister Malachi Character  Rare  search
456 Monitored Deal Event  Promo  search
257 Moral Quandary Event  Common  search
258 Morden Character  Rare  search
259 Motivated Leaders Group  Rare  search
260 Mr. Adams Character  Uncommon  search
261 Muddy the Waters Conflict  Common  search
262 N'Grath Character  Fixed  search
263 Na'Far Character  Uncommon  search
264 Na'Ka'Leen Feeder Conflict  Common  search
265 Na'Kal Character  Fixed  search
266 Na'Toth Character  Fixed  search
457 Na'Toth (variant) Character  Promo  search
267 Narn Agent Character  Fixed  search
268 Narn Aide Character  Fixed  search
269 Narn Captain Character  Fixed  search
270 Narn Homeworld Location  Fixed  search
271 Narn Rabble Group  Uncommon  search
272 Negotiated Surrender Aftermath  Rare  search
273 Neroon Character  Uncommon  search
274 Neutrality Treaty Conflict  Common  search
275 Never Again Agenda  Fixed  search
276 News of Defeat Aftermath  Uncommon  search
277 News of Galactic Import Event  Common  search
278 Nightmares Aftermath  Uncommon  search
279 No Escape Aftermath  Rare  search
280 Non-Aggression Pact Conflict  Common  search
281 Non-Aligned Support Conflict  Uncommon  search
282 Not Meant to Be Event  Rare  search
283 Observers Group  Rare  search
284 Older but Wiser Aftermath  Common  search
285 Order Above All Agenda  Rare  search
286 Overworked Enhancement  Common  search
287 Parliament of Dreams Conflict  Rare  search
288 Paying for Sins Aftermath  Rare  search
289 Peace In Our Time Agenda  Fixed  search
290 Peacekeeping Conflict  Uncommon  search
291 Personal Enemies Aftermath  Uncommon  search
292 Personal Involvement Aftermath  Fixed  search
293 Personal Protection Enhancement  Uncommon  search
294 Personal Sacrifice Aftermath  Fixed  search
295 Picket Fleet (Centauri) Fleet  Fixed  search
296 Picket Fleet (Human) Fleet  Fixed  search
297 Picket Fleet (Minbari) Fleet  Fixed  search
298 Picket Fleet (Narn) Fleet  Fixed  search
299 Planetary Defenses Enhancement  Common  search
300 Political Realignment Event  Uncommon  search
301 Popular Support Event  Fixed  search
302 Power Politics Agenda  Fixed  search
303 Power Posturing Enhancement  Rare  search
304 Precision Strike Conflict  Uncommon  search
305 Prolonged Talks Event  Rare  search
306 Prophecy Enhancement  Fixed  search
307 Protests Aftermath  Rare  search
308 Proxima III Location  Uncommon  search
309 Psi Attack Conflict  Uncommon  search
310 Psi Bodyguard Enhancement  Fixed  search
311 Psi Corps Intelligence Group  Fixed  search
312 Psi Interrogation Conflict  Common  search
313 Public Apology Aftermath  Rare  search
314 Pulling Strings Enhancement  Common  search
315 Purge the Disloyal Conflict  Uncommon  search
316 Quadrant 14 Location  Fixed  search
317 Quadrant 37 Location  Uncommon  search
318 Rabble Rousers Group  Uncommon  search
319 Racial Hatred Aftermath  Rare  search
320 Ragesh III Location  Fixed  search
321 Raid Shipping Conflict  Uncommon  search
322 Rally the People Conflict  Rare  search
323 Rally to the Cause Event  Common  search
324 Ramming Event  Rare  search
325 Ranger Strike Team Group  Uncommon  search
326 Rangers Surveillance Group  Rare  search
327 Rathenn Character  Rare  search
328 Recalled to Service Event  Rare  search
329 Refugees Aftermath  Fixed  search
330 Religious Caste Group  Uncommon  search
331 Renowned Victory Aftermath  Fixed  search
332 Repairing the Past Aftermath  Fixed  search
333 Rescue Aftermath  Uncommon  search
334 Reserve Fleet Fleet  Uncommon  search
335 Retribution Aftermath  Fixed  search
336 Revenge Agenda  Fixed  search
337 Reverse Advances Aftermath  Rare  search
338 Rise of the Republic Agenda  Fixed  search
339 Rise to Power Aftermath  Fixed  search
340 Rivalry Aftermath  Fixed  search
341 Rogue Soul Hunter Character  Rare  search
342 Saber Rattling Conflict  Uncommon  search
343 Sabotage Conflict  Fixed  search
344 Salvage Yard Enhancement  Rare  search
345 Sanctions Event  Common  search
346 Sandra Hiroshi Character  Common  search
347 Sarah Character  Uncommon  search
348 Second Battle Fleet (Centauri) Fleet  Fixed  search
349 Second Battle Fleet (Human) Fleet  Fixed  search
350 Second Battle Fleet (Minbari) Fleet  Fixed  search
351 Second Battle Fleet (Narn) Fleet  Fixed  search
352 Secondary Control Enhancement  Rare  search
353 Secondary Experience Aftermath  Fixed  search
354 Secret Police Group  Uncommon  search
355 Secret Strike Event  Rare  search
356 Secret Vorlon Aid Event  Common  search
357 Security Training Enhancement  Uncommon  search
358 Seduction Event  Common  search
359 Seizing Advantage Agenda  Rare  search
360 Self Doubt Event  Common  search
361 Senator Voudreau Character  Uncommon  search
362 Servants of Order Agenda  Fixed  search
363 Shadow Assault Conflict  Uncommon  search
364 Shadow Strike Event  Uncommon  search
365 Shakat Character  Rare  search
366 Shal Mayan Character  Fixed  search
367 Short Term Goals Event  Fixed  search
368 Short Term Investment Event  Common  search
369 Shunned Enhancement  Uncommon  search
370 Skeletons in the Closet Aftermath  Rare  search
371 Sleeper Personality Conflict  Fixed  search
372 Sleeping Z'ha'dum Location  Rare  search
373 Sneak Attack Event  Common  search
374 Sortie Event  Common  search
375 Soul Hunter Character  Uncommon  search
376 Special Ops Event  Common  search
377 Spin Doctors Group  Rare  search
378 Sponsor Rebels Conflict  Uncommon  search
379 Stealth Technology Enhancement  Rare  search
380 Stephen Franklin Character  Fixed  search
381 Stop Hostilities Conflict  Fixed  search
382 Strafing Run Event  Common  search
383 Strategic Reassignment Event  Common  search
384 Strength in Adversity Agenda  Uncommon  search
385 Strike Fleet Fleet  Uncommon  search
386 Subliminal Influence Event  Uncommon  search
387 Successful Manipulation Aftermath  Uncommon  search
388 Supplement Security Conflict  Fixed  search
389 Support Babylon 5 Event  Fixed  search
390 Support of the Mighty Agenda  Uncommon  search
458 Suppress the Media Conflict  Promo  search
391 Susan Ivanova Character  Fixed  search
392 Ta'Lon Character  Fixed  search
393 Talia Winters Character  Fixed  search
394 Technological Espionage Conflict  Common  search
395 Telepathic Scan Conflict  Fixed  search
396 Temptations Conflict  Common  search
397 Terrorist Bombings Conflict  Uncommon  search
398 Test Their Mettle Conflict  Fixed  search
399 The Eye Enhancement  Rare  search
400 The Great Machine Conflict  Rare  search
401 The Hope of Peace Agenda  Uncommon  search
402 The Opposition Rises Event  Common  search
403 The Price of Power Event  Fixed  search
404 Thenta Makur Group  Rare  search
405 Third Battle Fleet (Centauri) Fleet  Rare  search
406 Third Battle Fleet (Minbari) Fleet  Uncommon  search
407 Total War Agenda  Rare  search
408 Trade Pact Conflict  Fixed  search
409 Trade Windfall Event  Common  search
410 Transfer Point Io Location  Uncommon  search
411 Triluminary Enhancement  Uncommon  search
412 Tu'Pari Character  Rare  search
413 Under Pressure Aftermath  Uncommon  search
414 Underworld Connections Event  Fixed  search
415 United Front Aftermath  Fixed  search
416 Universe Today Feature Event  Common  search
417 Unrecognized Data Event  Common  search
418 Upgraded Defenses Enhancement  Fixed  search
419 Urza Jaddo Character  Fixed  search
420 Utility Fleet (Centauri) Fleet  Common  search
421 Utility Fleet (Human) Fleet  Common  search
422 Utility Fleet (Narn) Fleet  Common  search
423 Vendetta Aftermath  Rare  search
424 Victory in My Grasp Event  Fixed  search
425 Vir Cotto Character  Fixed  search
426 Vital Interests Enhancement  Rare  search
427 Vorlon Enhancement Enhancement  Rare  search
428 Vorlon Rescue Event  Rare  search
429 Vree Saucers Fleet  Rare  search
432 War by Popular Decree Event  Common  search
430 War College Group  Common  search
431 War Hero Aftermath  Fixed  search
433 Warleader Shakiri Character  Rare  search
434 Warleader's Fleet Fleet  Rare  search
435 Warren Keffer Character  Common  search
436 Warrior Caste Group  Rare  search
437 Wear and Tear Aftermath  Uncommon  search
438 What Do You Want? Event  Common  search
439 Who Are You? Event  Common  search
440 Wind Swords Group  Uncommon  search
441 Witness Protection Conflict  Rare  search
442 Working Relationship Enhancement  Uncommon  search
443 Wounded Aftermath  Rare  search
444 You Are Not Ready Event  Fixed  search
445 You Know My Reputation Event  Fixed  search
446 Zack Allan Character  Uncommon  search

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