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Seiken Jidai

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Seiken Jidai: 126 cards
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48 Airavata Spirit  Uncommon  search
72 Akkeshigumo Brave  Rare  search
109 Angelic Pressure Spell  Common  search
37 Armor-Fish Spirit  Common  search
41 Azara-Burg Spirit  Common  search
69 Baboon-Bone Brave  Common  search
105 Binding Ivy Spell  Uncommon  search
71 Bumble Brave  Common  search
97 Charge Aura Spell  Common  search
45 Chocorone Spirit  Common  search
5 Cleric-Dragon Spirit  Uncommon  search
16 Clionet Spirit  Common  search
13 DarkDemo-Bone Spirit  Common  search
25 DarkDio-Mantis Spirit  Common  search
24 DarkMachG Spirit  Common  search
22 DarkSkullpione Spirit  Uncommon  search
14 DarkSwordoll Spirit  Common  search
100 Dead End Field Spell  Common  search
8 Death-Mattock Spirit  Common  search
4 Dimorpho Spirit  Common  search
110 Divine Field Spell  Rare  search
1 Doku-Lizard Spirit  Common  search
113 Double Biceps Spell  Common  search
103 Emerald Field Spell  Common  search
99 Flame Field Spell  Rare  search
26 Fosser Spirit  Common  search
77 Fuscina-Arms Brave  Common  search
67 Gaimimus Brave  Common  search
35 Gerenuuk Spirit  Common  search
23 Grass-Owl Spirit  Common  search
28 Hagoromochou Spirit  Common  search
46 Hakkubishin Spirit  Common  search
101 Hell's Birthday Spell  Common  search
106 Ice Age Shield Spell  Rare  search
76 Jackkuri Brave  Common  search
6 Kefaredagger Spirit  Rare  search
29 Kigashilight Spirit  Common  search
75 Kongoushouki Brave  Common  search
58 Kuramen Spirit  Common  search
63 Marble-Golem Spirit  Common  search
66 Maze-Hydra Spirit  Master Rare  search
60 Minota-Corse Spirit  Uncommon  search
15 Mitransnake Spirit  Rare  search
2 Mogeira Spirit  Common  search
112 Ocean Field Spell  Common  search
30 Ougi-Enshou Spirit  Rare  search
27 Ougononikuwaga Spirit  Uncommon  search
39 Pegashione Spirit  Common  search
55 Pelldea Spirit  Master Rare  search
114 Poseidon Crash Spell  Rare  search
102 Purple Haze Spell  Rare  search
50 Ray-Fawn Spirit  Common  search
108 Recovery Rush Spell  Common  search
98 Red Ray Spell  Common  search
107 Regain Spell  Common  search
111 Reversal Point Spell  Common  search
34 Riverdolphin Spirit  Common  search
3 Sprite-Dragoon Spirit  Common  search
7 Staba-Dragon Spirit  Common  search
49 The Angelia Miransa Spirit  Common  search
52 The Angelia Snipal Spirit  Common  search
X05 The ArcAngelia Gabrielen Spirit  X Rare  search
70 The ArmoredBattleship Blade-Hind Brave  Rare  search
42 The ArmoredFortress Sawback-Turtle Spirit  Uncommon  search
56 The BattleBeast Wao Spirit  Common  search
X06 The BattleRadiantGod Soldnerg Spirit  X Rare  search
X09 The BattleRadiantGod Soldnerg Spirit  X Rare  search
88 The Beast's Ice Cavern Nexus  Common  search
80 The Bisecting Active Volcano Nexus  Common  search
X07 The BlackInsectDemonBlade Usubakagero Brave  X Rare  search
X07a The BlackInsectDemonBlade Usubakagero Brave  X Rare  search
X03 The BlackInsectDemonlord Diabolica-Mantis Spirit  X Rare  search
X10 The BlackInsectDemonlord Diabolica-Mantis Spirit  X Rare  search
X08 The BlueWaterGreatSword Maelstrom Brave  X Rare  search
X08a The BlueWaterGreatSword Maelstrom Brave  X Rare  search
82 The Bone Forest of Wandering Souls Nexus  Uncommon  search
84 The Candle Tower of Life Nexus  Common  search
81 The Crumbling Uroko Mountain Nexus  Common  search
57 The Defender of Light Adrian Spirit  Common  search
32 The DestructionDragonfly Habilong Spirit  Rare  search
68 The ElectricArtifactDragon Transfer-Dragon Brave  Uncommon  search
92 The Feast of the Pastry Forest Nexus  Common  search
91 The Ferris Wheel of Heaven Wings Nexus  Common  search
61 The Fighter of Light Randall Spirit  Common  search
89 The Fortress Cube Nexus  Uncommon  search
X04 The GoldenKnightLord Fin-Maclan Spirit  X Rare  search
74 The GunBeast Aquidry Brave  Common  search
73 The GunMachine Toradoll Brave  Rare  search
11 The HeavenStarDragon Quasar-Dragon Spirit  Master Rare  search
19 The HellStrikeArm Gushion Spirit  Common  search
44 The HighSpeedMachineBeast Oseloder Spirit  Rare  search
38 The ImperialMachine Curiosity Spirit  Common  search
36 The ImperialMachine Viking-No.1 Spirit  Uncommon  search
90 The Inverse Tower of Frozen Icicle Nexus  Common  search
62 The Knight of Light Hope Spirit  Uncommon  search
95 The Lit Three-Pronged Lighthouse Nexus  Common  search
51 The MadBeast Konton Spirit  Uncommon  search
9 The MeteorBladeMaster Damasques Spirit  Uncommon  search
93 The Nekoron Mountain Nexus  Rare  search
X02 The NetherThreeGiants Baroque-Bordeaux Spirit  X Rare  search
94 The Never Ending Aqueduct Nexus  Rare  search
10 The NineBladeDragon Spinozanbar Spirit  Master Rare  search
85 The Pouring Clear Stream Nexus  Common  search
54 The Sage Pentan Spirit  Uncommon  search
96 The Sea Monster Infested Ocean Nexus  Common  search
78 The SeaCreature Gulon Brave  Common  search
20 The ShadowBladeMaster Blackpard Spirit  Uncommon  search
86 The Shinobi's Hidden Village Nexus  Common  search
43 The SilverGoddess Arianrod Spirit  Common  search
47 The SleepingFlowerFairy Filly Spirit  Common  search
17 The Snake Sideron Spirit  Common  search
83 The Snake's Castle Gate Nexus  Common  search
65 The StrangeOceanEmpress Rescura Spirit  Uncommon  search
87 The Stronghold of the Demonic Insect Nexus  Uncommon  search
X01 The TenSwordSaint Starblade-Dragon Spirit  X Rare  search
64 The TenSwordsSaint Egbert Spirit  Rare  search
33 The TenSwordsSaint Murasame Spirit  Master Rare  search
53 The TenSwordsSaint Ruchell Spirit  Master Rare  search
40 The TenSwordsSaint Vol-Cougar Spirit  Master Rare  search
79 The Three Star View Towers Nexus  Common  search
21 The VampireMarquis Bezalel Spirit  Master Rare  search
59 The Warrior of Light Gaius Spirit  Common  search
31 Tokiiroshidare Spirit  Common  search
12 Tsubasa-Tsupai Spirit  Common  search
104 Turbulence Spell  Common  search
18 Victroller Spirit  Common  search

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