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Booster 2: Roar of the Titans

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Booster 2: Roar of the Titans: 104 cards
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B02-012 1000 Ri per Day, Sekitoba Z/X  search
B02-009 9 Great Heroes, Jeanne d'Arc Z/X  SR  search
B02-051 Accesory Selling Short-Hair Z/X  search
B02-092 Allure of the Seven-Branched Sword, Gekkakou Z/X  SR  search
B02-021 Ambush Machine Raid Z/X  search
B02-056 Apex of Order, Sagarmatha Z/X  SR  search
B02-008 Armor Blacksmith, Reinforce Z/X  search
B02-064 Assassin Dagger of Abyss, Flame Corpse Z/X  UC  search
B02-087 Bamboo Breaking War Fan, Kinmokusei Z/X  UC  search
B02-086 Beastman Cuisine, Were-Hamster Z/X  search
B02-072 Black Sword, Cursed Soul Z/X  SR  search
B02-077 Black Union Event  search
B02-067 Bone Knight, Skeletal Knight Z/X  search
B02-039 Boy Meets Justice Event  search
B02-031 Captivating Performer Puccini Z/X  UC  search
B02-034 Castle of Science Bismuth Z/X  search
B02-057 Cat Sith Market Event  search
B02-069 Cavalry Assault, Kavailreist Z/X  search
B02-060 Chain Bind Event  UC  search
B02-014 Cheerful Sun God, Apollon Agana Belea Z/X  search
B02-048 Cleaning Bobtail Z/X  UC  search
B02-088 Colour Changing Lizard, Apple Chameleon Z/X  UC  search
B02-080 Corrupted Aura Event  UC  search
B02-094 Courageous Fennel Z/X  search
B02-049 Creation of Creation Z/X  SR  search
B02-017 Critical Strike Event  UC  search
B02-022 Cross Sniper Scheat Z/X  search
B02-097 Daddy, Save Us! Event  search
B02-071 Demon of Arrogance, Arroganz Z/X  search
B02-068 Demon of Domination, Imperium Z/X  search
B02-061 Demon of Punishment, Poena Z/X  search
B02-075 Demon of the Evening, Crepus Z/X  SR  search
B02-066 Demon of Vengaeance, Ultio Z/X  search
B02-003 Demon Wolf Fenrir Z/X  search
B02-027 Destruction Machine Ruin Z/X  search
B02-089 Dignified Hairpin, Kuroyuri Z/X  search
B02-093 Dog Girl, Were-Dog Z/X  search
B02-104 Dragon Shrine Maiden Player  PR  search
B02-020 Dual Fire Event  search
B02-032 Dust Hammer, Algol Z/X  search
B02-045 Etoile of the Star Z/X  search
B02-083 Family-Oriented Sage Z/X  UC  search
B02-078 fang Crush Event  search
B02-100 Fille is Always Energetic! Event  UC  search
B02-073 Flapping Guillotine Z/X  UC  search
B02-070 Ghostly Black Arts Z/X  UC  search
B02-004 Goddess of Love and Beauty, Aphrodite Z/X  search
B02-006 Gold Winged Bird Garuda Z/X  search
B02-011 Graceful Crystal, Crystal Swan Z/X  search
B02-005 Handgun Craftsman, Quick Draw Z/X  search
B02-026 Heavy Arms Apheratz Z/X  search
B02-015 Hero of the Meiji Era, Ryouma Sakamoto Z/X  UC  search
B02-042 Holy Beast Aura Komainu Z/X  search
B02-053 Holy Beast Aura Narasimha Z/X  UC  search
B02-044 Holy Beast Aura Sphinx Z/X  search
B02-099 Horizontal Halberd Strike Event  search
B02-076 Immortal King, Immortal King Z/X  search
B02-079 Invitation to Embrace Event  search
B02-055 Kushe of the Sunset Z/X  UC  search
B02-010 Large Workshop Sword Claymore Z/X  UC  search
B02-050 Lawbringer Aconcagua Z/X  search
B02-046 Lawbringer Cartensz Z/X  search
B02-047 Lawbringer Santa Cruz Z/X  search
B02-054 Lawbringer Trivor Z/X  search
B02-030 Light Whip Atria Z/X  UC  search
B02-033 Looting Machine, Plunder Z/X  search
B02-102 Magical Fencer, Elnath Z/X  Z/XR  search
B02-096 Maiden of the Forest, Fille Z/X  SR  search
B02-058 Maximum Mace Event  search
B02-038 Million Rain Event  search
B02-041 Orb of the Dawn Z/X  UC  search
B02-084 Petal Ant, Petal Soldier Z/X  search
B02-091 Pheasant Hunter, Pheasant Z/X  search
B02-081 Quiet Rosemary Z/X  search
B02-082 Rabbit Girl, Were-Rabbit Z/X  search
B02-059 Rebellion of Guardian Event  search
B02-065 Revved Up Electric Chair Z/X  search
B02-002 Sagacious Silver, Silver Fox Z/X  search
B02-013 Sharp Obsidian, Obsidian Alligator Z/X  UC  search
B02-037 Shut Down Event  UC  search
B02-029 Sky Tree Rhenium Z/X  search
B02-062 Spear of Certain Collapse, Speer Z/X  search
B02-001 Splendor of the Warring States, Moriranmaru Z/X  search
B02-103 Splendorous Kunai, Botan Z/X  Z/XR  search
B02-018 Steel Impact Event  search
B02-023 Stringed Performer Sariel Z/X  search
B02-036 Super Steel Sacred Treasure, Lawrencium Z/X  SR  search
B02-035 Supreme Commander, Meitnerium Z/X  SR  search
B02-007 Swift Tourmaline, Tourmaline Hawk Z/X  UC  search
B02-101 The Most Evil on Earth, Ryoufu Housen Z/X  Z/XR  search
B02-028 Thinker Velte Z/X  UC  search
B02-090 Thorned Bug, Thorn Crest Z/X  UC  search
B02-024 Thunderbolt Deneb Z/X  UC  search
B02-085 Transforming Sansetsukon, Yamabuki Z/X  search
B02-063 Triple Head Mercenary, Drei Soldner Z/X  search
B02-019 Tyrant Parade Event  UC  search
B02-016 Ultimate Strenght Dragon, Orihalcon Tyranno Z/X  SR  search
B02-098 Verdure Meditation Event  search
B02-095 Vibrant Japanese Umbrella, Akizakura Z/X  search
B02-040 Wait, I'll Go Now! Event  UC  search
B02-074 Warming Blazen' Bull Z/X  UC  search
B02-052 Will of Volonte Z/X  UC  search
B02-025 Windmill Transformer Fermium Z/X  search
B02-043 Writing Abyssinian Z/X  search

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