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Revised Dagobah (white border)

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Revised Dagobah (white border): 180 cards
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24 3,720 To 1 Effect  search
1 4-LOM Character  search
84 4-LOM's Concussion Rifle Character Weapon  search
46 A Dangerous Time Interrupt  search
165 A Jedi's Strength Jedi Test  search
106 Anger, Fear, Aggression Effect  search
64 Anoat [DS] Location  search
170 Anoat [LS] Location  search
47 Apology Accepted Interrupt  search
65 Asteroid Field [DS] Location  search
171 Asteroid Field [LS] Location  search
107 Asteroid Sanctuary Effect  search
108 Asteroids Do Not Concern Me Effect  search
98 Astromech Translator Device  search
109 At Peace Effect  search
76 Avenger Starship  search
135 Away Put Your Weapon Interrupt  search
25 Awwww, Cannot Get Your Ship Out Effect  search
26 Bad Feeling Have I Effect  search
66 Big One [DS] Location  search
172 Big One [LS] Location  search
67 Big One: Asteroid Cave or Space Slug Belly [DS] Location  search
173 Big One: Asteroid Cave or Space Slug Belly [LS] Location  search
136 Blasted Varmints Interrupt  search
18 Bog-wing [DS] Creature  search
93 Bog-wing [LS] Creature  search
27 Bombing Run Effect  search
2 Bossk Character  search
85 Bossk's Mortar Gun Weapon  search
28 Broken Concentration Effect  search
3 Captain Needa Character  search
48 Close Call Interrupt  search
137 Closer?! Interrupt  search
4 Comm Chief Character  search
5 Commander Brandei Character  search
6 Commander Gherant Character  search
7 Commander Nemet Character  search
49 Control [DS] Interrupt  search
138 Control [LS] Interrupt  search
8 Corporal Derdram Character  search
9 Corporal Vandolay Character  search
29 Corrosive Damage Effect  search
174 Dagobah [LS] Location  search
175 Dagobah: Bog Clearing Location  search
68 Dagobah: Cave Location  search
176 Dagobah: Jungle Location  search
177 Dagobah: Swamp Location  search
178 Dagobah: Training Area Location  search
179 Dagobah: Yoda's Hut Location  search
50 Defensive Fire Interrupt  search
10 Dengar Character  search
86 Dengar's Blaster Carbine Weapon  search
110 Descent Into The Dark Effect  search
111 Do, Or Do Not Effect  search
166 Domain Of Evil Jedi Test  search
19 Dragonsnake Creature  search
99 Droid Sensorscope Device  search
139 Effective Repairs Interrupt  search
140 Egregious Pilot Error Interrupt  search
112 Encampment Effect  search
77 Executor Starship  search
69 Executor: Comm Station Location  search
70 Executor: Control Station Location  search
71 Executor: Holotheatre Location  search
72 Executor: Main Corridor Location  search
73 Executor: Meditation Chamber Location  search
30 Failure At The Cave Effect  search
51 Fear Interrupt  search
31 Field Promotion Effect  search
32 Flagship Effect  search
113 Flash Of Insight Effect  search
141 Found Someone You Have Interrupt  search
52 Frustration Interrupt  search
167 Great Warrior Jedi Test  search
114 Grounded Starfighter Effect  search
100 Han's Toolkit Device  search
33 He Is Not Ready Effect  search
115 Hiding In The Garbage Effect  search
53 HoloNet Transmission Interrupt  search
78 Hound's Tooth Starship  search
142 I Have A Bad Feeling About This Interrupt  search
34 I Want That Ship Effect  search
79 IG-2000 Starship  search
11 IG-88 Character  search
87 IG-88's Neural Inhibitor Weapon  search
88 IG-88's Pulse Cannon Weapon  search
54 Imbalance Interrupt  search
12 Imperial Helmsman Character  search
116 Ineffective Maneuver Effect  search
168 It Is The Future You See Jedi Test  search
143 Jedi Levitation Interrupt  search
35 Knowledge And Defense Effect  search
101 Landing Claw Device  search
55 Lando System? Interrupt  search
144 Levitation Interrupt  search
13 Lieutenant Commander Ardan Character  search
14 Lieutenant Suba Character  search
15 Lieutenant Venka Character  search
145 Light Maneuvers Interrupt  search
36 Location, Location, Location Effect  search
37 Lost In Space Effect  search
146 Lost Relay Interrupt  search
102 Luke's Backpack Device  search
80 Mist Hunter Starship  search
147 Moving To Attack Position Interrupt  search
38 Much Anger In Him Effect  search
20 Mynock [DS] Creature  search
94 Mynock [LS] Creature  search
117 Never Tell Me The Odds Effect  search
118 No Disintegrations! Effect  search
95 Nudj Creature  search
119 Obi-Wan's Apparition Effect  search
120 Order To Engage Effect  search
121 Polarized Negative Power Coupling Effect  search
103 Portable Fusion Generator Device  search
39 Precision Targeting Effect  search
89 Proton Bombs Weapon  search
81 Punishing One Starship  search
122 Quick Draw Effect  search
74 Raithal [DS] Location  search
180 Raithal [LS] Location  search
104 Rebel Flight Suit Device  search
148 Recoil In Fear Interrupt  search
123 Reflection Effect  search
124 Report To Lord Vader Effect  search
56 Res Luk Ra'auf Interrupt  search
105 Retractable Arm Device  search
40 Rogue Asteroid [DS] Effect  search
125 Rogue Asteroid [LS] Effect  search
126 Rycar's Run Effect  search
127 Scramble Effect  search
149 Shoo! Shoo! Interrupt  search
41 Shot In The Dark Effect  search
57 Shut Him Up Or Shut Him Down Interrupt  search
169 Size Matters Not Jedi Test  search
21 Sleen Creature  search
128 Smuggler's Blues Effect  search
58 Something Hit Us! Interrupt  search
91 Son of Skywalker Character  search
22 Space Slug [DS] Creature  search
96 Space Slug [LS] Creature  search
75 Star Destroyer: Launch Bay Location  search
150 Starship Levitation Interrupt  search
129 Stone Pile Effect  search
42 Sudden Impact Effect  search
59 Take Evasive Action Interrupt  search
43 The Dark Path Effect  search
130 The Professor Effect  search
44 There Is No Try Effect  search
151 They'd Be Crazy To Follow Us Interrupt  search
152 This Is More Like It Interrupt  search
153 This Is No Cave Interrupt  search
60 Those Rebels Won't Escape Us Interrupt  search
154 Through The Force Things You Will See Interrupt  search
82 TIE Avenger Starship  search
83 TIE Bomber Starship  search
155 Tight Squeeze Interrupt  search
156 Transmission Terminated Interrupt  search
157 Tunnel Vision Interrupt  search
61 Uncertain Is The Future Interrupt  search
62 Unexpected Interruption Interrupt  search
23 Vine Snake [DS] Creature  search
97 Vine Snake [LS] Creature  search
45 Visage Of The Emperor Effect  search
158 Visored Vision Interrupt  search
63 Voyeur Interrupt  search
16 Warrant Officer M'Kae Character  search
131 Wars Not Make One Great Effect  search
160 We Can Still Outmaneuver Them Interrupt  search
161 We Don't Need Their Scum Interrupt  search
159 WHAAAAAAAAAOOOOW! Interrupt  search
132 What Is Thy Bidding, My Master? Effect  search
92 Yoda Jedi Master Character  search
162 Yoda Stew Interrupt  search
133 Yoda's Gimer Stick Effect  search
134 Yoda's Hope Effect  search
163 Yoda, You Seek Yoda Interrupt  search
164 You Do Have Your Moments Interrupt  search
17 Zuckuss Character  search
90 Zuckuss' Snare Rifle Weapon  search

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