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1st Edition

1st Edition: 465 cards
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430-440 Abyssal Vortex, The Rule  Rare  search
056-400 Adventurers Hero  Common  search
053-400 Adventurers! Hero  Common  search
423-440 Age of Entropy Rule  Rare  search
261-400 Agis Hero  Uncommon  search
090-400 Airship Event  Uncommon  search
041-400 Alias the Sell-Sword Hero  Uncommon  search
018-25 Alicia Wizard  Very Rare  search
074-400 Allisa of the Mists Hero  Common  search
231-400 Altaruk Holding  Common  search
077-400 Amarill Cleric  Uncommon  search
018-400 Anauroch Realm  Realm  search
262-400 Anavias Hero  Rare  search
399-400 Ancient Curse Event  Rare  search
024-25 Andra the Wise Cleric  Very Rare  search
383-400 Animate Dead Wizard Spell  Common  search
411-420 Annulus Artifact  Rare  search
345-400 Anti-Magic Shell Wizard Spell  Rare  search
036-400 Arabel Holding  Uncommon  search
189-400 Arch-Druid Cleric  Rare  search
236-400 Arkhold Holding  Common  search
058-400 Armies of Bloodstone Ally  Uncommon  search
146-400 Arms of Furyondy Holding  Common  search
145-400 Arms of Great Kingdom Holding  Rare  search
144-400 Arms of Greyhawk Holding  Rare  search
142-400 Arms of Horned Society Holding  Rare  search
143-400 Arms of Iuz Holding  Rare  search
147-400 Arms of Nyrond Holding  Common  search
216-400 Arms of Shield Lands Holding  Common  search
209-400 Arms of Veluna Holding  Common  search
271-400 Ashathra Ally  Common  search
252-400 Assassins Ally  Uncommon  search
418-420 Aurak Draconian Lord Monster  Rare  search
015-25 Aurum, Gold Dragon Monster  Very Rare  search
020-25 Avatar, The Event  Very Rare  search
266-400 Azhul the Hasty Hero  Uncommon  search
158-400 Baba Yaga's Hut Artifact  Uncommon  search
295-400 Baber Ally  Rare  search
091-400 Bad Omens Event  Common  search
268-400 Bagual Cleric  Common  search
227-400 Balic Realm  Realm  search
395-400 Banishment Wizard Spell  Common  search
102-400 Banner of 1-eyed God Magical Item  Common  search
213-400 Barbarian Raiders Event  Rare  search
429-440 Barbarian's Decree, The Rule  Rare  search
356-400 Bark Skin Cleric Spell  Common  search
434-440 Bengoukee the Witch Doctor Wizard  Rare  search
031-400 Berdusk Holding  Uncommon  search
180-400 Berserk Fury! Event  Rare  search
435-440 Big Chief Bagoomba Hero  Rare  search
134-400 Bissel Realm  Common  search
245-400 Bitter Well Holding  Common  search
080-400 Black Courser Monster  Rare  search
378-400 Black Tentacles Wizard Spell  Uncommon  search
246-400 Black Waters Holding  Common  search
116-400 Blackmoor Realm  Uncommon  search
352-400 Blade Barrier Cleric Spell  Rare  search
353-400 Bless Cleric Spell  Common  search
374-400 Blink Wizard Spell  Common  search
239-400 Bodach Holding  Rare  search
131-400 Bone March Realm  Realm  search
198-400 Border Forts Holding  Common  search
305-400 Borys Monster  Rare  search
204-400 Bribery! Event  Rare  search
129-400 Bright Desert, The Realm  Realm  search
049-400 Bruenor Battlehammer Hero  Rare  search
140-400 Burneal Forest Realm  Common  search
009-400 Calimshan Realm  Realm  search
400-400 Calm Event  Common  search
299-400 Captain Kazhal Hero  Rare  search
319-400 Caravan, The Event  Common  search
141-400 Castle Hart Holding  Common  search
099-400 Cataclysm! Event  Uncommon  search
128-400 Celene Realm  Realm  search
287-400 Cha'thrang Ally  Uncommon  search
390-400 Chain Lightning Wizard Spell  Common  search
404-420 Chaos Shield Artifact  Rare  search
205-400 Charge! Event  Uncommon  search
159-400 Chariot of Lyrx Artifact  Rare  search
361-400 Chariot of Sustarre Cleric Spell  Common  search
357-400 Charm Wizard Spell  Common  search
376-400 Charm Monster Wizard Spell  Common  search
420-420 Chest of Many Things Magical Item  Rare  search
267-400 Chividal Hero  Rare  search
282-400 Cistern Fiend Monster  Common  search
068-400 Cleric of Gond Cleric  Rare  search
089-400 Cleric of Malar Cleric  Common  search
070-400 Cleric of Mask Cleric  Rare  search
069-400 Cleric of Torm Cleric  Rare  search
384-400 Cloudkill Wizard Spell  Common  search
152-400 Codex of the Infinite Planes Artifact  Common  search
340-400 Cone of Cold Wizard Spell  Common  search
396-400 Control Undead Wizard Spell  Common  search
005-400 Cormyr Realm  Realm  search
138-400 County of Sunndi Realm  Common  search
055-400 Crime Lord Hero  Uncommon  search
344-400 Crushing Fist Wizard Spell  Rare  search
153-400 Crystal of the Ebon Flame Magical Item  Uncommon  search
160-400 Cup of Al-Akbar Artifact  Uncommon  search
349-400 Cure Light Wounds Cleric Spell  Common  search
350-400 Cure Serious Wounds Cleric Spell  Common  search
006-25 Dagaronzie, Green Dragon Monster  Very Rare  search
026-400 Daggerdale Realm  Realm  search
082-400 Dagrande Hero  Uncommon  search
023-400 Damara Realm  Realm  search
014-25 Darbee Hero  Very Rare  search
027-400 Darkhold Realm  Realm  search
359-400 Darkness Cleric Spell  Common  search
391-400 Death Fog Wizard Spell  Common  search
392-400 Death Spell Wizard Spell  Common  search
303-400 Defiler Wizard  Common  search
010-25 Delsenora Cleric  Very Rare  search
325-400 Desert Warrior Hero  Rare  search
326-400 Desert Warrior Hero  Rare  search
327-400 Desert Warrior Hero  Rare  search
401-420 Discovery of Spellfire Event  Rare  search
393-400 Disintegrate Wizard Spell  Rare  search
346-400 Dispel Magic Wizard Spell  Common  search
358-400 Dispel Magic Cleric Spell  Common  search
300-400 Dlasva Hero  Uncommon  search
012-25 Dori the Barbarian Hero  Very Rare  search
427-440 Dori the Barbarian's Cape Artifact  Rare  search
072-400 Dracolich Monster  Rare  search
304-400 Dragon King Monster  Rare  search
008-25 Dragon Rage Event  Very Rare  search
025-400 Dragonspear Castle Realm  Realm  search
221-400 Draj Realm  Realm  search
045-400 Drizzt Do'Urden Hero  Common  search
071-400 Drow Matron Wizard  Uncommon  search
139-400 Duchy of Tenh Realm  Common  search
132-400 Duchy of Urnst, The Realm  Realm  search
248-400 Dungeon of Gulg Holding  Common  search
079-400 Dwarf of Earthfast Hero  Common  search
094-400 Dwarven Hammer Magical Item  Rare  search
002-25 Edomira, Red Dragon Monster  Very Rare  search
419-420 Ego Coin Magical Item  Rare  search
321-400 Elemental Cleric Cleric  Common  search
110-400 Elf Galleon Ally  Rare  search
044-400 Elminster the Mage Wizard  Uncommon  search
322-400 Elven Archer Ally  Rare  search
023-25 Ember, Red Dragon Monster  Very Rare  search
207-400 Enlarge Wizard Spell  Rare  search
202-400 Enslaved! Event  Uncommon  search
437-440 Estate Transference Wizard Spell  Rare  search
029-400 Evermeet Realm  Realm  search
156-400 Eye & Hand of Vecna Artifact  Uncommon  search
186-400 Fairy Madness Event  Rare  search
387-400 Faithful Hound Event  Common  search
200-400 Falcon Figurine Magical Item  Uncommon  search
210-400 Fast Talking! Event  Uncommon  search
348-400 Fear Wizard Spell  Rare  search
385-400 Feebleminded Wizard Spell  Common  search
007-25 Fejyelsae Hero  Very Rare  search
098-400 Figurine of Wonderous Power Magical Item  Common  search
397-400 Finger of Death Wizard Spell  Common  search
379-400 Fire Shield Wizard Spell  Uncommon  search
331-400 Fireball Wizard Spell  Common  search
367-400 Flame Strike Cleric Spell  Uncommon  search
097-400 Flameblade Magical Item  Rare  search
211-400 Flight Wizard Spell  Common  search
343-400 Fly Wizard Spell  Common  search
372-400 Forget Wizard Spell  Common  search
247-400 Fort Melidor Holding  Common  search
149-400 Fortification Holding  Common  search
037-400 Fortifications Holding  Uncommon  search
038-400 Fortifications Holding  Uncommon  search
092-400 Fortunate Omens Event  Common  search
297-400 Foucault Ally  Uncommon  search
111-400 Free City of Greyhawk Realm  Rare  search
122-400 Furyondy Realm  Realm  search
274-400 Galek Ally  Common  search
422-440 Gatekeeper Monster  Rare  search
394-400 Geas Wizard Spell  Common  search
421-440 Gelatinous Cube Monster  Rare  search
436-440 Genie Bottle, The Event  Rare  search
192-400 Giant Skeleton Ally  Rare  search
004-25 Gib Ekim Hero  Very Rare  search
011-25 Gib Evets Monster  Very Rare  search
013-25 Gib Htimsen Monster  Very Rare  search
308-400 Gith Ally  Uncommon  search
240-400 Giustenal Holding  Uncommon  search
257-400 Gladiators Ally  Uncommon  search
003-25 Gloriana Wizard  Very Rare  search
052-400 Gnomes of Samek Hero  Uncommon  search
100-400 Good Fortune Event  Uncommon  search
066-400 Gorgosaurus Ally  Rare  search
243-400 Grak's Pool Holding  Common  search
123-400 Great Kingdom Realm  Rare  search
012-400 Great Rift, The Realm  Realm  search
067-400 Greater Feyr Monster  Rare  search
125-400 Greyhawk Ruins Realm  Uncommon  search
173-400 Griffon Magical Item  Rare  search
191-400 Griffon Monster  Rare  search
075-400 Grypht the Saurial Wizard  Uncommon  search
225-400 Gulg Realm  Uncommon  search
016-25 Halcyon Cleric  Very Rare  search
253-400 Halfling Mercenaries Ally  Common  search
051-400 Harpers, The Hero  Common  search
028-400 Haunted Hall of Eveningstar Realm  Rare  search
318-400 Heartwood Spear, The Artifact  Common  search
190-400 Hell Hound Ally  Uncommon  search
219-400 Helm of Teleportation Magical Item  Rare  search
264-400 Herminard Hero  Common  search
172-400 Hettman Tsurin Hero  Rare  search
016-400 High Forest, The Realm  Realm  search
021-400 High Moor, The Realm  Realm  search
034-400 Hillsfar Holding  Uncommon  search
114-400 Hold of the Sea Princes Realm  Realm  search
375-400 Hold Undead Wizard Spell  Common  search
365-400 Holy Word Cleric Spell  Common  search
154-400 Hordes of Castle Greyhawk Ally  Rare  search
117-400 Horned Society, The Realm  Realm  search
081-400 Hornhead Saurial Ally  Common  search
096-400 Horrors of the Abyss Wizard Spell  Uncommon  search
085-400 Hubadai Hero  Rare  search
380-400 Ice Storm Event  Common  search
020-400 Icewind Dale Realm  Realm  search
019-400 Impiltur Realm  Realm  search
347-400 Improved Phantasmal Force Wizard Spell  Common  search
285-400 Inhuman Ally  Uncommon  search
086-400 Intellect Devourer Ally  Uncommon  search
339-400 Invisibility Wizard Spell  Rare  search
370-400 Invisibility to Undead Cleric Spell  Common  search
059-400 Iron Legion, The Ally  Common  search
136-400 Irongate Realm  Realm  search
167-400 Iuz the Evil Monster  Uncommon  search
218-400 Johydee's Mask Artifact  Rare  search
078-400 Joliet the Rash Hero  Common  search
057-400 Jotunslayers, The Hero  Common  search
015-400 Jungles of Chult Realm  Realm  search
273-400 Ka'Cha Ally  Uncommon  search
235-400 Kalidnay Holding  Common  search
255-400 Kank Lancers Ally  Uncommon  search
063-400 Karlott the Shaman Cleric  Uncommon  search
025-25 Karm, Black Dragon Monster  Very Rare  search
127-400 Keoland Realm  Realm  search
171-400 Kiara Hero  Uncommon  search
042-400 King Azoun IV Hero  Rare  search
064-400 King Halvor II Hero  Uncommon  search
440-440 King of the Elves, The Hero  Rare  search
108-400 Labor of Legend Event  Common  search
410-420 Labyrinth Map of Shucc, The Artifact  Rare  search
112-400 Lands of Iuz, The Realm  Uncommon  search
332-400 Lightning Bolt Wizard Spell  Common  search
408-420 Living Scroll Monster  Rare  search
166-400 Lolth, the Spider Queen Monster  Rare  search
242-400 Lost Oasis Holding  Common  search
022-25 Lovely Colleen Hero  Very Rare  search
386-400 Magic Jar Wizard Spell  Common  search
334-400 Magic Missile Wizard Spell  Common  search
206-400 Magic Sword Magical Item  Common  search
197-400 Magical Barding Magical Item  Rare  search
402-420 Magical Champion Magical Item  Rare  search
062-400 Magister, The Wizard  Rare  search
234-400 Makla Holding  Uncommon  search
432-440 Malatra, the Living Jungle Realm  Rare  search
043-400 Maligor the Red Wizard  Rare  search
413-420 Map of Life Event  Rare  search
415-420 Map to a Mercenary Army Ally  Rare  search
328-400 Marauder Ally  Common  search
050-400 Marco Volo Hero  Uncommon  search
433-440 Mayor Charles Oliver O'Kane Hero  Rare  search
002-400 Menzoberranzan Realm  Realm  search
407-420 Mercenary Gold Ally  Rare  search
046-400 Midnight, Goddess of Magic Wizard  Rare  search
165-400 Mika the Wolf Nomad Wizard  Rare  search
291-400 Mikor Ally  Uncommon  search
183-400 Miles Ally  Uncommon  search
083-400 Mind Flayer Ally  Rare  search
417-420 Mind Flayer Lord Monster  Rare  search
175-400 Mist Wolf Event  Rare  search
251-400 Mogadisho's Horde Ally  Common  search
007-400 Moonshae Isles Realm  Realm  search
162-400 Mordenkainen Wizard  Rare  search
228-400 Mud Palace, The Holding  Uncommon  search
284-400 Mul Savage Monster  Rare  search
033-400 Mulmaster Holding  Uncommon  search
168-400 Mutiny! Event  Rare  search
061-400 Myrmidons Ally  Rare  search
013-400 Myth Drannor Realm  Uncommon  search
024-400 Narfell Realm  Realm  search
320-400 Necklace, The Magical Item  Uncommon  search
259-400 Neeva Hero  Rare  search
005-25 Neirgral, Green Dragon Monster  Very Rare  search
187-400 Nenioc Cleric  Uncommon  search
217-400 Net of Entrapment Magical Item  Uncommon  search
226-400 Nibenay Realm  Uncommon  search
280-400 Night Runners Ally  Uncommon  search
084-400 Noble Djinni Ally  Rare  search
256-400 Nomad Mercenaries Ally  Common  search
229-400 North Ledopolus Holding  Uncommon  search
120-400 Nyrond Realm  Realm  search
233-400 Ogo Holding  Uncommon  search
104-400 Orb of Doom Magical Item  Common  search
157-400 Orb of Dragonkind Artifact  Uncommon  search
424-440 Orb of Green Dragonkind Artifact  Rare  search
310-400 Orb of Power Magical Item  Common  search
164-400 Otto Wizard  Rare  search
323-400 Outcast, The Hero  Rare  search
333-400 Paralyze Wizard Spell  Common  search
388-400 Passwall Wizard Spell  Common  search
040-400 Peasant Militia Holding  Uncommon  search
048-400 Pereghost, The Monster  Rare  search
126-400 Perrenland Realm  Realm  search
381-400 Phantasmal Killer Wizard Spell  Rare  search
406-420 Phorbes's Scrolls Wizard Spell  Rare  search
010-400 Pirate Isles Realm  Realm  search
416-420 Pit Trap! Event  Rare  search
113-400 Pomarj, The Realm  Realm  search
215-400 Potion of Fire Breathing Magical Item  Rare  search
294-400 Powell Ally  Common  search
306-400 Preserver Wizard  Common  search
137-400 Principality of Ulek Realm  Common  search
431-440 Prismal the Outrageous Wizard  Rare  search
360-400 Protection Cleric Spell  Common  search
368-400 Protection from Lightning Cleric Spell  Common  search
065-400 Pteranadon Ally  Common  search
307-400 Punisher Ally  Common  search
286-400 Pyreen Ally  Rare  search
177-400 Quagmiela the Dragon Monster  Uncommon  search
222-400 Raam Realm  Realm  search
366-400 Raise Dead Cleric Spell  Rare  search
196-400 Rangers of Hornwood Hero  Common  search
161-400 Rary the Traitor Wizard  Common  search
022-400 Rashemen Realm  Realm  search
011-400 Ravens Bluff Realm  Realm  search
019-25 Red Zeb Monster  Very Rare  search
409-420 Ren's Bell of Death Artifact  Rare  search
199-400 Ren's Crystal Ball Artifact  Common  search
258-400 Rikus Hero  Uncommon  search
208-400 Ring of Shooting Stars Magical Item  Rare  search
311-400 Rings of All Seeing Magical Item  Uncommon  search
389-400 Rock to Mud Wizard Spell  Common  search
220-400 Rod of Dispel Magic Artifact  Uncommon  search
093-400 Rod of Shapechange Artifact  Uncommon  search
269-400 Rowan Ally  Uncommon  search
260-400 Sadira Wizard  Common  search
107-400 Safe Harbor Event  Rare  search
001-25 Sakornia Hero  Very Rare  search
292-400 Salicia Ally  Rare  search
232-400 Salt View Holding  Common  search
237-400 Salt View Holding  Common  search
354-400 Sanctuary Cleric Spell  Rare  search
135-400 Scarlet Brotherhood, The Realm  Uncommon  search
412-420 Scroll of 7 Leagues Magical Item  Rare  search
133-400 Sea Barons, The Realm  Realm  search
174-400 Sea Zombie Ally  Rare  search
039-400 Selune Holding  Uncommon  search
006-400 Sembia Realm  Realm  search
178-400 Seragrimm the Just Hero  Rare  search
004-400 Shadowdale Realm  Realm  search
009-25 Shalbaal, Red Dragon Monster  Very Rare  search
087-400 Shandrill Hero  Common  search
212-400 Shapechange Wizard Spell  Rare  search
329-400 Shaqat Beetles Ally  Common  search
270-400 Shayira Cleric  Common  search
342-400 Shield Wizard Spell  Common  search
314-400 Shield of Annihilation Magical Item  Uncommon  search
313-400 Shield of Destruction Magical Item  Common  search
315-400 Shield of Devastation Magical Item  Common  search
317-400 Shield of Gore Magical Item  Uncommon  search
316-400 Shield of Wickedness Magical Item  Common  search
203-400 Siege Event  Common  search
150-400 Siege! Event  Uncommon  search
369-400 Silence Cleric Spell  Uncommon  search
279-400 Silt Stalkers Ally  Common  search
277-400 Silver Hands Event  Uncommon  search
244-400 Silver Spring Holding  Common  search
155-400 Skeletal Horde Monster  Common  search
193-400 Skeleton Ally  Common  search
179-400 Skulk Ally  Rare  search
148-400 Skull Keep Holding  Common  search
278-400 Sky Singers Event  Common  search
405-420 Slave Realm of Tunek Realm  Rare  search
341-400 Sleep Wizard Spell  Common  search
283-400 Sloth Ally  Common  search
021-25 Smolder, Red Dragon Monster  Very Rare  search
281-400 So-ut Ally  Rare  search
382-400 Solid Fog Event  Common  search
230-400 South Ledopolus Holding  Uncommon  search
106-400 Spell of Formless Horror Wizard Spell  Uncommon  search
398-400 Spell Turning Wizard Spell  Common  search
288-400 Spirit of the Land Event  Rare  search
105-400 Staff of Conjuring Magical Item  Common  search
095-400 Staff of Striking Magical Item  Rare  search
438-440 Starshine Cleric  Rare  search
439-440 Starving Artist, The Ally  Rare  search
298-400 Stef'fa Naf'ski Monster  Rare  search
119-400 Sterich Realm  Realm  search
351-400 Sticks to Snakes Cleric Spell  Common  search
017-25 Stryck Monster  Very Rare  search
272-400 Stug Ally  Common  search
362-400 Sunray Cleric Spell  Rare  search
414-420 Supernatural Chill Event  Rare  search
101-400 Surprise Raid Event  Common  search
035-400 Suzail Holding  Uncommon  search
017-400 Sword Coast Realm  Realm  search
169-400 Swordwraith Ally  Rare  search
170-400 Sysania Cleric  Uncommon  search
265-400 T'kkyl Hero  Common  search
032-400 Tantras Holding  Uncommon  search
426-440 Tapestry of the Stag Artifact  Rare  search
330-400 Tembo Monster  Uncommon  search
250-400 Temple Holding  Common  search
124-400 Temple of Elemental Evil Realm  Uncommon  search
060-400 Tergoz Tenhammer Hero  Common  search
008-400 Thay Realm  Realm  search
130-400 Theocracy of the Pale Realm  Realm  search
185-400 Thorvid Hero  Rare  search
289-400 Thri-kreen Ally  Rare  search
324-400 Thugs Ally  Uncommon  search
309-400 Tiger Ally  Common  search
301-400 Tithian Hero  Rare  search
047-400 Torg Mac Cei, the Ironlord Hero  Uncommon  search
403-420 Traitor Event  Rare  search
201-400 Transformation Event  Common  search
195-400 Treants of Grandwood Ally  Uncommon  search
312-400 Treasure Event  Common  search
214-400 Treasure Fleet Event  Rare  search
088-400 Triceratops Ally  Rare  search
030-400 Trollmoors, The Realm  Realm  search
184-400 Trystan Ally  Common  search
224-400 Tyr Realm  Realm  search
176-400 Tyrinon Hero  Uncommon  search
163-400 Tysiln San Wizard  Uncommon  search
425-440 Undead Htimsen, The Monster  Rare  search
223-400 Urik Realm  Realm  search
014-400 Vaasa Realm  Realm  search
263-400 Vaerhirmana Wizard  Rare  search
073-400 Vasos Flameslayer Hero  Rare  search
121-400 Veluna Realm  Realm  search
302-400 Verrasi Ally  Uncommon  search
103-400 Viperhand Magical Item  Uncommon  search
296-400 Wachter Ally  Common  search
335-400 Wall of Fire Wizard Spell  Common  search
364-400 Wall of Fire Cleric Spell  Uncommon  search
371-400 Wall of Fog Wizard Spell  Common  search
338-400 Wall of Force Wizard Spell  Common  search
336-400 Wall of Iron Wizard Spell  Common  search
337-400 Wall of Stone Wizard Spell  Common  search
363-400 Wall of Thorns Cleric Spell  Common  search
109-400 Wand of Light Magical Item  Uncommon  search
254-400 War Band Ally  Common  search
151-400 War Banner Magical Item  Common  search
054-400 War Party Ally  Common  search
276-400 Water Hunters Event  Common  search
001-400 Waterdeep Realm  Realm  search
238-400 Waverly Holding  Rare  search
428-440 Weasel Attack! Event  Rare  search
373-400 Web Wizard Spell  Common  search
290-400 Wijon Ally  Common  search
275-400 Wind Dancers Event  Uncommon  search
377-400 Wind of Disenchantment Event  Rare  search
355-400 Wind Walk Cleric Spell  Rare  search
194-400 Winged Horror Monster  Uncommon  search
181-400 Wolf Nomads Hero  Common  search
118-400 Wolf Nomads, The Realm  Realm  search
076-400 Worden Ironfist Hero  Rare  search
241-400 Yaramuke Holding  Common  search
115-400 Yeomanry Realm  Realm  search
188-400 Young Gold Dragon Monster  Common  search
182-400 Zadoc Ally  Rare  search
003-400 Zhentil Keep Realm  Rare  search
249-400 Ziggurat Holding  Uncommon  search
293-400 Zurn Ally  Uncommon  search
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