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The Key and the Gate

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The Key and the Gate: 55 cards
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48 Andrew-Chapman, Boon Companion Character  search
54 Arsene Renard, Gentleman Thief Character  search
52 B. Ramsdale Brown, Well Connected Character  search
55 Burglar Tools Support  search
33 Calling the Williwaw Event  search
44 Castro, Immensely Aged Mestizo Character  search
2 Claude Owen, Trying to Conquer Death Character  search
45 Cyclopean Stone, Horrifying Monolith Support  search
28 Dark Passenger Support  search
26 De Vermis Mysteriis, Signs of the Black Stars Support  search
13 Decrepit Wizard Character  search
19 Displaced Support  search
41 Eidolon Event  search
21 Elder Chasm, Abyssal Rift Character  search
43 Franklin Automobile Support  search
22 Frozen Time Support  search
7 Fthaggua, Regent of the Fire Vampires Character  search
14 Hand of Aforgomon Character  search
11 Hungry Star Vampire Character  search
37 Interstellar Migration Event  search
1 Jeanne D'Ys, The Demoiselle Character  search
16 Keeper of the Great Library Character  search
27 Lost City of Pnakotus, Source of Forgotten Lore Support  search
9 Lost Oracle Character  search
32 Mists of Lethe Event  search
3 Nadine Eskiy, The Namer Character  search
49 Nepenthe Support  search
4 Nikola Tesla, Man Out of Time Character  search
42 Norman Blackwood, Sr., Crafty Veteran Character  search
20 One-In-All Support  search
38 Prepared Alienist Character  search
6 Professor Nathaniel Peaslee, Alien Intelligence Character  search
12 Quantum Theorist Character  search
36 Return to Yith Event  search
25 Rite of the Silver Gate, Rending Space-Time Support  search
23 Rite of the Silver Key, Ritual of the Profane Support  search
17 Scholar from Yith Character  search
18 Scientist from Yith Character  search
46 Sieur Piriou Louis, Hastur's Huntsman Character  search
50 Slenderman, Feaster Upon the Innocent Character  search
29 Song of the Spheres Support  search
35 Studying the Void Event  search
30 Summon Spectral Hunter Support  search
31 Temporal Slip Event  search
53 The Black Stone, Leyline Nexus Support  search
51 The Festival, Bringer of Strange Joy Support  search
47 The Tattered Cloak, Regalia Dementia Support  search
39 Visions of the Future's Past Event  search
34 Vortex of Time Event  search
10 Wentshukumishiteu Character  search
5 Wilbur Whateley, Scion of Yog-Sothoth Character  search
40 Will of Azathoth, The Edicts of Madness Support  search
15 Yithian Scout Character  search
8 Yog-Sothoth, All-In-One Character  search
24 Ys, Swallowed By The Sea Support  search

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