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Booster 5: Victory Song of the Overlord

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Booster 5: Victory Song of the Overlord: 120 cards
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B05-025 Academic Institution Union, Nobelium Z/X  UC  search
B05-114 Administrator Denebola Z/X  search
B05-056 Angel of Quest, Admiration Z/X  search
B05-109 Asuka Tennouji Player  CVR  search
B05-107 Ayase Kamiyugi Player  PR  search
B05-105 Azumi Kagamihara Player  PR  search
B05-094 Bamboo Shoot Beetle, Bamboo Horn Z/X  UC  search
B05-087 Bashful Wijnruit Z/X  search
B05-029 Battle Hero, Gruid Z/X  search
B05-083 Beastman Parent and Child, Were-Kangaroo Z/X  search
B05-086 Beastman, Were-Ferret Z/X  search
B05-092 Beastman, Were-Panda Z/X  search
B05-005 Beautiful Opal, Opal Fox Z/X  search
B05-085 Bewitching Blue Dragon Sword, Mizubashou Z/X  search
B05-075 Black Knight of Nothingness, Cursed Soul Z/X  SR  search
B05-036 Blue Guardian, Phecda Z/X  SR  search
B05-064 Bone Elephant Z/X  search
B05-119 Bow of Abstinence, Satsuki Z/X  search
B05-067 Business Skeleton, Skeletal Sales Z/X  UC  search
B05-031 Calamity Machine, Calamity Z/X  search
B05-040 Cat's Requital Event  search
B05-108 Chitose Aoba Player  PR  search
B05-115 Ciel of the Sky Z/X  search
B05-057 Confront Order Event  search
B05-015 Covetous Evil Bird, Harpuia Z/X  SR  search
B05-080 Craving Event  search
B05-020 Crimson Roar Event  search
B05-026 Crushing Machine, Crush Z/X  UC  search
B05-077 Deathsmith Firm Exhibition Event  search
B05-038 Defeat of Justice Event  search
B05-098 Delicious Present Event  search
B05-073 Demon of Box, Feles Z/X  search
B05-117 Demon of Cruelty, Saevum Z/X  search
B05-063 Demon of Delicacy, Epulum Z/X  search
B05-068 Demon of Fear, Metus Z/X  UC  search
B05-061 Demon of Memory, Memoria Z/X  UC  search
B05-118 Demon of Savagery, Barbarus Z/X  search
B05-076 Demonic Wolf Champion, Hoelscher Z/X  SR  search
B05-016 Devil King of the Sixth Realm, Oda Nobunaga Z/X  SR  search
B05-035 Divine Voice, Menote Z/X  SR  search
B05-088 Dog Girl, Were-Poodle Z/X  search
B05-051 Esprit of Wit Z/X  UC  search
B05-042 Evil Bane, Eiger Z/X  search
B05-046 Evil Bane, Kula Kangri Z/X  search
B05-043 Evil Bane, Manaslu Z/X  search
B05-048 Evil Bane, Shivling Z/X  search
B05-053 Evil Bane, Weisshorn Z/X  UC  search
B05-013 Excavation Craftsman, Mattock Z/X  search
B05-066 Fang of Fresh Blood, Soldat Z/X  search
B05-082 Fickle Marjoram Z/X  search
B05-071 Fighting Strong Wrestler Z/X  search
B05-023 First-Aid Union, Curium Z/X  search
B05-101 Four Archangels - Michael S.K. Z/X  Z/XR  search
B05-014 Giant Beast of Riot, Behemoth Z/X  UC  search
B05-027 Gigantic Art, Francium Z/X  search
B05-004 Gloves Craftsman, Gauntlet Z/X  search
B05-001 Goddess of Fate, Verdandi Z/X  UC  search
B05-096 Golden Leader, Were-Tiger Z/X  SR  search
B05-007 Great Man of Three Kingdoms, Ryuubi Gentoku Z/X  UC  search
B05-078 Heaven Tower Event  search
B05-060 Hey, Wait! Event  UC  search
B05-044 Holy Beast, Aura Heqet Z/X  search
B05-052 Holy Beast, Aura Hippogriff Z/X  search
B05-047 Holy Beast, Aura Roc Z/X  UC  search
B05-055 Imperial Guard Captain, Somali Z/X  SR  search
B05-090 Invisible Iron-Cutting Sword, Kikyou Z/X  search
B05-030 Invulnerable Man, Technetium Z/X  search
B05-037 Jam Session Event  UC  search
B05-097 Joint Training Event  search
B05-041 King of the Underworld, Curl Z/X  search
B05-049 Korat the Painter Z/X  search
B05-113 Laser Scythe Avior Z/X  search
B05-019 Lightning Thrust Event  search
B05-022 Lovely Weibel Z/X  search
B05-091 Malicious Iron Whip, Kaede Z/X  search
B05-099 Mask Abuser Gathering Event  search
B05-034 Megaton Fist, Mizar Z/X  UC  search
B05-079 Mind Desire Event  search
B05-106 Misaki Yuzuriha Player  PR  search
B05-110 Misaki Yuzuriha Player  CVR  search
B05-009 Moment of Rest, Mori Ranmaru Z/X  search
B05-002 Moving Sculpture, Gargoyle Z/X  search
B05-072 Non-Stopping Jet Coaster Z/X  UC  search
B05-039 Overbearing Bit Event  search
B05-069 Passionate Cauldron Z/X  search
B05-021 Plague Machine, Pox Z/X  UC  search
B05-024 Plasma Saw, Hadar Z/X  search
B05-045 Pluie of Rain Z/X  search
B05-093 Preaching Anise Z/X  UC  search
B05-062 Prickling Cute Z/X  UC  search
B05-116 Priere of Prayer Z/X  search
B05-059 Punishment Cross Event  search
B05-111 Queen of Land of the Rising Sun, Himiko Z/X  SR  search
B05-003 Queen of Warrior, Zenobia Z/X  search
B05-100 Queen's Entertainment Event  UC  search
B05-032 Rapid Performer, Fitznell Z/X  UC  search
B05-112 Respected Divine General, Hannibal Barca Z/X  search
B05-074 Revenant, Ebony Clown Z/X  UC  search
B05-104 Sera Kurashiki Player  PR  search
B05-102 Seven Deadly Sins - Demon of Envy, Invidia Z/X  Z/XR  search
B05-017 Shard Burst Event  UC  search
B05-089 Sleep Scale, Sleep Papillon Z/X  UC  search
B05-012 Sly Topaz, Topaz Falcon Z/X  search
B05-028 Sonic Gunner, Sirius Z/X  search
B05-054 Soul Binding Angel, Lien Z/X  SR  search
B05-006 Stubborn Iron, Iron Rhino Z/X  search
B05-081 Sweet Honeybee, Queen Bee Z/X  UC  search
B05-008 Sword Blacksmith, Gladius Z/X  search
B05-018 Tank Touring Event  search
B05-084 Tempering Kick, Karin Z/X  UC  search
B05-058 The First Maiden War Event  UC  search
B05-010 Unparalleled Diamond, Diamond Giganoto Z/X  UC  search
B05-103 Unwavering Resolve, Were-Antler Z/X  Z/XR  search
B05-120 Vajra of Nobility Mokuren (Mangolia) Z/X  search
B05-011 Valiant Mithril, Mithril Lion Z/X  UC  search
B05-050 Vent of Wind Z/X  search
B05-095 Verdant Beauty, Ayame Z/X  SR  search
B05-070 Vessel of Gluttony, Gezant Z/X  search
B05-065 Wandering Solitus Z/X  search
B05-033 Wings of Blue Sky, Xenon Z/X  search

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