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The Blood of Gondor

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The Blood of Gondor: 27 cards
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114 Anborn Ally  search
119 Black NĂºmenorean Enemy  search
121 Brutal Uruk Enemy  search
107 Caldara Hero  search
118 Captured! Quest  search
113 Children of the Sea Event  search
131 Conflict at the Crossroads Treachery  search
127 Eastern Road Location  search
112 Emery Hero  search
122 Evil Crow Enemy  search
132 Faramir Objective  search
110 Guthlaf Ally  search
133 Lord Alcaron Objective  search
129 Lying in Wait Treachery  search
130 Mordor Looms Treachery  search
126 Northern Road Location  search
120 Orc Ambusher Enemy  search
115 Poisoned Stakes Attachment  search
124 Southern Road Location  search
108 Squire of the Citadel Ally  search
117 The Ambush Quest  search
123 The Cross-roads Location  search
128 The Dark Woods Location  search
111 The Hammer-stroke Event  search
109 Tome of Atanatar Attachment  search
116 Well-Equipped Event  search
125 Western Road Location  search

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