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Chapter 10

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Chapter 10: 126 cards
sort arrow Name sort arrow Type sort arrow Rarity sort arrow Average Price  
10-002S Ace (10-002) Forward  search
10-003C Ace (10-003) Forward  search
10-055C Airship Engineer Cid (10-055) Backup  search
10-102R Andoria (10-102) Backup  search
10-083S Arecia Al-Rashia Backup  search
10-041U Avalon's Cid (10-041) Backup  search
10-082U Azul (10-082) Forward  search
10-012R Bahamut (10-012) Summon  search
10-093C Bakurairyu (10-093) Monster  search
10-026C Bard (10-026) Backup  search
10-054S Bartz (10-054) Forward  search
10-066C Beast Trainer (10-066) Backup  search
10-015R Beastmaster Sword (10-015) Weapon  search
10-022C Black Knight (10-022) Forward  search
10-006C Black Mage (10-006) Backup  search
10-090C Black Mage (10-090) Backup  search
10-101C Blue Mage (10-101) Backup  search
10-094R Buster Sword (10-094) Weapon  search
10-036R Byblos (10-036) Monster  search
10-005U Carla (10-005) Backup  search
10-114S Celestia (10-114) Forward  search
10-067R Cerberus (10-067) Weapon  search
10-126S Chaos (10-126) Forward  search
10-049C Chocobo (10-049) Forward  search
10-091R Cid Previa (10-091) Backup  search
10-028R Cocytus (10-028) Forward  search
10-110U Concordian King (10-110) Backup  search
10-111C Concordian Soldier (10-111) Forward  search
10-106C Corsair (10-106) Backup  search
10-099C Dragoon (10-099) Forward  search
10-024U Emina (10-024) Backup  search
10-061U Enkidu Uruk (10-061) Backup  search
10-116R Famed Mimic Gogo (10-116) Forward  search
10-013S Faris (10-013) Forward  search
10-014C Faris (10-014) Backup  search
10-016U Firion (10-016) Forward  search
10-075R Forza (10-075) Forward  search
10-063C Galuf (10-063) Forward  search
10-068S Genbu's L'Cie Gilgamesh (10-068) Forward  search
10-088S Gilgamesh (10-088) Forward  search
10-069U Golem (10-069) Summon  search
10-064U Graham (10-064) Forward  search
10-051U Gramps (10-051) Forward  search
10-124R Great Emperor of Avalon (10-124) Forward  search
10-062U Guy (10-062) Forward  search
10-037C Heavy Mount Soldier (10-037) Backup  search
10-017C Heli Gunner (10-017) Monster  search
10-113C Hilda (10-113) Backup  search
10-056R Hiryuu (10-056) Forward  search
10-074C Hundlegs (10-074) Monster  search
10-121R Imperio (10-121) Forward  search
10-047U Jinnai (10-047) Forward  search
10-039C Josef (10-039) Backup  search
10-025U Kazusa (10-025) Backup  search
10-004U Khalia Chival VI (10-004) Backup  search
10-034C Knight (10-034) Forward  search
10-104U Kraken (10-104) Forward  search
10-065C Krile (10-065) Forward  search
10-027R Kurasame (10-027) Forward  search
10-078S Larkeicus (10-078) Backup  search
10-118S Lenna (10-118) Forward  search
10-119U Lenna (10-119) Backup  search
10-040U Leonhart (10-040) Forward  search
10-080U Lich (10-080) Forward  search
10-038S Machina (10-038) Forward  search
10-076R Magissa (10-076) Forward  search
10-059U Maria (10-059) Backup  search
10-018U Marilith (10-018) Forward  search
10-058U Matoya (10-058) Backup  search
10-097R Melusine (10-097) Monster  search
10-096R Mid Previa (10-096) Backup  search
10-115C Minwu (10-115) Forward  search
10-077C Monk (10-077) Forward  search
10-019U Mutsuki (10-019) Backup  search
10-095C Mystic Knight (10-095) Backup  search
10-073C Necromancer (10-073) Backup  search
10-035U Necrophobe (10-035) Forward  search
10-052C Ninja (10-052) Forward  search
10-053C Norschtalen (10-053) Backup  search
10-122R Nova Dragon (10-122) Forward  search
10-085U Odin (10-085) Summon  search
10-125R Omega (10-125) Forward  search
10-057R Perseus's Bow (10-057) Weapon  search
10-103C Pharmacist (10-103) Backup  search
10-123S Princess Sarah (10-123) Backup  search
10-087C Puppetmaster (10-087) Forward  search
10-089U Quon (10-089) Backup  search
10-042C Ranger (10-042) Forward  search
10-043C Ranger (10-043) Backup  search
10-001C Red Mage (10-001) Backup  search
10-081C Red Mage (10-081) Forward  search
10-120U Remora (10-120) Summon  search
10-100C Restrictor (10-100) Backup  search
10-098U Ricard (10-098) Forward  search
10-020R Rollspider (10-020) Monster  search
10-079U Ryid (10-079) Forward  search
10-105R Sage Staff (10-105) Weapon  search
10-007C Samurai (10-007) Forward  search
10-008U Scott (10-008) Forward  search
10-108C Seiryujin (10-108) Monster  search
10-092U Shango (10-092) Forward  search
10-045S Sherlotta (10-045) Backup  search
10-030U Shiva (10-030) Summon  search
10-109R Siren (10-109) Monster  search
10-031C Snow Giant (10-031) Monster  search
10-032S Soryu's L'Cie SORYU (10-032) Forward  search
10-072C Storm Trooper (10-072) Forward  search
10-107C Summoner (10-107) Backup  search
10-010C Suzaku Soldier (10-010) Backup  search
10-009R Suzaku's L'Cie Caetuna (10-009) Backup  search
10-046R Syldra (10-046) Summon  search
10-086U The Mask (10-086) Forward  search
10-044C Thief (10-044) Backup  search
10-050U Tiamat (10-050) Forward  search
10-033C Time Mage (10-033) Backup  search
10-112U Tonogiri (10-112) Forward  search
10-023U Undead Princess (10-023) Forward  search
10-021C Usher (10-021) Backup  search
10-070R Vajradhara Wu (10-070) Monster  search
10-084C Waltrill (10-084) Backup  search
10-011C Warrior (10-011) Forward  search
10-048R Wendigo (10-048) Monster  search
10-071C White Mage (10-071) Backup  search
10-060C Yokuryu (10-060) Monster  search
10-117U Yuzuki (10-117) Backup  search
10-029R Ziedrich (10-029)   search
Total price for whole set:

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