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Dagger Isle

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Dagger Isle: 123 cards
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671 Angel of Death elemental  C1  search
741 Arcane Infusion spell  C1  search
742 Argammond's Vision spell  C3  search
672 Arwyddyn elemental  C4  search
743 Assassin of Shadow spell  C2  search
673 Barrow Wight external  C3  search
674 Bone Fright external  R3  search
675 Buster Scrimbo external  C3  search
676 Buzzard mortal  C4  search
677 Cabin Boy mortal  C4  search
678 Cactus McFingers external  C2  search
679 Captain Hannibal Hawks mortal  R2  search
680 Captain Red Noseoid elemental  C2  search
681 Caring Guy mortal  C4  search
682 Castellan Keir elemental  C1  search
736 Champs, the Wonder Dog item/hand  R1  search
744 Channeling Flux spell  C4  search
683 Chephros elemental  C3  search
745 Crash spell  C3  search
746 Curse of the Betrayed spell  C3  search
747 Cuthbert the Resurrector spell  R4  search
684 Druk elemental  C3  search
685 Dust Geyser elemental  C1  search
686 Eagle-Eye McFinny mortal  R3  search
687 Elandar, Mighty Wizard external  R1  search
748 Essence of Babeitude spell  C2  search
749 Famine spell  R2  search
688 Fangis the Hunter mortal  C3  search
689 Farmer Brown mortal  R1  search
690 First Mate Muldoon mortal  C2  search
691 Flame Geyser elemental  C3  search
649 Freebooter's Stronghold (C) stronghold  R3  search
651 Freebooter's Stronghold (L) stronghold  R3  search
650 Freebooter's Stronghold (R) stronghold  R3  search
692 Giant Aunts mortal  C2  search
647 Grahzue: Lover of Vice guardian  R3  search
693 Great Ba'te mortal  C1  search
694 Great Black Ri'shar mortal  R3  search
695 Great Horned Troll external  R3  search
696 Green Missy external  C4  search
697 Groatie mortal  R4  search
698 Grotto Troll external  C3  search
699 Gumbo Jake mortal  C2  search
700 Hackthorn Strangler elemental  C2  search
701 Hal, a Tosis Dragon external  R2  search
750 Heisenburg's Missiles spell  C3  search
702 Holy Avenger elemental  R2  search
703 Hook Toed Gnasher mortal  C2  search
751 Howl of the Dead spell  C1  search
704 Howling Reaver external  C2  search
705 Jambo Slick, Smuggler external  C1  search
706 Jamchops the Trader external  C3  search
707 Jonstollo the Seeker external  C4  search
752 Kasmir's Blitz spell  C3  search
708 Kazarian Squawker elemental  C4  search
709 Knife of Shadow mortal  C4  search
710 Koset of the Light elemental  C3  search
711 Land Drake external  R3  search
712 Lizard Skin Lynn elemental  C4  search
713 Lowland Troll external  C2  search
714 Lying Scum mortal  C4  search
715 Magnate Justice elemental  C4  search
716 Manly Guy mortal  C1  search
717 Monolith of Chaos elemental  C2  search
718 Necromancer mortal  R2  search
719 Old Gumper external  C4  search
753 Ongo, Air Traffic Controller spell  R3  search
737 Oppressed Slaves item/hand  C2  search
648 P'Tal: Keeper of the Balance guardian  R2  search
754 Peace spell  C1  search
755 Pestilence spell  R1  search
738 Petrified Heart item/creature  C3  search
756 Phase Assassin spell  R3  search
757 Pirate Double Cross spell  C4  search
652 Pirate Log Platform upgrade  R3  search
758 Pirate Raiding Party spell  C3  search
653 Ranged Attack Platform upgrade  R3  search
720 Razor Shiefa external  C4  search
721 Razor Sliph external  R3  search
722 Reverend Smilin' Jackoid elemental  C2  search
723 Roaming Steam Geyser elemental  R3  search
724 Rotten Guy mortal  C2  search
759 Santa's Beer Sled spell  C2  search
725 Schneebolt external  C2  search
726 Scurvy Dog mortal  R3  search
760 Seraphim spell  C3  search
727 Shadrune external  R3  search
661 Shield / Terrain Angelic shield/terrain  C1  search
662 Shield / Terrain Chicken shield/terrain  C1  search
663 Shield / Terrain Dark shield/terrain  C1  search
664 Shield / Terrain Demonic shield/terrain  C1  search
665 Shield / Terrain Dragon shield/terrain  C1  search
666 Shield / Terrain Goblin shield/terrain  C1  search
667 Shield / Terrain Lightning shield/terrain  C1  search
668 Shield / Terrain Ox shield/terrain  C1  search
669 Shield / Terrain Skull shield/terrain  C1  search
670 Shield / Terrain Snakes shield/terrain  C1  search
657 Shield Goblin 12 shield  C1  search
658 Shield Goblin 16 shield  C1  search
655 Shield Goblin 4 shield  C1  search
656 Shield Goblin 8 shield  C1  search
728 Slimwit Man external  R2  search
761 Sooooooul Mirror spell  R2  search
762 Spectre's Ward spell  C3  search
654 Spikey Crenellations upgrade  R2  search
729 Spirit Guide elemental  C3  search
659 Standard Bearer 11 standard bearer  R3  search
660 Standard Bearer 16 standard bearer  R2  search
730 Starling Dodd Boys external  C3  search
763 Summon Dimensional Fire Well spell  R2  search
764 Summon Loghammer's Sapper spell  R3  search
731 Supermodeloid elemental  C2  search
739 The Black Eye item/creature  R3  search
740 The Great Balderoon item/hand  C1  search
765 The Hand of Chronos spell  R2  search
732 Valley Troll external  C4  search
733 Vensuni Inferno Swarm elemental  R1  search
734 Voodoo Wizard mortal  C4  search
766 War spell  C4  search
767 Warwick's Aura spell  C2  search
735 Weasly Guy mortal  C3  search
768 Work Crew spell  R3  search
769 Yap Attack spell  C2  search

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